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not to abate.

on assessment, the amount for which it was sold, the time when sold, the purchaser's name, and time of redemption, when redeemed, for what amount, and the person to whom, when deeded; and said Marshal shall so make his return of the tax list of each year, as to enable said Recorder to state

the above facts in said delinquent tax book; a book to record Record of re- the acts and reports of the Street Commissioners, also an ports of street commissioner. order book, stating the amount allowed each person out of

the City Treasury; the name of the person to whom ,allow

ed, when and by whom drawn; they shall also provide the Record of Mayor with a record or docket book in which he shall reMayor.

cord all the proceedings had before him as such Mayor, for the violation of ordinances, his judgments, and the reports

required to be made by him as such Mayor, and justice of Public.

the peace. All books, thus provided for, shall be open for the inspection of the inhabitants of said city, at all reasona

ble hours, free of expense, tax or fee. Actions, &c. SEC. 12. All suits, actions and prosecutions instituted,

commenced or brought by the corporation hereby created, shall be instituted, commenced and prosecuted in the name of the City of Mt. Pleasant, and cases of warrants, the same may be issued for the violations of ordinances, by laws, rules and regulations of said City, without being predicated or

based upon affidavit. Offences. SEC. 13. The City Council shall have power to provide

for the punishment of offenders by imprisonment in the county jail, or work house, or city prison, in all cases where such offenders shall refuse to pay the fines and forfeitures, which may be adjudged against them, and the City Council may also make further provisions by ordinances, for all such offenders to work out the fine and costs of prosecution on

the streets, alleys, or public works of said city. Ordinances. Sec. 14. The City Council is invested with authority to

make ordinances to secure the inhabitants against fire, against

violations of law, and the public peace, to suppress riots, Good order. gambling, drunkenness, indecent and disorderly conduct; to

punish lewd behavior in public places, to suppress disorderly houses, and generally to provide for the safety, prosperity and good order of the city; to make regulations and laws,



to prevent the introduction of contagious diseases into the city, and to enforce the same within three miles of the city; to establish hospitals, and to make regulations for the government of the same; to declare what shall be a nuisance, and to prevent, remove or abate the same; to tax dogs, or Tax doge. prevent them from running at large in the city; to open, alter, aboliska, widen, extend, establish, grade, pave, or other Streets and wise improve and keep in repair streets, avenues, lanes and alleys. alleys; to provide for the lighting the streets; to establish, Light. support and regulate night watches and the police of the Police. city; to erect market houses and places, and provide for the Market hougovernment of the same; to provide all needful buildings for the use of the city; to improve and regulate all publie grounds belonging to the city; to regulate or prohibit the erection of wooden buildings, on any block, or half block in Buildings. the city, where the same is shown to be necessary for the safety of the property of the inhabitants of the city; to fix the compensation of all city officers, and regulate the fees of jurors, witnesses, and others rendered necessary under this act, or any ordinances which may be adopted; to license, License. tax, and regulate auctioneers, transient merchants, hawkers, pedlars and pawn brokers; to license, tax and regulate hackney carriages, wagons, carts and drays, and fix the rate to be charged for carriage of persons, and for the wagonage, cartage and drayage of property; to license and regulate porters, and fix the rate of porterage; to license, tax, prohibit, or regulate all theatrical exhibitions, and public shows, and all exhibitions whatever, where admission is ob- Shows tained on the payment of money or other reward; to regulate the storage of gun powder, and other combustible ma-Gun powder. terials; to regulate partition fences and walls in common, not otherwise regulated by law; to establish and regulate Weights and weights and measures, to be used in the city, not otherwise Measures. provided by law; to provide for the inspection and mea

Inspection surement of lumber and other building materials, and for the measurement of all kinds of mechanical work; to provide for the inspection and weighing of hay; the measuring of coal, wood and other fuel used in the city; to prohibit the discharge of fire-arm, and other fire-works; and the rac


ing, immoderate running, or driving of horses; to impose Fine.

fines, forfeitures and penalties for the breach of any ordinance, not exceeding one hundred dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding fifty days in the county jail, work-house or city prison, and provide for the recovery, and appropria

, tion of such fines and forfeitures.

SEC. 15. The City Council shall have power and authority to levy and collect taxes upon all taxable property, real, personal and mixed, within the city, not exceeding three mills on the dollar in any one year, which value may be ascertained and assessment made either direct or by duplicate from the township assessment, by the Assessor, or some competent person authorized by the Council; adding thereto any omitted or additional taxable property in the city, at the time the assessment is made; to provide by ordinance when such assessment shall be made, and the rate thereof. The City Council shall have power to correct or equalize any erroneous or injudicious assessment. It shall be the duty

of the Assessor or person acting as such to return such assessAssessor.

ment list to the city recorder, who shall make out and deliver to the collector of said city a copy of said assessment, which said copy shall be sealed with the common seal of the city, (if one is used) with a warrant, for the collection of the taxes so assessed, signed by the Mayor and Recorder of said city.

