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contentment smiles on every countenance. Perhaps the high German diet, and all the members thercof,

ni vili scarcely believe me, but I déclare to you I their powerful co-operation towards the total aboli. have not seen one beggar in Altakapas or Opelou- tion of depredations which are calculated to intersas, nor do I know an object of charity from want. rupt all commerce by sea. Oh! that at this moment as much could be said for The existence of the piracies of the Barbary pow. the whole world!

ers, even within the limits to which their depreda. I shall make no further remarks at present; and, tions have hitherto been confined, is doubtless å should any person who reads this publication, wish public injury to all Europe; and the compulsory to obtain further information relative to this coun exclusion thereby effected from the Mediterranean, try, the editor who publishes this will furnish thero of the ships of those German states which were unawith my name and address, and I will most cheer.ble to procure protection to their flags, either by fully give them every information in my power. a naval force, or by making considerable pecuniary An emigrant from Maryland. sacrifices, was previously not only to themselves,

but to those interested in the trade which they car

ry on, an evil of no small magnitude, and which was The Barbary Pirates.

besides increased by the insecurity of a part of the Frankfort June 22.-On the 16th instant, being Atlantic. The abolition of the piracy of the Barbathe 35th meeting of the diet, was presented the ry powers even within those limits, had become the following representation respecting the piracies of anxious wish of all Europe, and was an object to the Barbary corsairs:

which the attention of the powers assembled in conThe free cites of Lubeck, Frankfort, Bremen and gress at Vienna was directed. But how trifling is Hamburg—The minister of the said free cities has this partial evil when compared with the incalcureceived orders from the senates of the Hanse lably mischievous consequences which may ensue, Towns to submit the following memorial to the di- if these African pirates are permitted without inter. et:

ruption to sail from their infected coasts, and to “The senate of the Hanse Towns of Lubeck, Bre spread among distant countries the diseases which men and Hamburgh, feel themselves bound to calls they carry along with them? So long as the dan. the attention of the diet to an object which is of the ger was confined to the Mediterranean sea, its site greatest importance, not only directly to these ci. was at least well known and precautionary measures ties, as well as to all other German maritime states, were adopted against it; and though the measures but also to the whole German federation. It is al- of safety, together with diminished competition, ready known, from the accounts in public papers, vecessarily raised the price of the productions of that piracy is carried on in an unheard of manner that part of the world, yet commerce, though some.' by Tunisian corsairs in the North Sea and even in what impeded, was never totally at a stand. A comthe Channel. It also appears from several official plete termination of German navigation and German reports, transmitted by the charges d'affaires and trade, must, however, take place, if the Barbary consul of the Hanse Towns at Madrid and Lisbon, pirates are not rigorously restrained from extendthat according to formal communications made to ing themselves to other seas. Should they be sufthem by the minister of the king of the Netherlands fered to cruise in the Atlantic, the North Sea and at the former, and by the French consul general at the Baltic, if they are not prevented from attacking the latter court, several armed Barbary corsairs, merchants, who during the time of peace rely with among which are in particular two Tunisians, had confidence on the law of nations, there must be an sailed for the Atlantic, in order to cruise against end to German navigation and commerce. It will the Hanse Towns and some other German states, but also be henceforth useless to send the produce and avowedly against Prussian ships; and have express. manufactures of Germany down the rivers which ly declared this design under a pretence that they communicate with the North Sea and the Baltic, are in a state of war with these states.

