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up, and their revenues vested, for a few years, in trustees, to be employed under the direction of the Executive Government, for the maintenance of the Clergy of every branch of the Christian Religion, while the Roman Catholic Clergy received maintenance according to the pleasure of their own Government-would there not be an end to all well-grounded fear of Foreign influence? There are many parishes in Ireland, in which the inhabitants are almost all Catholics ; yet the owner of the advowson is obliged to present a Clergyman of the Church of England.

Would it not be equitable, that the incumbent on such a benefice should be obliged to contribute to the payment of Ministers for Catholics and Dissenters? I am well aware that the Clergy of the Church of England will be indignant at such a proposal ; but its adoption would be beneficial to my Country.

I will go one step further. I think it highly probable that, ere long, å plan, soméwhat of this nature, will be adopted in the British Empire; particularly in Ireland. It is already established in France. A Civil War is ready to break out in Spain, between the King and the Clergy on one side, and the Army and the Cortes on the other. Should the latter be successful, much of the Church property would probably be confiscated ; and the Ministers of the Church in Spain, in the same manner as those in France, would receive their payments from Government. When such a Revolution has taken place in France and Spain, is it probable, that the Clergy of the Church of England would be allowed to retain that political power which they now possess ? It may be said, that they are always readily subservient to the immediate views of the Crown. This may be true: but a more equitable distribution of emoluments would be beneficial to the Crown, and could scarcely be disapproved of by any one.

Seven hundred livings, in the King's gift, are left at the disposition of the Lord Chancellor. Five hundred of these are said to yield very small emoluments to their several incumbents. If six of the most opulent Bishroprics were not filled up, as they severally became vacant, and their incomes, for a certain term of years, vested in trustees for the purpose of creating a fund, to be employed under the King's direction, in augmenting the emoluments of the incumbents of these benefices, could any man complain of this ? When the Bishoprics of Winchester and Durham become vacant, they will be disposed of by the Crown, either to serve the views of a Minister, or to gratify some Court favourite. Would not the infuence of the Crown be more increased, and the interests of the Country more advanced, by the augmentation of small benefices in the gift of the Crown, in the manner I have suggested ?


On the Consequences likely to result from the

Establishment of the United States of

These States form a Federative Republic. They have neither King, nor Nobility, nor Established Church. The English language, and the English love of Liberty, prevail through the whole confederacy. The facility with which landed property may be acquired, and brought into cultivation, gives to the inhabitants a disposition to migrate ; a propensity which will much facilitate the extension of agriculture, and the rapid population of the Country.

On the Sea Coast, the active spirit of the people leads them to Commerce, and the Fisheries; and when compelled to

become a Military State, they have shown the most courageous exertions.

exertions. It is visible, that they are capable of presenting themselves as a formidable Naval Power. Great Britain, France, and Spain, are the only naval powers of much consideration now in Europe; and even the most formidable of these I mean Great Britain would find it difficult to carry on a Naval War with the United States of America. It is true, Great Britain, at present, possesses on that Continent, one Naval Port and Arsenal : viz. Halifax. If deprived of this, Great Britain would find it extremely difficult to carry on a Naval War on the Coast of America; and British America could not long be defended, except' at an expense which could not be borne.

The United States of America may now be considered as holding a high rank in the intercourse between themselves and the several States of Europe. The facility of acquiring landed property naturally leads the people to apply themselves to Agriculture, rather than to Manufacturés ; and

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