An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere: And Successively Performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the Swallow, and the Endeavour: Drawn Up from the Journals which Were Kept by the Several Commanders, and from the Papers of Sir Joseph Banks, Bart, Band 4

W. Strahan, 1785
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Seite 235 - All this while they were shouting defiance, and letting off their fires by four or five at a time. What these fires were, or for what purpose intended, we could not imagine : Those who discharged them had in their hands a short piece of stick, possibly a hollow cane...
Seite 425 - History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V.; with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century. By William Robertson, DD To which are added Questions for the Examination of Students.
Seite 186 - New Holland, or, as I have now called the eastern coast, New South Wales, is of a larger extent than any other country in the known world that does not bear the name of a continent ; the length of coast along which we sailed, reduced to a straight line, is no less than twentyseven degrees of latitude, amounting to near 2000 miles, so that its square surface must be much more than equal to all Europe.
Seite 202 - Upon such ornaments as they had, they set so great a value, that they would never part with the least article for any thing we could offer; which was the more extraordinary as our beads and ribbons were ornaments of the same kind, but of a more regular form and more showy materials. They had indeed no idea of traffic, nor could we communicate any to them : They received the things that we gave them ; but never appeared to understand our signs when we required a return.
Seite 94 - However, the capstan and windlace were manned with as many hands as could be spared from the pumps, and the ship floating about twenty minutes after ten o'clock, the effort was made, and she was heaved into deep water. It was some...
Seite 232 - SE, at about four leagues distance, and we then kept standing in for it with a fresh gale at ESE and E. by S. till nine o'clock, when being within about three or four miles of it, and in three fathom water, we brought to. The pinnace being hoisted out, I set off from the ship with the boat's crew, accompanied by Mr. Banks, who also took his servants, and Dr. Solander, being in all twelve persons well armed ; we rowed directly towards the shore, but the water was so shallow that we could not reach...
Seite 270 - ... in water.* The fowls are chiefly of the game breed, and large, but the eggs are remarkably small. Of the fish which the sea produces here, we know but little : Turtles are sometimes found upon the coast, and are by these people, as well as all others, considered as a dainty. The people are rather under than over the middling size ; the women especially are remarkably short and...
Seite 11 - W. To the northwest of Red Point, and a little way inland, stands a round hill, the top of which looks like the crown of a hat. In the afternoon of this day, we had a light breeze at NNW till five in the evening, when it fell calm: At this time, we were between three and four leagues from the shore, and had forty-eight fathom water: The variation by azimuth was 8° 48
Seite 203 - Bay, where they were best, they were just high enough for a man to sit upright in, but not large enough for him to extend himself in his whole length in any direction : they are built with pliable rods about as thick as a man's finger, in the form of an oven, by sticking the two ends into the ground, and then covering them with palm-leaves and broad pieces of bark : the door is nothing but a large hole at one end, opposite to which the fire is made, as we perceived by the ashes.
Seite 178 - Island, we re-embarked in our boat, but a rapid ebb-tide setting NE made our return to the vessel very difficult and tedious. From the time of our last coming among the shoals, we constantly found a moderate tide, the flood setting to the NW and the ebb to the SE At this place, it is high water at the full and change of the moon, about one or two o'clock, and the water rises and falls perpendicularly about twelve feet. We saw smoke rising in many places from the adjacent lands and islands, as we...

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