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Mr David Bridges, Treasurer. 18. Sunday being the anniversary of the Duke of Buccleugh's birth, the fame was obferved on Monday at Dalkeith, when the inhabitants vied with each other in celebrating, with every expreffion of gratitude and joy, the day kept for the birthday of a nobleman univerfally efteemed, but whofe benevolence, hofpitality, and other amiable qualities, endear him in a very particular manner to the town and neighbourhood of Dalkeith. The different trades, as ufual, paraded the ftreets with their refpective colours flying and attended by bands of mufic. At the Palace the company was brilliant and numerous. His Grace the Duke of Montague, the Countefs of Pembroke, Lord and Lady Herbert, the Ladies of Lothian, Lord Ancrum, the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, Treasurer of the Navy, &c. &c. In the Park, a grand difplay of fire-works was exhibited for the entertainment of the spectators.

24. The following gentlemen were chofen Merchant aud Trades Counsellors for the year enfuing, viz,

Meff Neil Macvicar, James Carfrae, Adam Keir, Merchant Counsellors.

Andrew Wood, Surgeon, John Milne, Founder, Trades Counsellors. Marriages.

Charles Drummond, Efq. of St James's Square, to Mifs Frances Lockwood of Portman Square.

De Hydrope Anafarca.

De Pertuff.

De Diabete.

De Tuenda Nautarum Sanitate.

Charles Cameron, Esq. banker in Lone don, to Lady Margaret Hay, fifter to the Earl of Errol.

Charles Stirling, Efq. of the Royal Navy, fon to Sir Walter Stirling, Bart. to Mifs Grote of Blackheath,

Col. H. St George, to Mifs Mariane Callender of Craigforth.

In St Peters, London, Lord Maza. "rene, who was fo long confined in the Baltile, to the Lady, for the third time, who accompanied him during his con finement.

The Rev. Mr. James Mylne of Paisley, to Mrs Hamilton of Kilpatrick.

Capt. Hugh L. Carmichael, 67th Regt. to Mifs Katharine Ferral of Dublin.

Thomas Barstow, Efq; of Leeds, to Mifs Mitchelfon, co-heirefs of the late Mr Samuel Mitchelfon clerk to his Ma jefty's Signet.

The Hon. Colonel Lennox prefumptiye heir to the Duke of Richmond, to Lady Charlotte Gordon, eldest daughter of the Duke of Gordon. Births. The Countess of Glasgow of a fon and


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At his houfe in Fifefhire, Capt. William Miller of the 43d regt. of foot.

The Marquis Carracciolo, Prime Minifter to the King of Naples; a noble man whofe talents and integrity have been univerfally approved of.

At Hatton, the Right Hon. James Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale, Viscount Maitland, Lord Thirleftane, Muffelburgh and Bolton, Heritable Royal Standard bearer of Scotland, Baronet of Nova Scotia, and formerly Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff of the county of Edinburgh, and one of the Lords of Police. -His Lordfhip was the eldeft of eight fons of Charles fixth Earl of Lauderdale, by the Lady Elizabeth Ogilvie, daughter of James Earl of Findlater and Seafield, the laft Chancellor of Scotland. He was born in the year 1718, fucceeded his father in 1744, was one of the fixteen reprefentatives of the Scottish Peerage in the tenth, eleventh, and fifteenth Parliaments of Great Britain. He ferved early in the army, and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel. In 1749, he married Mary Turner Lombe, of the county of Kent.

His Lordfhip is fucceeded in honours and eftates by his eldest fon James Vifcount Maitland, Member for Malmbury. -The Maitlands are a very ancient family in Scotland-Sir Richard Maitland was a confiderable Baron and great favourite of Alexander III. Six of this noble family have been Senators of the College of Juftice. Sir William Maitland of Lethington was Secretary to Queen Mary, and intrufted with her most important affairs. His fon rofe to be Lord High Chancellor of Scotland, and was dignified with the honour of Peerage

by the title of Lord Thirleftane. The next Lord was created Earl of Lauderdale, and was Lord Prefident of the Council. His fon followed the fortune of Charles I. and II. and was nine years confined in the Tower of London'; on the Refloration, he was created Duke of Lauderdale and a Peer of England, and enjoyed many high offices of State. The late Lord's father was Prefident of the Court of Police and General of the Mint. The family have poffeffed the lands of Thirleftane, in Lauderdale, about 600 years.

Peter Delme, Efq. M. P. for Morpeth, and brother-in-law to the Earl of Carlifle

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Mrs Skay, wife of David Skäy merchant in Edinburgh.


Valentine Morris, Esq; late Governor of St Vincents.

Captain Philip Welsh of the Royal Navy.

The Duchefs of St Albans, of a cancer in her breast. Her Grace was daugh ter to the prefent Earl of Besborough, was born 1742 and married in 1763.

Near Dunkeld, Mr John Steuart, aged 89: a few years ago, on a wager, this gentleman walked from thence to London, being 450 miles in four days and fix hours, 18 hours lefs time than was allowed him.

Charlotte Countess of Dyfart, without fue; her Ladyfhip was daughter of the late Sir Edward Walpole, K. B. and fifter to the Duchefs of Gloucester; the title of Dyfart was conferred on a branch of the Murrays of Tullybardine, and went from them by a female into the Tellomache family, and who afterwards married the Duke of Lauderdale, but by whom he had no iffue.

George Cuthburt, Efq; Member of the Affeably in Jamaica, and late Provost Martial.

Nicholas Allan Blake, Efq; Meffenger to the Honourable House of Afferably in that island.

Mrs Drummond of Hawthornden. The Rev. Mr James Monro, at Cromerty.

Samuel Ellis, Efq, ftockbroker, by a fall from his horse.

Mifs Beckford, daughter of the late Alderman Beckford, of a cancer in her breast.

Alex. Fordyce late Banker in London, whofe failure in 1772 brought irreparable misfortunes on many families, in that memorable year.

Mr James Boyd, many years a reputable Inn-keeper in Canongage.

His Excellency Peter Langlois, Governor of Antwerp, and Commander in Chief of Anterior Auftria.

John Callender, Efq; of Craigforth, Advocate; this gentleman's ancestors acquired his eftate by a droll mistake: being Ferrier to King James VI. in Scotland, he made out his account in Scots money, agreeable to practice, which being fent to England, an order was made to pay it in Sterling money; which he according ly received, and with which the family eftate, enjoyed to this day, was bought.

Alex. Udny, Efq; of Udny, Advocate, and late a Commiffioner of Excife in Scotland.

At Cairnbrock, John Rofs, Efq; aged ninety-four.

The Lady of Captain Lockhart of the Royal Navy, and fifter to Sir John Henderfon of Fordell.

Mrs Craigie of Glendoick, and fifter to Sir John Clerk of Pennycuick, Bt. The celebrated Silas Deane.

At Barikimming, the Right Hon. Sir Thomas Millar of Glenlee, Bart. Lord Prefident of the Court of Seffion. His Lordihip early in life was chofen Principal Clerk to the city of Glasgow, which he held until he was made a Judge; he was appointed Solicitor General in 1759 on Lord Alemour's promotion to the Bench, and fucceeded the late Prefident Dundas in 1760 as King's Advocate. The following year he was elected member of Parliament for the borough of Dumfries, &c. In 1766 he fncceeded Lord Minto as Lord Juftice Clerk, and in 1788 was promoted to the President's Chair on the death of Prefident Dundas, and honoured with the title of Baronet by his Majefty. He is fucceeded in title and eftate by his only fon, now Sir William Millar of Glenlee, Bart. Advocate

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