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the aim of your discipline should be to produce a self-governing being, not to produce a being to be governed by others. Were your children fated to pass their lives as slaves, you could not too much accustom them to slavery during their childhood; but, as they are by and by to be free men, with no one to control their daily conduct, you can not too much accustom them to self-control while they are still under your eye.



7. Carefully note the following phrases. Make similar lists of your own, gathered from your reading and observa


kingly virtues

dazzling contrasts
barren phraseology
consummate prudence
legendary valor
teeming millions
triumphant victory
timid mediocrity
bloated epicure
unutterable forces
extreme rarity

unmasked pretension
youthful buoyancy
luminous insight

unfailing tact

matured skill

capacious understanding
lawless violence
searching sunlight
copious fountain

sun-baked hills

implacable fervor

enlightened judgment
touching fidelity
abundant recognition

laborious indolence

violet valley

panic terror

impregnable stronghold
unreasoning felicity
noble zeal

riotous vegetation
tacit assumption

unwearied enthusiasm
throbbing personality
utterly relentless
predestinated criminals
pitiless persecution
sublime achievement
fundamental principle
immeasurable power
unbending strength
twilight glimmerings

kindled imagination
softening influences
glorious iconoclasts
momentous crisis
trembling solicitude
inviolable justice
innocent stratagem

8. Note three special words each day in your reading or in the conversation of others, and employ them in your speech that day. Keep a record of such words for frequent review. If this practise is faithfully carried out your vocabulary will be surprizingly increased in a short time.

9. Write in your note-book, daily, at least seven words from the following lists, in the order given. Then after each word write a sentence illustrating its idiomatic use. Afterward compare with your dictionary.


Essence, subjectiveness, pith, principle, quintessence, incarnation, soul.

Circumstance, phase, attitude, occasion, situation, juncture, place. Contrary, opposed, antithetical, contrasted, conflicting, hostile, antipodean.

Agreement, accordance, unison, harmony, conformity, consonance, concord.

Equality, parity, balance, poise, evenness, symmetry, level. Greatness, magnitude, immensity, enormity, infinity, largeness, might.

Vast, towering, stupendous, prodigious, astonishing, incredible, marvelous.

Supreme, paramount, preeminent, crowning, inimitable, superlative, incomparable.

Increase, exalt, strengthen, intensify, raise, augment, enlarge. Disperse, scatter, dispel, apportion, sow, disseminate, spread. Infinite, exhaustless, incomprehensible, perpetual, measureless, incalculable, boundless.

Continual, endless, interminable, unceasing, eternal, incessant, uninterrupted.

Previous, prior, preceding, antecedent, former, aforesaid, foregoing.

Venerable, superannuated, decrepit, antiquated, declining, patriarchal, waning.

Capricious, desultory, fitful, uncertain, whimsical, unsteady, spasmodic.

Variation, modification, change, alteration, permutation, qualification, deviation.

Fluctuate, waver, vacillate, oscillate, vary, flutter, scruple.
Power, strength, energy, force, virility, vitality, vigor.
Powerful, robust, potent, hardy, puissant, mighty, sturdy.
Calm, cool, tranquillize, assuage, appease, compose, palliate.


Extent, expanse, scope, range, latitude, compass, field. Diminish, compress, dwarf, circumscribe, contract, condense, lessen.

Proximity, nearness, propinquity, vicinity, adjacency, contiguity, neighborhood.

Abridge, curtail, shorten, reduce, abbreviate, prune, epitomize. Height, eminence, elevation, altitude, loftiness, pitch, sublimity. Encompass, surround, enclose, circumvent, gird, beset, encircle. Rotund, round, cylindrical, spherical, bulbous, circular, complete. Smooth, polished, slippery, velvety, lubricous, glabrous, glossy. Velocity, swiftness, speed, expedition, celerity, rapidity, ac


Gentle, easy, leisurely, imperceptible, gradual, deliberate, slow. Discursive, devious, vagrant, circuitous, rambling, erratic, desultory.

