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BARBOUR, James, his address to the Cadets at West CHEROKEE ROSE, on its culture in Maryland, 28.

Point, 158. Ditto to the Albemarle Agricultural So- CHESTNUTS, on planting, 149.

ciety, 289,


ADAMS, President, his address to Lafayette, 214. BARTON, W. B. describes Brooking's threshing machine, CHINESE Agriculture, 377.
ADDRESSES, Extracts from Roberts Vaux's, 20-Do. from 60. On deep ploughing, and other agricultural topicks, CIDER, on making good, 157. On niaking and presery-

Gov. Cole's, 122— Thomas Spalding's to the U. A. So 99. Addresses Society of the Valley, 111. Reports ing, 205.
ciety of Georgia, 185-James Barbour to the Ag. Soo,

on various farms, 300. On the use of cob meal, 332. CLAY, Burned, theory of its operation by Dr. Muse, 234.
of Albemarle, 289—Dr. J. E. Muse to the Dorchester BEES. To keep off the bee miller, 167. Remedy against CLEVELAND Bays, their arrival at Boston, 152.
Ag. Soc. 313—Dr. W. Darlington to the Penn. Ag. the worm, 261. juiry concerning, 382.

CLINTON. De Witt, on rail roads and canals, 413.
Soc. 346.

BLACK WATER AND BLOODY WATER of lambs, CLOVER, red, introduction of, in Pennsylvania, 20. Lay

ADONIS, the flower so called, on its culture. &c. 197.


from a wheat crop, 49.

AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES, Proceedings of. Albe- BLINDNESS in sheep, 201.

COBBETT, J. P. on the culture of grapes and making
marle, scheme of premiums for 1825, 42, sketch of BLOOD, the disease so called, in sheep, ib. -The quanti wine in France, 5.
their first exhibition, 284, address delivered to by the ty of in animals, 167.

COB-MEAL, for feeding cattle, 281, 299, 306, 353.

Hon. James Barbour, Secretary of War and President BORÍNG for water, communication on by J. Trimble, 101. COFFIN, Admiral Sir Isaac presents a Cleveland bay

of the Society, 289-Dorchester county, MD, deter Letter on, to the Editor, from the Mayor of Alexan horse and mare to the Massachusetts Agr. Soc. 52.

mine to bare a Cattle Show, 167, premiums offered dria, 350.

COGSWELL & BANCROFT, sketch of their school sys-

and distributed, Nov. 1825, 236. Addressed by Dr. J. BOSLEY, James, imports grape seed from Madeira, 6.

tem, 253.

E. Muze, 313-Frederick county, Md. list of pre- BOTANY, Catechism of, 110, 117, 125, 133.

COCKE, J. H. on the white flint wheat and the peach

mniums offered by, for Angust, 1825, 71, 204.-Frede. BRANDY, capacity of this country to produce it, 329.

wasp, 109,

ricksburg, election of officers, and other proceedings, BRIGHTON Cattle Shows, official account of in Oct. 25. COOKERY, on cooking fish, 213. To make broths and
283.--Hartford, Conn.sketch of their Cattle Show, Oct. 266, 274, 282.

soups, 229, 245. Roasting, 270. Broiling and frying,
1825, 282.- Maryland; proceedings of Trustees at BROTHS and Soups, how to make, 229.

278. Stewing and boiling, 286.

Eutaw, March 16, 1825, 8. At Mr. J.B. Morris's, April BUCKWHEAT, on ploughing it in, 49.

COLES, Governor, extracts from his address, 122.

14. 1825. 40. At Dis. Thomas's, 71. At Waverly and BL RR, D. I. on packing cotton, with a cut of a machine for COLUMELLA on sheep, 324, 388.

Hazlewood, 175. At H. V. Somerville's, 288. At Lex- that use, 229.

COMBUSTION, spontaneous remarkable case of, 251.

ington, 311. At Mr. Cox's, 350.-Maryland Ag. Soc. BURNET, 179.

COMMERCE of Great Britain, France, and the United

for the E, S, resolve to have a Cattle Show at Easton in BUEL, Judge J. elected a member of the Horticultural

States, 352.

the autumn of 1825, and premiums offered by, 221,

Society of London, 36. Letter to W.B. Barton, Esq.on

CONVENTION for Internal Improvement, proceedings of

Account of its Cattle Show at the Maryland Tavern in

turnips. On the project of an agricultural school. On

in Baltimore, 311, 317.

June, 89. Committee of award premiums for best

the advantages of an experimental farm, &c. 83. An COTTON, on the culture of by Theo. Field, 1. Seed for

Essay on the Mule to S. W. Pomeroy, and for best on account of his successful system of farming on light

distribution, 8. Machine for cleaning seed, 2. Trade

the Vx to T. P. Stapler, 109. Appoint judges to lands, 321. On the management of plum and morello

in at Manchester, 48. Manufactures, duties on, 58.

award premiums for Farms, 191. Publish their list cherry trees, 339. Scientific memoranda connected On the culture of in Virginia, 65, 117. Inquiries con-

of premiums for distribution at the Maryland l'avern with agriculture, communicated by, 349, 378, 387, 395.

cerning, by F. H. Smith, 139. Memoir on the cul-

in June, 1826, 343.-Massachusetts; official account of

ture of,i 61. Mode of packing in South Carolina, 181.

their Cattle Show in Oct. 1825, 266, 274, 282.-Penn.

