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XXVII. Attorneys upon opposite sides, in each case, will be required, upon request, to interchange briefs.

XXVIII. Points not made in some of the briefs by counsel, will be considered as waived in the suit in which the briefs are filed, and may be treated by the Court accordingly.

XXIX. The volume containing any case cited in a brief, must be placed within the reach of the Court; or the opinion in the case, or such part of it as is relied on, must be accurately copied, with the statement of the facts on which it is based, and so much of the context a, forms a qualification of or exception to it.

XXX. In every bill of exceptions, purporting to set out the evidence, upon motion for a new trial overruled, the words “this was all the evidence given in the cause," are to be regarded as technical, and indispensable to repel the presumption of other evidence.

It is ordered that this rule operate on all causes tried in the Circuit Courts and Courts of Common Pleas after June 1, 1853.

(ADOPTED NOVEMBER TERM, A. D. 1853.] XXXI. Causes may be submitted without a brief during the sitting of the Court, at the Supreme Court room, in the State House; but every such submission will be set aside at the costs of the party making it, where a printed brief is not filed in the cause by the submitting party within 60 days from the date of submission.

XXXII. Prosecuting attorneys will not be required to file printed briefs in cases wherein they appear as such for the defendant.

(ADOPTED NOVEMBER TERM, A. D. 1854.] XXXIII. All cases submitted under the rule giving leave to file a brief in 60 days shall stand dismissed, if the brief is not filed with the clerk within that time.

XXXIV. On the call of the docket at each tcrm, every cause filed one year prior to the first day of such term and not submitted, shall be dismissed at the cost of the party bringing the case up, unless upon such call the cause be submitted on printed brief.

XXXV. The 31st Rule allowing causes to be submitted with leave to file brief in 60 days, is hereby modified so as to apply only to causes filed within 30 days prior to the firet day of the term; and all causes filed more than 30 days before the first day of term can be submitted only on printed brief filed at the time of submission under the 25th Rule.

XXXVI. Causes submitted under the sixty-day Rule shall not be distributed to the judge till after the 60 days expire.

XXXVII. After submission the papers shall not be permitted to pass out of the hands of the judge to whom they are allotted; but either party may have a copy of the record, or any part of it, from the clerk, upon the payment of proper fees.

XXXVIII.-The 13th Rule is rescinded; and the clerk is directed to keep the records; to permit inspection of them in his office; or, on payment of proper fees, to furnish copies.




Bembridge et al. v. Stoddard,

587 Benton v. Shreeve et al.,

66 Abbott et al. v. Smith,... 452 Bepley v. The State,.

264 Adams, Barker v.... 574 Best v. Ellsworth,.

261 Adamson, Hunt v.... 108 | Birt, Louden v.

566 Adams, Smith v..... 577 Blachley et al., Goodwin V....

438 Allen, Watson v.....

537 Bland et al., Perry et al. v...... 297 Alsop, The State v... 141 Bledsoe, Beckett v.......

256 American Live Stock Insurance Co., Ju. Blythe v. The State,....

525 dah v..

333 Board of Commissioners, &c. Woollen v. 331 Ash, Wortman V...

74 Board of Trustees of the Co. Seminary

of Tippecanoe Co. v. Lockwood,.... 580

Board of Trustees of W. and E. Canal,
The State, v.....

495 Bohan, Love v.

235 Babbitt v. Doe d. Brush et al.,.. 355

Bowers v. Headen,.

318 Babcock, Sunman v......


Boyle et al., The State V......... 573, 607 Bacon et al. v. Denny et al.,.

Braden, Burton v.....

539 Bailey, Hunt et al. v.....

Bradley v. Bearss et al.,.

186 Bailey v. Ricketts et al.,...

Bragg v. Cason,...

632 Bainúm v. Small, 49 Brannenburgh, Little v...

35 Baker, Orr v...

Bricker v. Hughes,

146 Baker v. Railsback,

Brown, Doe d. Harlan et al. v.

143 Bancroft et al., Hubbs et al. v..

Brown v. Brown,....

627 Bankus et al. v. The State,.

Brown, Wright et al. v..

95 Baramore v. The State, . 524 Brutton v. The State,.

601, 602 Barbour et al., Duncan et al. v..... 562

Bryant, The State v.

622 Barbour et al , Owsley et al. V.... 584, 585 Buell et al., Ellsworth v..

555 Bargis v. The State,

Burgess, The State v...

606 Barker v. Adams,.. 574 Burnett v. Coffin,..

218 Barkhurst, Travis v. 171 Burns v. Kerr.....

267 Barkwell v. The State,. 179 Burton v. Braden,.

539 Barnes v. Doe d. Pelton, 132 Burton v. Cochran et al.,

289 Bass, Davis et al. v.. 313 Burton v. McGregor et al.,

550 Bearss et al., Bradley v. 186 Bush v. Seaton et al.,.

522 Beatty et al., Stanley v... 134 Butterfield, Cooper v...

423 Beatty v. Gates,..

154 Beers, Peet v..


C. Beckett v. Bledsoe,

256 Carlisle et al. v. Gaskill et al.,. ....... 219


Carlisle et al. v. Ramsey,
242 Doe d. Pelton, Barnes v.