or even to convey them by land to the different sea “On the 16th of last month the Hamburgh ship ports, in order that they may be transported in ves« Ocean, with a cargo of great value, and the Christi sels to foreign countries. A similar fate will await ana, fi om Lubeck, and still more recently a Ham. those articles destined to be imported into Germaburgh and an Oldenburgh ship, both named Catha- ny. The merchant protects himself by insurance rina, were taken by these pirates. Fortunately, against the ordinary dangers to which vessels are British ships of war fell in with the robbers, and usually exposed at sea. Even during maritime war, carried both them and the vessels they had cap- which is so injurious to commerce and navigation, tured into English ports, whence the latter were the same protection is to a certain degree obtained permitted to prosecute their respective voyages; by higher premiums, although the payment of these mean while the captain of the ship Occan, and five premiums is a heavy tax boih on the manufacturer of his crew who had been removed on board another and consumer; but they cannot possibly ensure pirate, remain in the hands of the Tunisians, and, their property against the threatened acks of the so far as it is known, the Atlantic and the North Barbary pirates. Sea are still rendered insecure by the ravages of the “These pirates, who are totally ignorant of the Tunisian corsairs. It is, however, with gratitude to law of nations, and who cruise for the express pur. be acknowledged, that England has by her act, in pose of plunder, first announced their declaration this instance, declared that she will not permit such of war by their attacks. It must not be supposed offences to be committed on the seas which wash that these vessels are the property of private indi. ber coasts, and it is to be hoped that the other ma-viduals; they are fitted out in execution of their ritime powers of Europe (to whom the senate of laws. These plunderers limit themselves to no Hamburgh has already, through their resident mi- time or forms; they unexpectedly attack defence. nisters at Hamburgh, addressed itself“) will concur less merchants, and carry off not only property but in adopting measures for the restoration of the se. even men, German fellow-citizens, whose cries are curity of navigation which is so important to all re-echoed from their native coasts, and whom these Europe; but the senates of the Hanse Towns do, African pirates plunge into the gloomy dungeons Dotwithstanding, not only consider it proper, but of slavery. Dangers of such a nature could never regard il as their duty most urgently to claim from be anticipated, and consequently no precautions have been adopted against them. Occurrences of States, not of territories or dominions.--Since then this nature have given rise to feelings of insecurity, the word State is not now regarded as formed merely which have interrupted navigation and commerce; of five alphabetic characters, but as representing for no one knows how long may be the continuance honor, life, liberty, property, and the security of inof these atrocities, which have for the mean while dividuals, their activity and their industry, the occasioned a total stagnation of trade.--These pi: question of protection is assuredly something imperates will become more audacious by being allowed rative: but the different branches of the question as to escape unpunished, and to succeed in their de. to the practicability of the protection, and its extent sultory enterprizes. It is even probable, that during are worthy of serious investigation. their cruises they may land on exposed and de. t'On the conclusion of the Bourbon family com. fenceless parts of the German coast, and there car. pact, was it ever asked whether it included the re. ry on their trade of plundering and kidnapping, and pression of all offences and acts of injustice by sea spread distress and devastation on every side. In ad. and land? Whether it related equally to merchant. dition to all the disasters uirder which Germany has men and ships of war? The retro-action and exten. groaned for so long a period, may they not commu. sion of the present evils may not be confined to the nicate to us the infection of their indigenous plague, propagation of disease only, but may occasion bank. the most dreadful of all earthly calamities? What has frupicies and loss of confidence in consequence of alreadly been stated will doubtless sufficiently ac- the execution of mercantile orders being imped. count for the senates of the Hanse Towns having ed, which would not fail to produce the suspencion been induced to represent to the diet, that not of several branches of manufactures in the intesnerely those towns, but likewise every maritime rior." and commercial state, and indeed the whole The diet then proceeded to the election of the German nation are interested in putting a stop commission, and the choice fell upon count von to the depredations of the Barbary pirates --Goltz, baron Eyben, baron Gagern, Herr von Berg, The senates have reason to hope, that the revolting and the Syndic Dantz. occurrences which have called forth this represen. Resolution-That the envoys count von Goltz, tation will excite the utmost indignation among the baron von Eyben, baron von Gagern, Herr von Berg high and illustrious members of the German con. and the SyndicDantz, be requested to submit a joint federation: and that not only each individual will opinion on the most efficient precautions for secur: exert himself to root out this evil, but that the high ing the German navigation against the piracies of confederation, as a collective and European power, the Barbary corsairs, with a view to the report to be will adopt every possible measure to put an end to made to the courts and constituents of the members these piracies, which threaten the honor of the of the diet. German flag, and the welfare of the German nation. “Even though the German confederation posses.