Entrance, introgression, intrusion, incursive, invasion, admission,


Expansion, enlargement, increase, augmentation, amplification, swell, inflation.

Emaciated, lean, gaunt, lanky, skinny, starved, meager.

Symmetry, shapeliness, finish, beauty, proportion, uniformity, regularity.

Involved, intricate, complicated, labyrinthine, winding, convoluted, twisted.

Protuberance, swelling, projection, protrusion, bulge, convexity, prominence.

Pointed, conical, tapering, pyramidal, sharp, keen, acute.

Propel, throw, pitch, project, fling, cast, toss.

Tremulous, shambling, convulsive, restless, agitated, shaking, unquiet.


Subtile, weightless, ethereal, sublimated, volatile, buoyant, floating.

Congeal, coagulate, crystallize, petrify, solidify, consolidate, fix. Flexible, supple, pliant, limber, plastic, tractable, malleable. Powdery, granular, mealy, impalpable, efflorescent, sabulous, flocculent.

Ferment, effervesce, bubble, gurgle, foam, froth, boil.

Oily, unctuous, sebaceous, greasy, saponaceous, fatty, slippery. Agreeable, refreshing, comforting, cordial, genial, palatable,


Heat, caloric, fervor, warmth, incandescence, glow, hectic. Pungent, strong, sharp, stinging, biting, acrimonious, peppery. Fragrant, aromatic, spicy, balmy, scented, redolent, perfumed. Inaudible, stifled, low, dull, muffled, hoarse, husky.

Scream, screech, shriek, yell, roar, shout, halloo.

Melodious, musical, tuneful, sweet, dulcet, mellifluous, euphonious.

Luminous, vivid, lucid, lambent, lustrous, scintillant, bright. Turbid, muddy, obfuscated, cloudy, thick, fuliginous, muggy. Behold, discern, perceive, descry, distinguish, recognize, see. Visible, palpable, perceptible,, discernible, apparent, obvious, plain.

Variegated, kaleidoscope, iridescent, opalescent, prismatic, diversified, tesselated.

Black, swarthy, sable, somber, dark, jetty, ebon.
Silence, stillness, peace, hush, lull, muteness, soundless.


Conception, thought, apprehension, perception, impression, idea, notion.

Alertness, vigilance, attention, prudence, forethought, precaution, watchfulness.

Discrimination, distinction, nicety, differentiation, distinguishing, estimation, discernment.

Reasonable, credible, probable, plausible, presumable, ostensible, likely.

Absolute, positive, definite, unequivocal, unmistakable, decisive, clear.

Sophistry, perversion, casuistry, equivocation, evasion, chicanery, speciousness.

Refute, disprove, invalidate, demolish, rebut, parry, expose. Belief, credence, assurance, faith, confidence, dependence, credit. Incredulous, supsicious, scrupulous, distrustful, skeptical, inconvincible, unbelieving.

Dissent, demur, differ, protest, repudiate, contradict, disagree. Exact, definite, precise, literal, unerring, rigid, scrupulous.

Twaddle, jargon, moonshine, vagary, fustian, stuff, tomfoolery. Acumen, subtlety, perspicacity, sagacity, acuteness, comprehension, intelligence.

Foolish, unwise, ridiculous, stupid, asinine, irrational, injudicious. Madness, delirium, frenzy, lunacy, aberration, delusion, hallucination.

Portend, signify, augur, typify, presage, herald, foreshadow. Conjecture, surmise, suspect, suppose, presume, divine, speculate. Fabulous, legendary, chimerical, fantastical, imaginary, mythological, visionary.

Unreasonable, inconsistent, untenable, fallacious. groundless, illogical, invalid.

Ambiguous, equivocal, vague, indefinite, questionable, doubtful, dubious.


Persevering, unfaltering, industrious, persisting, unflinching, strenuous, unwavering.

Tergiversation, recantation, retraction, withdrawal, disavowal, renunciation, defection.

Attraction, allurement, enticement, cajolery, inducement, temptation, fascination.

Adequacy, abundance, copiousness, amplitude, profusion, luxuriance, plentitude.

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