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name of a gentleman who has the honor to represent three counties in the General Assembly of 1844-45, was officially certified in three different modes of spelling by the proper officers. Of course, under such circumstances, the compiler will be readily excused if in some instances the names of individuals shall be written differently from their own usage.

Keeping in view the object of the work-to furnish a pocket manual or vade mecum for every one engaged in active business—it has been found necessary to compress the matter into a convenient form, and hence-although the work is larger and comprises more information than any similar one published in other States so far as known to the compiler-much has been left out that would have greatly contributed to its value. The compiler has entered into this undertaking at his own risk and expense, confidently relying on remuneration, at least, from the public; and he would fain hope that this confidence may be reciprocated so far as future improvements in the work are designed by him. These, it is almost superfluous to remark, will be rendered necessary by the lapse of time, and those material changes which are constantly occuring in the political, commercial, and social relations of the State. In short, to get up such a work in future years as shall be worthy of the people and the State-embracing details in every department of businesswill require much labor and expenditure, which, in the humble opinion of the compiler and in all deference to THE PUBLIC, it is the duty of the latter most puissant body to requite by the bestowment of a prompt and liberal patronage.

The compiler cannot forbear to add that the paper used in this work was expressly made for it by Messrs. William Sheets & Co., of Indianapolis, and is deemed a superior article for the purpose. In the execution of the typography, Mr. E. Chamberlain, of this city, has certainly exhibited a handsome specimen of the art, creditable alike to his office and those who have been employed on the work.

INDIANAPOLIS, December, 1844.

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AUGUST, (8th month, )

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THURSDAY, 5th day.

A Friday, 6th day.
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SEPTEMBER, (9th month,)


OCTOBER, ( 10th month,)

NOVEMBER, (11th month,) .


DECEMBER, (12th month.)

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The compiler returns his thanks to the following named gentlemen :

To John B. Dillon, Esq., of Indianapolis, for the Chronicle of Principal Events, and Elections of Officers of State; to the County Clerks of Adams, Allen, Benton, Blackford, Boone, Brown, Clay, Daviess, Dekalb, Dubois, Fulton, Grant, Greene, Huntington, Jackson, Jasper, Jay, Jefferson, Jennings, Kosciusko, Lake, Madison, Martin, Monroe, Morgan, Orange, Owen, Perry, Pike, Porter, Posey, Pulaski, Richardville, Ripley, Scott, Spencer, Steuben, Sullivan, Switzerland, Tipton, Union, Vermillion, Vigo, Wabash, Warren, Wells, White, Whitley ; H. H. Barbour, Esq., of Bartholomew ; A. L. Holmes, Esq., of Carroll; W. Wright, Esq., of Cass; T. Ware Gibson, Esqin of Clark; J. H. Dunn, Esq., of Clinton ; A. Brower, Esq., of Dearborn; Ira Grover, Esq., of Decatur; S. W. Harlan, Esq., of Delaware; J. R. McCord, Esq., of Elkhart; H. Collins, Esq., of Floyd, Wm. Hoffman, Esq., of Fountain ; J. A. Fay, Esq., of Fayette; J. H. Farquhar, Esq., of Franklin ; John Ames, Esq., of Gibson ; A. B. Cole, Esq., of Hamilton ; A. M. Patterson, Esq., of Hancock ; T. C. Slaughter, Esq., of Harrison ; M. S. Ward, Esq., of Henry; F. M. Finch, Esq., of Johnson ; G. W. Rathbone, Esq., of Knox; J. M. Barclay, Esq., of Laporte; W. G. Pomeroy, Esq., of Marshall; O. N. Ross, Esq., of Miami; S. D. Vance, Esq., of Montgomery ; J. H. Jones, Esq., of Ohio ; A. L. Roache, Esq., of Parke; E. W. McGaughey, Esq., of Putnam; J. Smith, Esq., of Randolph ; Job Pugh, Esq., of Rush; E. Lander, Esq., of Shelby; J. Grant, Esq., of St. Joseph ; G. F. Lyon, Esq., of Vanderburgh ; J. H. Newman, Esq., of Wayne; and D. G. Campbell, Esq., of Washington; for answers to the Circulars addressed to them : to Rev. P. D. Gurley, Rev. H. W. Beecher, Rev. J. Marsee, Rev. L. H. Jameson, Rev. V. Baquelin, and Henry Bradley, Esq., of Indianapolis; and Rev. William Rees, of Delphi ; for their assistance in correcting the lists of Ministers: to all others who in any wise aided the compiler he begs to acknowledge his obligations.

NOTE.—The Notaries Public, as published in this work, have been taken from the civil record in the office of Secretary of the State. It is very probable that numerous changes have occurred in their localities, so that, as arranged in this work, their names may appear to be improperly classed. Such discrepan. cies are hardly avoidable in an initiatory work of this kind, and the compiler begs that proper allowance may be made for them where they are observed.

Kr This work is periodical and contains 7 sheets-not exceeding 100 miles, the postage is 104 cents-over 100 miles, 171








1672–Visited by the missionaries Allouez and Dablon. 1679—Northern part traversed by La Salle on his first expedi.

tion towards the Mississippi. 1683 to 1763_Claimed by France.- Trading posts founded at

the sites of Vincennes, South Bend, Fort Wayne, and

Ouiatenon. 1763–Claim of France relinquished to Great Britain. 1765—Posts on the Wabash visited by Col. Croghan, a British

Indian Agent. 1772--Proclamation of Gen. Gage, concerning white settlers on

the Wabash. 1778_Gen. Clark's expedition against Kaskaskia and Vin1778–Lt. Governor Hamilton's expedition against Vincennes. 1779_Gen. Clark captures the British forces under Hamilton at

Vincennes. 1779_Court of civil and criminal jurisdiction established at

Vincennes under the authority of Virginia. 1780—Defeat of La Balme and his followers, near the mouth of

the Aboite. 1781-The post of St. Joseph taken by a detachment of Span

iards from St. Louis, under the command of Don Eugenio

Pierre. 1782—Defeat of Laughery, near the mouth of Laughery creek. 1783—Claim of Great Britain relinquished. 1784–Ceded by Virginia to the United States. 1784-Piankeshaw council held at Vincennes. 1785– Large Indian council held at Ouiatenon. 1785_Indian depredations at Vincennes. 1786--Skirmish at the mouth of the river Embarrass. 1786-Clark's expedition against the Wabash Indians. 1786–Seizure of property belonging to Spanish subjects, at


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