Spanish Commission. 'ses, as a federative body, no naval force, it is nei. We have been favored by an obliging correspondent ther deficient in the power nor means necessary for with the following copy, taken from the original, effectually watching over the safety of German na. of the commission granted by governor Arradonvigation; and the Hapse Towns may justly enter- do to the Caddo chief; by which the inurder of tain a hope, that a proposal for the earnest conside- our citizens is not only authoriserl, but strictly en. ration of this important business will meet the ap. joined; and that, too, on a line only six miles from probatoin of the diet.

Natchitoches and far within our limits. How “On the question being put by the president, all long will our government brook these encroachvoices were unanimous in declaring, that their re. ments?

[:Natchez republican. spective high courts and constituents should be Don Jacquin de Arradondo Miono pelegreno Braro informed of these circumstances, that they might of Hayos and Venero, Kright of the order of Calenadopt the most efectual means for the protection travo, Brigadier of the Royal Armies, Sub-Inspecof German commerce.-The majority were of opi- tor, and general commandant of the Internal Oriental nion that a commission, consisting of five members, Provinces, General of operations in them, &c. &c. should be chosen to prepare suitable propositions Whereas, considering the friendship and good whereon to frame the report.

faith the great captain of the Caddo nation, by name The ambassador of the king of the Netherlands Dehahust, has ever professed for the Spanish govern delivered the following to the protocol.

ment and subjects, and having ultimately presented “That we should on this occasion consult all our himself for the purpose of making further assurcourts, and in particular the great courts, is be. ances of his esteem before the governor of Texas, yond all doubt. The opinions of individuals are of praying that he may be permitted to seize and punish little importance; the question is, what ought to all the evil minded Spaniards, French and Ameribe done, and what is it possible to do? I am not in- cans, who, contrary to the laws and ordinances of vested with nlimited powers on the part of the of the government, convey horses and mules to the whole United Netherlands: but I will, nevertheless United States, stealing them from the faithful Spain tbis and on all occasions, agree with the majori- niards, and receiving them from our enemies the Coty when they vote for a commission; though I never manches, whom they furnish with powder, ammunior very seldom connect with the institution of such tion and knives, and other things with which they a body the idea of more prompt counsel, but only carry on hostilities against us:the expectation of farther elucidation and greater Therefore, by these presents, I empower the industry. I am therefore inclined, as in every case above named captain Caddo, that he with his nation which occurs here, to develope all the grounds for and friends may seize all classes of people without and against the question, in order that the courts distinction which he may find in the uninhabited may form their views on these investigations. In country between the Arrayohonda and St. Antonio whát way else can they hear public opinion? Or in de Baxar, and that if they make any resistance, to what beiter manner can that opinion be directed? kill or destroy them as enemies-taking from thema The very first article of the act of confederation the beasts they may be carrying to the United States, speaks of the inviolability of the individual Germans and whatever merchandize they may be taking to the

Comanches-sending them as prisoners in safe keep , sixty-five cannon will announce that Heaven grants 10 ing to St. Antonio de Paxar, where he shall be re- our prayers a male successor to our belovedd king, warded according to the persons and beasts he may while twelve will make known to the public that the deliver up, and that no chief or commandant of queen has been delivered of a daughter. The bells of Spanish troops shall obstruct, but rather aid and as all the parish churches of the city will be set in mo. sist liim in fulfilling this his commissio:-1 farther in.The chief officers of the palace, the captain of the give him the present passport and safe conduct. guard du corps, the captain of the Halberdiers, the

Signed by my own hand, and countersigned by the colonels of the Spanish and Walloon guards, the mi. secretary, in Monterry, this 25th October, 1816, nisters of state, a deputy of the council of state, the

(Signed) JACQUIN DE ARRADONDO. cardinal patriarch, the president of the supreme cous Pedro Simon del Campo.

