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description are numerous letters to his son, written before the Revolution; and also his letters, during a long course of years, to his daughter and his son-inlaw, a very few of which have been preserved. Again, his entire correspondence with the Assemblies of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia, while he was agent for those colonies in England, has hitherto eluded the most vigilant search. All these papers are probably lost, as well as those taken from the chest in Galloway's house, and others, described by him as important, which he had committed to the charge of his son, before his mission to France. It is possible that other writings may yet be brought to light, which may afford some future editor the means of more entire success.



Attends a General Convention at Albany, as a Delegate from Penn-

sylvania. – Proposes a Plan of Union for the Colonies, which is

adopted by the Convention. — Interview with Governor Shirley

at Boston. - Conversations with Governor Morris on Pennsylvania

Affairs. — Assists Mr. Quincy in procuring Aids for New Eng-

land. – Visits General Braddock's Army in Maryland. — Procures

Horses and Wagons to facilitate the March of the Army. Ob-

tains Supplies for the Officers. — Character of Braddock. — Ac-

count of his Defeat in the Battle of the Monongahela. — Braddock

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