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discharged their duties as the law directs in such cases, shall issue his warrant upon the county treasurer of said county in favor of said Commissioners and surveyor for the amount hat may be due them as their fees in making the survey

Pay. ind location of said road, and the State shall pay no part of jaid expenses.

SEC. 4. This act to take effect from and after its publi-Take effect. ation in the Republican, at Iowa City, and in the Dewitt Clintonian, of Clinton county.

APPROVED, July 15th, 1856. I certify that the foregoing act was published in the Iowa City Republican n the 23rd of July, and in the Dewitt Clintonian on the 13th day of Aug.



Secretary of State.



AN ACT to extend the time of locating the State Road.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Time extend

ed. State of Iowa, That the time for locating a State Road from Centerville to Ottumwa, approved January 24th, 1855, be extended to January 1st, 1857.

SEC. 2. This act to take effect from and after its publi-Take effeet. cation in the Iowa City Republican and Reporter, in Iowa City, without expense to the State.

APPROVED, July 15th, 1856.

I certify that the foregoing act was published in the Reporter, July 30 and Iowa City Republican, August 5, 1856.


Secretary of State.



AN ACT to amend-section first of an act to amend the charter of the town of

Ft. Madison, approved, January 22nd, 1855.


Per cent.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, That section first of the act to amend the charter of the town of Font Madison, passed January 22nd, 1855, be amended so as to read: That the Mayor and Aldermen shall, on or before the fourth Monday, in August, in each and every year, determine the per centum to be levied upon taxable property within said town, instead of the ond Monday in June as provided for in said bill.

SEC. 2. That so much of the law as conflicts with this amendment be and is hereby repealed.

SEC. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication in the Iowa Capital Reporter and Fort Madison Plaindealer.

APPROVED, July 12th, 1856.


Take effect.

I certify that the foregoing act was published in the Iowa Capital Reporter, July 23rd, and Fort Madison Plaindealer, July 25th, 1856.


Secretary of State..



AN ACT to incorporate, the City of Mount Pleasant:


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, That the inhabitants in the town of Mt. Plea-. sant, in the county of Henry, State of Iowa, be and they are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, and invest-.


ed with all the powers and attributes of a municipal corporation, by the name and style of the City of Mount Pleasant, and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and may have and use a common seal, which they may alter at plea

That all that tract of land laying in township seventy-Boundarier. one north, range six west, in the county of Henry, as set forth and platted on a map, published, A. D., 1856, by McBride, Waite & Co., and such other additions as are now or hereafter made, shall be the limits of the boundaries of said Additions. City. SEC. 2. The Legislative authority of the City is vested Legislative

authority in a City Council, consisting of a Mayor and seven Aldermen; Provided, That whenever the population of the City shall amount to four thousand inhabitants, the Council may proceed to divide the City into wards, not less than three in Warde. number, giving to eaeh ward not less than three Aldermen, providing also the time and place, and manner of holding elections in the several wards, making the same known through proclamation by the Mayor.

SEC. 3.. Any person who shall ba a legal voter in the Citizenship. county of Henry, and who shall have been a resident of the City three months, and of the ward in which he offers his vote ten days, next preceding the election, is declared a cit

Voters. izen of said City, and is entitled to vote at all elections thereof. A person offering to vote may be challenged as in other

Challenge.. elections in the township, and an oath administered to him, in like manner, naming the qualifications herein prescribed.

SEC. 4. The City election shall be conducted in a manner Elections. as similar to that in wliich the township elections are conducted, as the nature of the case will permit, having at least one clerk and two judges, and in all cases the polls are to be opened by ten o'clock, A. Mi, and not to close before four o'clock, P. M.

SEC. 5. No person shall be eligible to any elective office Bligible to of-mentioned in this act, unless he be a legal voter of the City, and a resident thereof for one year next preceding his election..

SBO. 6. That the qualified electors of said City shall on Election of eithe first Monday of March, A. D., 1857, and annually on tyoffieere...


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Justice of the

of officers.

the same day thereafter, elect a Mayor and Board of Al

dermen, a Recorder, Marshal, Assessor and Treasurer, who First election. shall hold their offices for one year, and until their succes

sors are elected and qualified; Provided, That upon the taking effect of this charter, the present Mayor of said City shall issue his proclamation calling a special election, by giving eight days' notice thereof, for the election of the aforesaid Mayor and Board of Aldermen, who shall hold

their offices until the first Monday in March, A. D., 1857, City Council.

and until their successors are elected and qualified. The Mayor and Aldermen when elected and assembled together,

duly organized, shall constitute the City Council, a majority Quorum.

of whom shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. There shall also be elected one Justice of the Peace each year, who shall hold his office for

the term of two years. Qualification SEC. 7. Each of the officers of the City shall take and

subscribe an oath faithfully to discharge the duties of his office, and shall also give such bond and security as shall

be required by the Council. The oath of office may be adWho may ad. ministered by the Mayor, or Recorder, when qualified, and minister oaths in the transaction of the business of the corporation, those

officers and the President for the time being, may administer oaths, which shall have the same effect as if administered

by other officers authorized thereto. Powers of SEC. 8. The Mayor shall be a conservator of the peace Mayor.

within the City, and ex-officio a justice of the peace, and is vested with full jurisdiction for the violation of the ordinances and by-laws of the City, and with criminal jurisdiction of offences against the laws of the State, committed within the city, and with civil jurisdiction limited to the city, in the same manner as that of a justice of the peace is, or may be limited to their township. He shall not be disqualified from actingin

any such judicial capacity by any proceedings being in the Appeals. name of or on behalf of the City of Mt. Pleasant. Appeals

to the District Court in the same county, shall be allowed from the judgment and decision of the Mayor in the same eases, time and manner, as may at any time be allowed by law from the Justice's Court, and they shall be tried in the



same manner. He shall be entitled to demand and receive the same fees as are allowed by law to justices of the peace,

Fees. and in all cases of sickness, absence, or inability of the Mayor to act, any justice of the peace within said city shall have judicial jurisdiction co-extensive in all cases with the Mayor.

Sec. 9. And it shall also be the duty of the Mayor to Duty of May see that the laws and ordinances of the city are executed, and their violation punished, to superintend and direct the official conduct of the subordinate officers, to sign and seal, (if a seal be used) all commissions, licenses and permits, granted by the City Council, and to perform such duties and exercise such powers as pertain to the office of Mayor of a City, and such as may be granted or imposed by the ordinances of the city, consistent with law. He shall be the President of the City Council when present, and shall Preside in give the casting vote when there is a tie; and in his absence the Council may appoint a President for the time being, from their own number, who shall have authority to sign President pro ordinances and orders on the Treasurer, and to do all other things pertaining to the office of Mayor, except to act as justice of the peace. Sec. 10. The Council shall be judge of the qualifications Powers of (i

ty Council. of the election of its own members, and all other city officers. It may determine the rules of its own proceedings, and may hold meetings as it sees fit, having stated times fixed by ordinance. It may also prescribe the manner of Meetings. calling special meetings and compel the attendance of its members, in a such a manner and by such penalties, as it may adopt, and shall cause a record of its proceedings to be kept by the Recorder.

Sec. 11. The City Council shall provide well bound Books. books for their own, use, and for the use of their officers under this charter. They shall cause the Recorder to keep a journal of the proceedings of their meetings, which shall be signed by him, and the presiding officer of each meeting. He shall also keep a record of the returns of the Marshal, Record of lots, in which he shall

record the number of lot, piece of ground, or description of land or property sold by him for taxes due Sold for taxos.


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