cils, the deputies of the kingdom, the captains-gene. ral of the armies, the deputies of the grandees, the

pope's nuncio, and the foreign ambassadors, will be Things to be laughed at. present at the baptism. Te Deum will be sung in the Paris July 15.- The happy delivery of the duch. royal chapel as soon as the king gives the order.çss de Berri has filled all hearts with joy. Every That the public may know in an instant whether the one shared the liappiness of the royal family. The queen has been delivered of a prince or princes, it imagination indulged itself in decorating the future has been agreed upon that, in the former alternative, life of this august infunt, and in confering on it all there will be hoisted on an angle of the palace, a We graces and virtue of its mother. The first proof flag with the Spanish colors; in the latter a white of fertility inspired new hopes. Of these hopes we are fag. If the event happens in the night, the salvoes certainly not deprived. They will be realised. But of artillery will not take plce till the dawn of day. grief and mourning must now be substituted for our delight. Mademoiselle exists no longer! She lived only two days. The princess died yesterday

Foreign Articles. evening, between 8 and 9 o'clock.

ENGLAND, &c. The royal family is plunged in sorrow. Nothing The stocks fluctuate considerably, in consequence can equal the grief of ihe duke of Berri. His noble of the many speculations in them. 3 per cent. heart is broken by this sad misfortune. If any thing cons, had been up to 84; July 22, 81 1-8; Aug. 2, 79. can diminish the regret which the cruel event has The price of American stocks at London, July occasioned, it is, thic assiurance that the state of 220, U. States bank shares 133 1-2-Louisiana 6 health of the duchess of Berri does not give cause per cents 100 and 101 -6 per cents, Aug. 2, 107. for the least inquietude.

The price of American flour at Liverpool was 50 July 17.-Last night at nine o'clock, the body of to 51s per barrel. Upland cotton, 17 to 20d. the princess Louisa Elizabeth d'Artois,mademoiselle, The queen of England lately gave a great enter. whose loss both the royal family and the people oftainment at her place called Frogmore-500 per. France at this moment deplore, was placed in a car. sons were present. riage belonging to his royal highness the duke of IVarilen's letters about Bonaparte, said to have Berri, and conveyed to St. Denis for interment, in been written on board the Northumberland, on her one of the tombs of the Basilique, according to cus- passage to St. Helena, now are acknowleriged for. tom. The Abbe Bombelles, first almoner to the geries--the product of the brai!l of a bookseller duchess of Berri, the countess of Ferronays and named Combe. Monseran, and the marquis Rockemare, attended The navy--In the sixth report of the select comthe funeral in separate carriages. Detachments of mittee on retrenchments, (says a late London the body guards of Monsieur, bussars and cuiras- paper,) they meation that the naval peace estab. siers of the royal guard, preceded and closed the lishments must necessarily be larger than in former procession,

times—The other maritime nations, during the The decease of the young princess has naturally last twenty five years, they add, having gone on in. much affected the royal family; the event could not creasing the size of their ships, requires a corres. have been altogether unexpected, since it so rarely ponding system;--that the classes of 64 and 50 gun happens that the children of females who have the ships bad disappeared and 745 substituted in their measles during pregnancy survive for any number place; and that the frigaies, sloops, and brigs, of of years. In fact the royal infant had all the symp. other nations had for a long time been vastly larg. toms of this disorder.

er and stronger than British vessels of the same July 18.-At nine in the morning his majesty class; and that measures must be adopted to make went to the Elysee Bourbon, and passed an hour ours equal in every respect--by a complete renovawith the Duc de Berri. The grief of the prince lior of the fieet, by the construction of new ships, or found some mitigation in the paternal consolations a thorough repair of all such as are judged to be of the monarch; they soothed their hearts by ming. in a state sufficiently good to warrant so great an ling their tears.-Can they be ignorant of the pubiic espense. (All this comes of the United States.) afflictiou? It is the assurance of a sentiment of love

