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exceeding the amount allowed county or township officers for such services.

Sec. 22. The Council may hold its meetings as it sees Meetings. fit, having fixed stated times, or provide the manner of calling them by ordinance, and its meetings shall be public. Sec. 23. The Council may appoint in such manner as it Subordinate

Officers. determines, and during its pleasure, Street Commissioners, a Clerk of the Market, City Surveyor, Health Officers, and such other officers as it deens advisable, and prescribe their duties, powers and qualifications, and may provide for the election of any such officers by the citizens.

Sec. 24. When a vacancy occurs in any of the elective Vacancy. city offices, the Council may fill the vacancy by appointment of record until the next election, and the qualification of successor.

Sức. 25. The City Council is invested with authority to Ordinances. make ordinances to secure the inhabitants against fire, against the violation of the laws, and the public peace, to suppress riots, gambling and drunkenness, or indecent or disorilerly conduct, to punish lewd behavior in public places, and generaily to provide for the safety, prosperity and good order of the city, and the health, morals, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants, and to impose penalties for the violation of its ordinances, not exceeding one hundred dollars, which may be recovered by civil action in the name of the city or by complaint before the layor as in criminal proceedings before a Justice of the Peace; and the laws of the State relating to the carrying into effect a judgment of a Justice of the Peace imposing a fine, shall be ap

a plied to judgments in the case, but the charges thereof must be borne by the city.

SEC. 26. The Council is authorized to establish and or-Fire (ompa ganize fire companies and to provide them with fire engines and other apparatus.

Sec. 27. The Council may regulate the keeping and sale Powder.. of gunpowder within the city.

Sec. 28. The Council have exclusive authority to pro-Lieences. vide for the licence, regulating and prohibition of ail exhi



bitions, shows and theatrical performances, billiard tables, ball and ten pin alleys, and places where games of skill or chance are played, but the above authority extends to no exhibition of a purely literary or scientific character, and prohibit the retail of intoxicating liquors, unless such prohibition would be inconsistent with the laws of the State, at the time existing, and the said Council is authorized to revoke or suspend any of the above licences, when it deems the good order and the welfare of the city requires it.

Sec. 29. The Council may make all necessary ordinances in relation to the cleanliness and health of the city, and may require the owners of lots on which water becomes stagnant, to drain or fill up the same, and in default thereof, after reasonable notice, may cause the same to be done at the expense of the city, and assess the costs thereof on the specific lots, and cause them to be sold by the Colleetor of the city as in the case of taxes, and the owner may

redeem from such sale as in case of a sale for tax. Drayage. Sec. 30. It may regulate the system of cartage and

drayage within the city, and may issue licences therefor,

and may prohibit animals from running at large. Moneys. Sec. 31. The Council shall provide by ordinance for the

keeping of the public money of the City and the manner of disbursing the same, and shall audit all claims against the

City, and all officers of the City are accountable to the "Publication. Council in such manner as it directs. It shall publish an

nually a particular statement of the receipts and expenditures of the City, and of all debts owing to and from the



Sec. 32. It has the exclusive authority to establish the grades of wharves, streets and alleys of the City, and may change the same upon the petition of two thirds the value of the real property on both sides of the street where it is desired to change.

Sec. 33. Imprisonment for the violation of any ordinance shall not exceed fifteen days, and the County jail shall be the place of imprisonment, but at the expense of the City.

Sec. 34. The City Council is authorized to levy and



collect taxes, not exceeding one half of one per cent on all the property within the City which is liable for State and county, taxes, including improvements on such property, and it may exempt such improvements when it is so determined by a vote of a majority of all the votes of the city but when such exemption takes place, the rate of tax on all the personal property shall not exceed that above named, and the rate on reality shall not exceed one and one half of one per cent on the valuation. The Council may also levy a tax on dogs, or may prohibit their running at large in the City, Provided, that the tax thus levied and collected, when the improvements are included, shall not exceed one fourth of one per cent, and when improvements are exempt as above named, one fourth of one per cent on personal property, and one per cent on real property, until otherwise determined by the qualified electors of the City at an annual election, or a special election held for that purpose ; provided that all property, both real and personal, owned, or which may be hereafter acquired by said City in its corporate capacity, shall be exempt from taxation for State, County or other purposes. SEC. 35. The Marshal, or in case of his absense or inabili- Collection