The Marshal, or such competent person as the City Council Collection of shall appoint of record, shall be the collector of all taxes so

assessed, and shall, upon receiving a copy of such assessment and warrant as aforesaid, make personal demand of every resident charged with tax, if to be found within said city, and shall give, at least, one publication in some newspaper printed in the city (if there be one,) and if not, to post three notices in three of the most public places in the city, that if the taxes are not paid within twenty days thereafter the same will be collected by sale of property of delinquents. At the expiration of which twenty days, said collector may, and is hereby authorized, by distress and sale of personal property of such delinquent or delinquents, as constables on execution, to collect said taxes, or he may after the expiration of said twenty days, if said tax shall remain




unpaid, give notice by publication in one of the newspapers published in said city, four consecutive weeks, stating the amount of said tax, cost and printer's fee, and the number of the lot, or the description of the piece of land or property on which the same are due, and the owner's name, if known, and that the said lot, piece of land, or property will be sold on the day and at the place mentioned in said notice, unless payment be made of the taxes, costs, and printer's fee, on or before said day of sale, and if such payment should not be made according to said notice, then said collector shall proceed and sell the same in accordance with said notice, for said amount due to the bidder who will take the least quantity of the lot, or piece of land, or property, off from the side which said Collector shall designate, or the whole, if no bid for a less quantity, and he shall give to the purchaser thereof a certificate, stating the description Certificate. of the piece of land, or the number of the lot, or portion thereof, or the property purchased, and price paid therefor, and the day of sale; and if the owner or claimant shall not redeem the same by paying the amount for which the same Redemption. was sold, together with fifty per cent. per annum, to the purchaser, or to the City Treasurer for said purchaser's benefit, said purchaser, or his heirs or assigns shall be entitled to a deed therefor, and the Mayor of said city shall on de- Deed. mand and the presentation of said certificate make, execute, and deliver to the holder or owner of each certificate, a deed for said property in said certificate mentioned, which, when acknowledged, or proven and recorded as other deeds are acknowledged and proven, shall be good and valid in law and equity, to pass a valid title to such lot, piece of lot, ground or property, and shall be prima facia evidence in all courts, that all things have been complied withi, nor shall the same ever be enquired into until the amount for which said property or real estate, together with the interest aforesaid, shall have been tendered to the holder thereof, or deposited in the City Treasury for their benefit. Sec. 16. The City Council have the control of the streets Streets, alleys

. and alleys, and the public grounds of the City of Mt. Plea- and public

grounds. sant, and may cause the side walks to be paved or repaired,

Borrow money.

Parementa the streets and alleys, to be graded, paved or McAdamized,

and to that end it may require the owners of lots adjoining to which it is to be done, to pave, repair, or McAdamize one half of the streets width contiguous to their respective lots, or the same may be done by the city, and expense assessed on the owners of the contiguous lots, which shall have the effect of a special tax levied on their property, and the same may be sold by the Collector in the same manner as personal and real property may be sold in the foregoing section.

Sec. 17. The city Council is invested with authority to borrow money, for any purpose not exceeding 100,000 dollars, and pledge the faith of the city for the payment thereof; Provided, the question of borrowing be first submitted to the legal voters of the city, and two-thirds of all the votes cast shall be in favor of said loan, and upon a decision thus made in favor of any such loan, the City Council will be authorized to make an additional tax not exceeding three mills on the dollar, and to provide the means to pay any indebtedness, created by virtue of the authority granted in this sec

tion. Marshal's du

Sec. 18. The Marshal shall be a conservator of the peace, and executive officer of the Mayor's court, and shall execute and return all process directed to him by the Mayor or any justice of the peace, in said city, and in cases for the violation of the city ordinances, and of the criminal laws of the State, may execute the same in any part of the county; and he shall have the same authority within the city to quell riots and disturbances, prevent crimes and to arrest offenders, that the Sheriff has within his county, and may in the same cases and under the same penalties require the aid of the citizens, and to further perform all duties imposed by the Council, appoint one or more deputies, and discharge them, and he shall be responsible for their doings when acting officially. For the service of legal process he shall be entitled to the same fees as a constable, and for services required by the Council such compensation as it may allow. He mày exercise the duties of constable in Centre township.



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