Miss O'Neill has declined performing at the Cheland of gratitude which we bear to the royal family. tenham Theatre, unless the manager pays her fire May those sentiments contribute to assuage the hundred pounds for one week's personal exertions! grief of the august pair, and may propitious Hea

A letter from Dublin says that “police men have ren cause long years of happiness to succeed these days of sorrou!

been employed in escorting baker's boys with Madrid, July 1.—The approach of the delivery of loaves through the city. the queen is an event which occupies both court Late letters from England which, we think, and city. A double program, exposed to public may be relied upon, give us reason to doubt view, prescribes the ceremonial which is to be ob- whether the harvest will prove so abundant as was served in this circumstance, in which ali chances expected. And this, at least, may be looked for-have been provided for-that is to say, the ceremo. that there will be a considerable rise in grain and nial is differenly regulated for a prince of the Astu- four before the product of the larvest can be got rjas and an infanta.-In the first case a round of into the markets



Htween his Majesty and the United States of Am An act to allow British goods to be exported directrica shall continue in force. from this country to the United States of America

FRANCE. upon the same terms as when exported to any fo. Mad. de Stael, who was worth as many royal bareign country.-[30th June, 1817.)

bies as would stand between this and Jerusalem, is Whereas by a Convention of Commerce between dead. This alludes to the loss of the child of ibe : Great Britain and the United States of America, duchess of Berri-see "things to be laughed at,” signed at London on the 3d day of June, one thou- page 43.] sand eight hundred and fifteen, in Article the se. Freqnent couriers to and from the duke of Wel. cond is provided amongst the other matters, that lington, and the apparent secrecy with which every no higher or other duties or charges be imposed in thing is conducted, gives rise to many speculations; either of the two countries on the esportation of and something very important is supposed to be in any articles to his Britannic Majesty's territories agitation. in Europe, or to the United States respectively, The Paris Coastitutionel has been suppressed by than such as are payable on the exportation of the order of the French minister of police, according like articles to any other foreign country: And to the recommendation of the council. This is the . whereas by an act passed in the 56th year of his fate of every newspaper that attempts to tell the present Majesty's reign, intitled, An act to carry truth; and hence it is that we know very little of into effect a Convention of Commerce concluded be the real condition of France. tween his Majesty and the United States of America, it is enacted, that upon the exportation from the

Letter of the Pope, United Kingdom of any goods, wares, or merchan. To the arclibishops and bishops of France; Vanera: dize, the growth, production, or manufacture of ble brethren and dear sons, salvation and the the said United Kingdom, or any of his Majesty's apostolic benediction. territories in Europe, direct to any of the territo. In viewing, after so many terrible vicissitudes the ries of the United States of America, in any ship or vineyard which the Lord has planted in the fine vessel built in the said States, or condemned as kingdom of France, we have easily come to the con prize there, and being owned by subjects of the clusion that the means of cultivating it with greater said States, and whereof the master and three success consisted in employing a greater number fourths of the mariners are also subjects of the of laborers. This is what our dear son in Jesus said States, no higher or other duties shall be paid Christ, Louis, his most christian majesty, has like. or payable than such as are charged or imposed wise thought, who, desiring to consolidate the edi. upon such goods, wares, or merchandize, when ex- fice, shaken by the violence of the winds, has exported in a British built ship or vessel, navigated pressed to us his anxious wish for the increase of and registered according to law: And whereas it is the number of bishopricks, by giving to the dioce. expedient that the said United States of America ses new limits; persuaded that this new measure should be placed, with respect to the duties on would afford the happiest facilities for the arrangegoods, wares and merchandize of the produce of ment of the ecclesiastical affairs of this great kingGreat Britain exported thither, on the same footing dom. There is no need of long discourse, veneraas when the same are exported to any other foreign ble brethern and dear sons, to convince you with country whatever: Be it therefore enacted by the what joy and with what zeal we are disposed to se. King's most Excellent Majesty, hy and with the ad. cond, with our apostolio authority, the pious desires vice and consent of the lords, spiritual and tem- of so religious a king; for it is not the changeable. poral, and commons, in this present Parliament as. ness of human affairs (as St. Innocent I. says) which sembled, and by the authority of the same, that has inspired us with the idea of changing the state from and after the 3d day of July, one thousand of the church; but we congratulate ourselves that eight hundred and fifteen, the same duties shall be God gives us now the opportunity of accomplishing paid or payable on the exportation of all goods, what we have a long time desired, and what only wares, and merchandize of the growth, produce or insurmountable obstacles have prevented us from manufacture of Great Britain, exported direct from executing. Our intention, therefore, being to pre. thence to any port or place within the territories of serve the archiepiscopal and episcopal sees at pre.,, the United States of America in British built ships sent existing, and to eréct anew several of those owned, registered and navigated according to law, which existed before the year 1801, it is indispensaor in any ships built in the United States of Ame- ble to make a new division of the dioceses, which rica, or condemned as prize there, and being owned we have resolved to fix, in proposing to ourselves by subjects of the said States, and whereof the the greatest advantages for the flocks of the Lord. master and three-fourths of the mariners are also Your own experience has, doubtless made you subjects of the said States, as are or shall be paya- feel the advantage which must result from this plan, ble on the like exportation to any other foreign for the good administration of the dioceses; there country whatever.

