An Asylum for Fugitive Pieces, in Prose and Verse, Not in Any Other Collection: with Several Pieces Never Before Published. A New Ed., Including Pieces Not in the Former Edition, and Several Never Before Printed, Band 2

J. Debrett, 1786

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Seite 86 - E'er left himself behind ? The restless thought and wayward will, And discontent attend him still, Nor quit him while he lives ; At sea, care follows in the wind ; At land, it mounts the pad behind, Or with the post-boy drives.
Seite 64 - ... both myself and Mr. Banks, when particular persons have been pointed out to us as members of the Arreoy, have questioned them about it, and received the account that has been here given from their own lips. They have acknowledged that they had long been of this...
Seite 42 - ... lamentations, earnestly imploring the operator to desist. He was, however, inexorable ; and when she began to struggle, she was held down by two women, who sometimes soothed and sometimes chid her, and now and then, when she was most unruly, gave her a smart blow. Mr. Banks staid in a neighbouring house an hour, and the operation was not over when he went away...
Seite 57 - Freeman and soldier was their common name, Who late with reapers to the furrow came, Now in the front of battle charged the foe: Who taught the steer the wintry plough to endure, Now in full councils check'd encroaching power, And gave the guardian laws their majesty to know.
Seite 258 - But to fancy that feeds on the charms of the fair, The death of reflection's the birth of all woe ! What...
Seite 86 - By heaven's eternal doom. To ripen'd age, Clive liv'd renown'd, With lacks enrich'd, with honours crown'd...
Seite 87 - His valour's well-earn'd meed ; Too long, alas ! he liv'd, to hate His envied lot, and died too late From life's oppression freed. An early death was Elliott's doom, J saw his opening virtues bloom, And manly sense unfold ; Too soon to fade ! I bade the stone Record his name * 'midst hordes unknown, Unknowing what it told.
Seite 85 - Nor av'rice fends him forth in queft Of climes beneath the fun. Short is our fpan, then why engage In fchemes, for which man's...
Seite 206 - Thro' glens untrod, and woods that frown'd on high, Two sleeping nymphs, with wonder mute I spy : — And lo ! she's gone — in robe of dark green hue 'Twas Echo from her sister Silence flew : For quick the hunter's horn resounded to the sky.
Seite 42 - This, in both sexes, is covered with a deep black ; above which, arches are drawn one over another as high as the short ribs.

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