of Taxes. ty, such person as the Council may appoint in his stead, shall be the collector of taxes ; and before proceeding to collect the same shall give twenty days notice of the assessment and levy of the tax, and the rate thereof in general terms, without the names or description of property, in a newspaper printed in the city, if there be one, and if not then by thirty days notice by posting in three or more public places in said City.

Sec. 36. During the thirty days, any person aggrieved Appeal. by this assessment or taxation, may appear before the council which may correct the same if found erroneous.

Sec. 37. The Marshal may destrain upon personal prop-Sale of pererty liable to taxation, and sell the same for the payment, if not paid in reasonable time after demand, as constables may sell personal property on execution.

Sec. 38. Taxes on real property shall be a lien thereon, Lien. and it may be sold therefor when the taxes remain unpaid for six months after posting the notice of the tax.


Sale of real
Real Estate


Streets, Alleys, &c.

SEC. 39. Such sale must be at auction, and there must be thirty days notice previous to the sale given as above proided for, notifying the assessment and tax. In such sale he who bids to pay the amount due for the least quantity of land will be the highest bidder, and the manner of ascertaining the portion bid for shall be as in the State revenue law.

Sec. 40. The Marshal shall execute and deliver to the purchaser a deed running in the name of the State ; which shall have the same force and effect as the deed of the Treasurer of the County in like circumstances on sale for County and State taxes.

SEC. 41. The Council have the control of the streets, alleys and public grounds within the city, and may cause sidewalks to be paved or planked in the same, and to this end it may require the owners of lots to pave or repair the same, contiguous to their respective lots, and in case of neglect after reasonable time named in the order, the same may be done by the City, and the expenses of the same assessed on the contiguous lots, which shall have the effect of a tax levied thereon, and the same may be sold therefor as for a tax, subject to the right of redmption. All roal tax which may hereafter be paid upon any property in Wapello in lieu of labor shall be paid to the proper authorities of said City for the improvement of the streets thereof. Any person being a resident of said City subject by the law of this State to do work upon roads and highways shall be required to do or cause to be done under the direction of the proper authorities upon the streets of said City or public roads and highways leading thereto as said authorities may direct. The City Council shall supercede the road supervisors in all jurisdiction within the corporate limits, and perform all their duties, and shall be required to perform labor on, and keep in repair all the public roads and highways leading thereto within one mile of said City on the West side of the Iowa River.

Sec. 42. This Act to take effect from and after its publication in the Republican at Iowa City and in the Wapello

Road Tax.

Work on Roads, &c.

Take effect

Intelligencer, the expense of the same to be paid by the
City of Wapello.

APPROVED, July 15th, 1856.



AN ACT to amend an Act entitled "An Act to incorporate Iowa City.”

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Additions in

cluded in city. State of Iowa, That all that district of country hereafter described be and the same is declared to be added to and included within the corporate limits of Iowa City, in the county of Johnson, to wit: Being bounded on the north and west by the present corporative limits of said city, and on the east and south in a line commencing at the south east corner of lot number twenty-eight, as designated on the original recorded plat of Iowa City ; thence south to the Wyoming road as shown on the new map of said city, compiled and drawn by J. H. Miller in 1854, thence west to the south-east corner of that part of said city laid out and recorded as the county seat of Johnson county.

SEC. 2. That the district of Territory described in the Ward. foregoing section shall constitute a part of and be included within the first ward of said city, until such time as the council af said city may otherwise establish by ordinances.

SEC. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from Take effect. and after its publication in the weekly newspapers of said city, and said city pay for the publication of the same.

APPROVED, July 16, 1856.

Published in the Capital Reporter July 23d and the Iowa City Republican July 26th 1856


Secretary of State.

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