fore we do not doubt of your zealous assent to this II. And be it further enacted, That it shall and division. It is with perfect confidence we make may be lawful for the commissioners of his Majes. this demand from each of you by these letters. It is a ty's treasury of the United Kingdom of Great Brio question, my venerable brothers and dear sons, tuin and Ireland, or any three or more of them, and which regards the salvation of souls: for which purthey are hereby authorized and directed, in all pose there cannot be too great sacrifices, seeing that cases where a greater duty has been charged and our Saviour has redeemed them with the price of his paid on the exportation of any goods, wares, or blood. Shew yourselves then, by a prompt reply, merchandize of the growth, produce, or manufac- ready to acquiesce in our cares, and in the salutary ture of Great Britain, to the United States in man- objects of the most christian king, in order that ner aforesaid, than has been paid on the exportation measures so useful may not be disturbed by any to any other foreign country, to cause the same to spirit of contention, and that no obstacle may interbe repaid.

fere with the execution of what is required of us III. And be it further enacted, That this act by that solicitude which God has enjoined as a duty, shall continue in force so long as the convention be- with respect to the universal church. In the mean







wbile, we ask of this dispenser of all blessings, to enjoyed that privilege; and Sinigalia is also to endiffuse them among you; and we affectionately give joy it during the Fair, from the 6th to the end of you the apostolic benediction in witness of our pa. July. This event has been officially notified at Gille ternal benevolenoe.

raltar. Given at castle Gondolfo, in the dioceses of Al. bano, the 12th of June, 1817.

The diet of Frankfort have'unanimously agreed!

PICS VII, POPE. upon a resolution declaring the confederation of r. A truc copy)

Cardinal Gomalvi. Germany a free and independent power, having the

authority to send to and receive from other stales mi. Madrid, June 20-A circular, of the 7th inst. from nisters in the usual form, and by subsequent articles the minister of Finance makes it known, that all it is resolved to notify to all the powers of Europe, licenses or privileges for the introduction of goods, and to the United States of America, that the diet: free of duty, into the kingdom, are rescinded; and is constituted as above stated. that none of the kind are to be granted for the fu- A mountain in upper Austria, called the Haus. ture.

