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And Old Brown,

Osawatomie Brown, Came homeward in the morning - to

find his house burned down.

Would so pursue its footsteps,- 50

return it blow for blow

That Old Brown,

Osawatomie Brown, Should be a name to swear by, in

backwoods or in town!

Then he grasped his trusty rifle, and

boldly fought for Freedom; Smote from border unto border the

fierce, invading band; And he and his brave boys vowed

so might Heaven help and

speed 'em! They would save those grand old

prairies from the curse that blights the land;

And Old Brown,

Osawatomie Brown, Said, “ Boys, the Lord will aid us!”

and he shoved his ramrod down.

Then his beard became more griz

zled, and his will blue eye

grew wilder, And more sharply curved his

hawk's-nose, sutiing battle

from afar; And he and the two boys left, though

the Kansas strife waxed mild

er, Grew more sullen, till was over the

bloody Border War,

And Old Brown,

Osawatomic Brown, Had gone crazy, as they reckoned by

his fearful glare and frown.

And the Lord lidl aid these men; and

they labored day and even, Saving Kansas from its peril,

and their very lives seemed

charmed; Till the ruiians killed one son, in

the blessed light of Heaven In cold blood the fellows slew him, as he journeyed all unarmed;

Then Old Brown,

Osawatomie Brown, Shed not a tear, but shut his teeth,

and frowned a terrible frown!

Then they seized another brave boy,

- not amid the heat of battle, But in peace, behind his plough

share, — and they loaded him

with chains, And withi pikes, before their horses,

even as they goad their cattle, Drove him, cruelly, for their sport,

and at last blew out his brains;

Then Old Brown,

Osawatomie Brown, Raised his right hand up to Heaven,

calling Heaven's vengeance down.

So he left the plains of Kansas and

their bitter woes behind him, Slipt off into Virginia, where the

statesmen all are born, Hired a farm by Harper's Ferry, and

no one knew where to find

him, Or whether he'd turned parson, or

was jacketed and shorn;

For Old Brown,

Osawatomie Brown, Mad as he was, knew texts enough

to wear a parson's gown. He bought no ploughs and hartows,

spades and shorels, or such

trifles; But quietly to his rancho there

came, by every train, Boxes ful of pikes and pistols, and

his well-beloved Sharpe's ri

fles; And eighteen other madmen joined

their leader there again.

Says Old Brown,

Osawatomie Brown, “ Boys, we've got an army large

enough to march and whip the town!

And he swore a fearful oath, by the

name of the Almighty, He would hunt this ravening evil

that had scathed and torn him

SO;He would seize it by the vitals; he

would crush it day and night; he

“ Take the town, and seize the mus

kets, free the negroes, and then

arm them; Carry the County and the State,

ay, and all the potent South;

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