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" THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SPEAKER” is intended to supply a selection of pieces of various character for school recitation, and so to save trouble in searching for passages suitable for this purpose. It does not pretend to be a complete collection of such passages.

The pieces selected are of various lengths. Many of them will probably be found to require compression. The compiler thought it better to leave this to those who use the book than to err in the direction of too much brevity.

His thanks are due to many friends who have helped him with advice; especially to the Master of Trinity, and to his Eton friends and colleagues, Mr F. Tarver, the Rev. E. D. Stone, and Mr L. Rice Byrne; to Mr H. W. Eve, Mr F. W. Storr, Canon Evans, Dr M‘Dowell, Mr Charles Lacaita, and others; and to the Headmaster of Eton, who has put into his hands the list of Speeches in Upper School' since 1885. He wishes also to thank Mr Robert Bridges, Mr E. E. Bowen, Mr W. J. Courthope, Mr Henry Newbolt, and Mr Rudyard Kipling, for the permission to insert poems written by them; and Messrs Macmillan and Messrs Methuen, who have kindly allowed the insertion of copyright works.

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