ruck, had disappeared-Its place is supplied by a

iake. A dozen cottages built on the sides had disA commercial letter from Bayonne asserts, that appeared. the Lisbon plot bad ramifications in many provin. A letter from Saxony gives a dreadful account of ces of Portugal; that the arrest at Coimbra had the state of the people. A famine prevails-bread been precedent by a tumult and that several is baked of potato-pealings, bran and straw of oats, British officers bad fallen victims to assassina- and even these are scarce.. There is no employtion,

ment for the poor, and prospects of the harvest are A horrid murder has been committed in Lisbon, not good. CFA poor felow from Westphalia who which excited much interest. A Portuguese offi- was in Baltimore a few days ago, said that the lower cer having drawu liis sword on one of his sisters, class there fed upon oil čukes (fax-seed, after the on the interference of his mother, cut down and oil is extracted) adulterated with saw dust stabbed the latter through the heart. The anfor- The king of Bavaria has taken decisive measures tunate object of his first attack was also desperate to prevent the abuses of lotteries. ly wounded; and the other sister, in attempling ber escape from the chamber where this tragedy was Tumults exist for the scarcity of food. The performing, was precipitated down a figlic of stone people seize upon provisions and sell them at theft steps, and her skull fractared. The wretched au- own price. The prospect of the harvest was good. thor of these crimes was soon after arrested in the The king is on a tour through West Flanders. street, but appeared totally indifferent to the bloody deed he had perpetrated.

An English paper gives a long account of the

monuments erected at Waterloo to the memory of A London paper says.- It is stated on the autho. the officers who fell there. The following is ibe rity of private correspondence, that a treaty has Last paragraph of the article. been agreed to between the houses of Austria and "It is painful to conclude this account with a : inBourbon, by which it is said the states of Parma, stance of the behaviour of the ungrateful Belgians Placentia, and Guestalla, are, after the death of the son a late occasiou, which can never be forgotten.-archiduchess Maria Louisa, to revert to the ex. The inhabitants of Brussels and its neighborhood, queen of Eturia, infanta of Spain, or her heirs. including many distinguished personages, public

Accounts from Rome (says the London Courier) (functionaries, &c. celebrated the anniversary of the state, that the old court of Spain is very melancho-battle of Waterloo on the 18th ult. by a splendid ly. The king, the queen, and the prince of peace, fete champetre given on the field itself. The Brus, have reach their separate table. The queen of Etru- sels paper of the following day gives a minute acria visits her parents only from etiquette, though she count of this brilliant commemoratlon, with all the loves them tenderly. But she wishes to avoid Don toasts, speeches, &c. which were delivered on so Manuel Godoy, whom she abhors from the bottom striking an occasion. Would it be believed, that of her heart. The young prince, hier son, continues neither the doke of Wellington nor the English arto justify the most sanguine hopes. The king and my is once mentioned in the narration? queen of Spain always defend, against every one, the prince of peace. “No one in Europe” they both The following is really magnanimous, and as pesay, “knows better than we do, his loyal and disin. litic as it is wise; if persevered ir, it will draw hud. terested intention. It was not bis fault, not only dreds of thousands of useful emigrants.-The em. that Spain has not taken her proper station, but also peror Alexander has issued a rescript in favor of that the blackest of crimes were not svoided during the sect of dissenbers from the Greek church. It the French revolution. The prince of peace had forbids all further persecutions of this sect, and obthe idea of proposing to the national convention, serves: does it become a christian government to the cession of Florida, in order to obtain the remo. employ harsh and cruel means to torture and exile, yal of Lonis XVI.

to bring back into the church those who have gone The old king of Sardania has assumed the habits astray? The doctrine of the Redeemer, who came and regulations of St. Ignatius, and gives himself up into the world to save the sinner, cannot be spread entirely to exercises piety.

by restraint and punishment. True faith can only By a decree of the government, corn and seeds take root, with the blessing of God, by conviction, are allowed to be imported free of duty, into the instruction, mildness, and, above all, by good ex. kingdom of Naples, for eight years.

ample. A Jewish rabbi, bis wife and two sons, have been baptised in great state at Rome.

The patent of the emperor of Austria has been It was reported in England that the Austrian published in Gallicia, for the establishment of a retroops were to evacuate Naples.

presentative constitution in Gallicia, Lodomeria, and The pontif of Rome has declared the port of Ponte Bukowime. This constitutìon is said to be the He-Lugo Scuro, to be a free pori, Angada bas leng/result of an agreement between the powers inte.



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