Extraordinary increase in the trade in Great Britain,

sylvania; met April 9, and receive communications on

191. Remarks on recent speculations in, by Amphi-

various agricultural subjects, 35. Premiums offered

con, 203, Seed of, poisonous to hogs, 196. New in-

by, 240. Sketch of their Cattle Show in Oct. 1825, CATTLE; match between Herefords and Improved Short vention for planting, 220. How to pack 229. Damage

251. Official account of it, 265. Hold their quarterly Horns at Tredegar in England, 4. Remarks on Inu of Sea Island crops, 251 Patent press, 277. How

meeting, elect honorary members, and receive certain proved Short Horns, by Dr. James Mease, 27. Cheap seed of, used in feeding hogs, 278. Culture of, in Vir.

communications, 298. Addressed by Dr. W. Darling method of fattening, 84. Remarks on, by Col. J. H. ginia, 299-in Maryland and Virginia, 308, 316. Match

ton, 346. Papers communicated to on Sheep, 361. Powel, in answer to Col. Pickering, 74, 105. On im in picking, 338. Machines for planting, with cuts,

On night soil, 362. On sheep and improvement of do provmg the native breed of in New England, by Col. 364. On planting, 387. Press, (Williams',) with a

mestic animals, 369.-Philadelphia; Address, extracts Pickering, 81, 97, 107, 113. Devon, account of by cut, 395. For sail cloth or cordage, report from Navy

frora by Roberts Yaux, and certain communications W. Hurlburt. Disease of supposed to be hoof ail, Department, 415.

made to, 20, 27. Ditto, 139. Communicatiou to re cure for, 157, 180. Various diseases incident to, 187, Cow, Alderney, remarkable one of H. Thompson's, 203.

specting the culture of silk worms, by R. Vaux, 181. 194, 195, 2vi. On the improvement of the breed by Her Alderney blood contested, 211.

Election of its officers and papers read to, 363.-Union importation, from the Mass. Ag. Rep. 193. Descrip COWS, rules for keeping, 141. Extraordinary ones, 354.

Ag. Soc. of Georgia; elect Officers and receive report tion of various breeds, 194. On improvement of by COWSLIP, history and culture of, 255.

from the Board of Managers, 41. Addressed by importation, 202. On stocking a farm with, 209. CRANBERRIES, 368, 413.

Thomas Spalding, 185.- Valley; elect officers and Expense of raising as compared with sheep and Horses, CURWEN, ou Agricola's Teeswater steer, 12. Contests

pass sundry resolutions, Feb. 5, 1825, 12.

235. Importation of Southdown sheep, by J. H. Powo the blood of H. Thompson's cow, 211, 238. On sheep,

AGRICULTURE, address on the utility and dignity of, by el, 288. Cline on the form of, 324. On the impor in reply to Columella, 409.
Dr. Muse, 313.-Of the Chinese, 277.

tance of as a source of national wealth, by J. H. Powel, CUSTIS, G, W. P. on banking with a spadle and on wooden
ALLIGA TOR' in N. Carolina, anecdotes of, 183,

331. Experiments in fattening various breeds, 354. soaled shoes, 51. Essays on sheep husbandry, 73, 82,
ALDERNEY COW, great weight of, Mr. H. Thompson's Cattle, sheep, and swine, weight of not accurately 98, 108, 114. ! ,123
203. Further Remarks on by Mr. Thompson, 220. ascertained, 403. Gall or scower in them, 217.

CUTS-one of a machine for cleaning cotton, 2. Line-
ANEMONE, the flower, its history and culture, 239, CALVES, extraordinary case of, 44. On the manage kilus, 9. Of the horse, with prize essay, 17. Alode of
APPLE BUTTER, how to make, 287.

ment of, 52. Diseases of, 201.

constructing rail-ways, 31. Of Park's hand-mill, 61.

ARRACACHA of S. America, notice of, 188.

CANCER, cure for, 415.

Of the ox in harness, 76. Of R, K. Meade's bara

ASHES CLAY, the value of 68, 373, 387.
CANDLES, how to save, 94.

vard, 100. Of mode of shoeing horses in France, 140.
CAROLINÁS, natural and cultivated productions of 166, Of principles of road-making, 146. Of implements for
183, 190.

tilling coiton, 161. One for picking cotton, 181. One


of cotton press, 277. One of J. Patterson's steam ap-

CAULIFLOWERS, how to cultivate and manage

paratus, 211. Of cotton screw, 229. Of locomotive

BANKS OF RIVERS, to save from washing, 75.

CHAMPION, Charles, takes the prize with Miss Points at steam engine, 45.

BARBOUR, James and Pailip certify to Brooking's Tredegar show, 4. His sale of Cattle, 121.

CUTWORV, to prevent its ravages, 299.

threshing machine, 60.

CHEAT, change of wheat to, 182,


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