A Voyage to the East Indies: Began in 1750 with Observations Continued Till 1764; Including Accounts of the Mogul Government in General, the Viceroyalties of the Decan and Bengal, and Independent States; Particularily Those of Angria, the Morattoes, and Tanjoreans. Of the Religions in India, and General Reflections on the Trade of India. Of the European Settlements. The Rise of the War in India, to the Conclusion of the General Peace of Europe in 1763, Band 2

author; and sold, 1766

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Seite 474 - Decan ; and both parties shall renounce all demands and pretensions of satisfaction with which they might charge each other, or their Indian allies, for the depredations or pillage committed on the one side or on the other during the war.
Seite 215 - Thus, in a few hours, and without losing a single man, had "the spirited resolution of Commodore James destroyed the timorous prejudices which had for twenty years been entertained of the impracticability of reducing any of Angria's fortified harbours.
Seite iii - There are alfo among the woods and mountainous parts of the country feveral petty princes, or heads of dan.s, diftinguifhed by the name 'of Polygars.
Seite 204 - Auguft, as to return te his work. In the mean time, the ftores which they had faved from the wreck were fo near exhaufted, that they came to an allowance of two ounces of bread a man per day, and had no fait pork, except what they were determined to keep to victual their boat; water aifo fell Ihort.
Seite 442 - BY the fame fallacious fophiftry, a ftate may object to the payment of the ranfoms of fhips taken at fea, and to contributions levied in a country which is the feat of war. But it is always allowed that in fuch cafes, a part muft be facrificed to...
Seite 243 - Air, air !' was the general cry. Every insult that could be devised against the guard ; all the opprobrious names that the viceroy and his officers could be loaded with, were repeated to provoke the guard to fire upon them.
Seite 474 - Sumatra, to be restored; he engages farther, not to erect fortifications, or to keep troops in any part of the dominions of the Subah of Bengal.
Seite 241 - ... eighteen feet, in a close sultry night, in Bengal, shut up to the eastward and southward (the only quarters from whence air could reach us) by dead walls, and by a wall and door to the north, open only to the westward by two windows, strongly barred with iron, from which we could receive scarce any the least circulation of fresh air.
Seite 439 - Propositions contained in the Paper delivered on the Part of His Excellency the Governor and His Council will be Listened to and Confirmed to them upon their payment of four millions of Dollars, the Half to be Paid Immediately, the other Half to be Paid in a time to be agreed upon [and hostages and security Given for that Purpose.
Seite 444 - ... when compofed of fuch a variety and confufion of people, who differed as much in fentiments and language, as in drefs and complexion. Several hours elapfed, before the principal magiftrates could be brought to a conference ; during that interval the inhabitants were undoubtedly great fuierers.

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