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Seite 19 - We do not hesitate to say, that Mr. Hood's volume is deserving of a place on the shelves of all who take an interest in the structure of verse.
Seite 15 - Directories," is indicative of the favourable reception which the books have met with on all hands : — " It is simply impossible to speak too highly of these little books, being well put together, simple, perfect, and yet within the reach of all. The Directories supply a want long felt. Every Master of a Lodge should order a supply of these Directories, and bring them seriously to the notice of the officers for whom they are intended. If this were done, I have no doubt that the great drawback which...
Seite 7 - WITH EIGHT ILLUSTRATIONS ON TONED PAPER. Second edition, small crown 8vo., 352 pp., cloth, price 3s. 6d. ; gilt edges, 45.
Seite 11 - HINTS FOR THE SELECTION OF CHRISTIAN NAMES. Second edition, 176 pp., cloth, price Is. 6d. The Pocket Dictionary of One Thousand Christian Names (Masculine and Feminine) : with their Meanings Explained and Arranged in Four different Ways for ready Reference. With a Historical Introduction.
Seite 8 - A very delightful volume for Sunday reading, the devotional character of the hymns giving an especial charm to the work. The historical information will be proved full of interest to young Churchmen, and young ladies especially will find the work to be one well adapted to inform the mind and gladden the^ heart.
Seite 8 - The work shows very plainly that much care and judgment has been used in its compilation ..... The intrinsic worth of its contents and their lasting usefulness admirably adapt it for a present. The eight engravings have been chosen so as to give examples of the highest samples of sacred art.
Seite 19 - The book is compiled with great care, and will serve the purpose for which it is designed We may add that it contains a good deal of information which will be useful to students who have no wish to be numbered amongst verse-makers. " —Pall Mall Gazette. " A dainty little book on English verse-making. The Dictionary of Rhymes will be found one of the most complete and practical in our language.
Seite 19 - A Practical Guide to English Versification, with a Compendious Dictionary of Rhymes, an Examination of Classical Measures, and Comments upon Burlesque and Comic Verse, Vers de Socie'te', and Song Writing. By TOM HOOD. A new and enlarged edition, to which are added Bysshe's "RULES FOR MAKING ENGLISH VERSE,
Seite 17 - ALRASCHID. THE STORY OF BABA ABDALLA. THE STORY OF COGIA HASSAN ALHABBAL. ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES. "The print is good, there is a profusion of good illustrations, and the volume may be thoroughly recommended as well supplying an acknowledged want of a selection of the most familiar of the stories from the ' Arabian Nights,' in a form lit for childish reading."— '"A capital arrangement of some of the 'Arabian Night
Seite 19 - Scotsman. Crown 8vo., cloth extra, bevelled boards, price 7s. 6d. The Manuale Clericorum : A Guide for the Reverent and Decent Celebration of Divine Service, the Holy Sacrament, and other Offices, according to the Rites. Ceremonies, and Ancient Use of the United Church of England and Ireland. Abridged from the

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