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THE following Letters from Europe begin, abruptly, at Paris. It was the Author's original intention to have given his Countrymen an opportunity of beholding the rival Empires of France and England, as they appear to an American Eye: but finding his principles canvassed, with suspicion, by the wakeful prejudices of Party (which he is rather disposed to allay than to foment) he now offers to the Public that Part only of his European Tour, to which political objections cannot so readily apply. Should it meet with a favourable reception, he may yet be induced to prepare for the Press his Letters from England and France—those interesting Countries which, however frequently described by European Travellers, have never yet been depicted by an American Tourist.

LETTER III. p. 41.

Advantages of a Public TablePedestrian Ramble –Castle of

Hapsburg-Bridge of WettingenTomb at Hindelbanck-
BerneState of Society-CriminalsBearsView of the
Alps-Mount Jura-Neufchatel-Moutiers Travers--
Rousseau— Isand of St. Pierre-Benighted Walk-Lake
of Thun_Village of UnterseenLake of Brientz-Night
VoyageMountain Village-Valley of HassliCanton of
Schweitz --Lake of the Four Cantons- Model of Switzer-
land-Tell's Chapel-Lake of Zug-Zurich.

LETTER IV. p. 66.

Schweitz-Lake of the Four Cantons-Republic of Gerisau

—Tells Chapel-Altdorf-William Tell-Ascent of St.
Gothard-Wasen-SchoellenenThe Devil's Bridge-Ge-
neral Suwarrow-Valley of Urseren_View of the Gri-
sons-Tavetch_Even-Song-Female Devotion-Hospice of
St. Gothard-Zig-Zag descent--Airolo-The Val Le-
vantina-BellinzonaThe Lago Maggiore-Borromean
Islands-Milan-The Cathedral-Te Deum.

LETTER V. p. 100.

Switzerland-Supposed Ascent-General View-Lakes-Val-

leys-Mountains-Crags-Sources of the Rhine, the Rhone,
and the PoOrigin of Swiss Freedom--Battle of Morgar-
ten-Alliance of Uri, Schweitz, and Underwalden— Acces-
sion of the Ten other Cantons-Revolution of 1798—Com-


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