132 Carothers et ux. v. Little et al.,. 571 Doe d. Pidgeon v. Richards,

374 Carter v. Spencer, 78 Doe d. Studebaker, Markley V......

262 Case et ux. v. Wildridge et al.,

51 Doe d. Wentworth et al. v. Goodwin,.. 508 Case v. Green,.. 526 Donohue, Strange et al. v....

327 Cason, Bragg v.......... 632 Downey v. Day,..

531 Cavins, Jones v....

305 Druley, Stevenson et ux. V..., Centreville, &c., Turnpike Co. v. Jar Duncan et al. v. Barbour et al.,.. 562 rett et al., 213 Dunlap v. Jones,

641 Chauncey et al., Ireland v... 224 | Dunn, The State v.....

280 Cheek et al., The State V...... 543 Dunn v. The State,.

529 Chester, Maggart v..... 124 Durham v. Hudson,...

501 Clark et al., The State v. .315, 318 Clark et ux. v. McDonald et al.,. 617

E. Clark v. The State, . .156, 268 Eastes v. Daubenspeck,..

617 Clifford et al. v. Smith, 377 Edmonds, Weed et al. v..

468 Clifton v. Shannon,.. 498 Egbert, Palmer, V.....

65 Coale et al., Reed et al. v. 283 Egbert v. The State,.

399 Cochran et al., Burton v.. 209 Ellis et al. v. 'l he State et al.,

1 Coe v. Smith,.... 79 Ellis v. Hubbard,..

206 Coffin, Burnett v...... 218 Ellsworth, Best v....

261 Coffyn, Kitchen et ux. v. 504 Ellsworth v. Buell et al.,

555 Coleman et al., Verden v. 457 Elmer, McLane et al. v..

239 Comparet et al. v. Randall,.

Emrie, Conwell v..

209 Cones v. Vanosdol, 248 Ennis v. Vantrees,.

341 Conway v. The State,. 94 Ewell, Sherry v.

652 Conwell et al. v. Smith,..

359 Conwell v. Emrie,.


F. Cook v. Noble,......

221 454

Fairman v. Farmer et al.,... Cooley v. Harper,..



Farmer et al., Fairman v.. Coonley v. Tracy et al.,. 137

622 Cooper v. Butterfield,.

423 Fimple, The State v....
Fisher v. The State,.

409 290 Cooper v. McJunkin,,

90 Corwin v. Reddington et al.,

198 Folsom, Hooker et al. v.. Coult, Malin v......

204 535

Forbes v. Tiffany et al., Cox et al. v. O'Riley et al.,

442 368 Foster et ux., Philbrick v.

614 Cravens v. Kiser,.


Foster v. Mabes,.. Crutz v. The State,..


Gardner v. The State,......


Gaskill et al., Carlisle et al. v... 219 Daubenspeck, Eastes v.... 617 Gates, Beatty v,

154 Davis et al. v. Stonestreet, 101 Gillum v. Dennis,..

417 Davis, The State Bank v..

653 Goodwin, Doe d. Wentworth et al. v... 508 Davis v. Bass et al.,. 313 Goodwin v. Blachley et al.,....

438 Dawley v. The State,. 128 Graham v. Doe d. McDonald,

615 Day, Downey v.. 531 Green, Case v....

526 Degant, Snyder v..


H. Demoss, The State v...

189 Dennis, Gillum v... 417 | Hall et al., Nash et al. V.....

444 Denny et al., Bacon et al. v.. 617 Hall, Henline v.

189 Detro v. The State,..

200 Halliday et al., The Terre Haute DrawDevelin v. Riggsbee, 464 bridge Co. v..

36 Dickerson v, Nelson et al... ,160, 280 Hand et al. v. Taylor,

409 Dils, Oungst v.: 545 Hannah v. Henderson,

174 Dinwiddie et al., Hood et al. y... 294 Harbor v. Morgan,..

158 Divine v. The State, 240 Hare v. The State,..

241 Dodd, Priddy v... 84 Harper, Cooley v...,

454 Doe d. Brush et al., Babbitt v.... 355 Harper, Rankin v..

585 Doe d. Dunn et al., Hearick et al. v.... 164 Harper v. Neal,.

479 Doe d. Harlan et al. v. Brown, 143 Harris v. Stanton,.

120 Doe d. McDonald, Graham V.......... 615 Hartman v. Kendall et ux.,..

403 Doe d. Murphy et al. v. Hayes et al.,.. 117 Hawkins, The White Water, &c., Canal Doe d. Pearson, Montgomery et al. v... 266

Co. v.


Co. V.....


Hayes et al., Doe d. Murphy et al. v.... 117

L. Headen, Bowers V......


Neilson et al. v......

607 Hearick et al. v. Doe d. Dunn et al. 164


Lane et al., The State v. Helton, Ross v. 273

149 Henderson, Hannah v.... 174 Laney et al., Laney ...........

149 Henline v. Hall,...

Laney v. Laney et al.,...

189 Hetfield, Swift et al. V.... 623 Langsdale, The Madison, &c., Railroad

197 Hill v. The State,...... 112

194 Holtzclaw v. The State,..

597 Lanning, Lawrence v..
Law et al. v. Smith et al.,

56 Hood et al. v. Dinwiddie et al., 294

194 Hooker et al. v. Folsom,.....

Lawrence v. Lanning,
Laws et al., Starr v.....

192 Hooks v. York et al.,....

Leach v. Leach,.

628 Hotchkiss et al. v. Jones, 260

580 Houston v. Houston,....

Ledley v. The State,.
Lemon v, The State,.

603 Howard et al., Rogers et al. v..

325 Hoyt, Reece v.... 169 Lewadag v. The State,

611 Hubbard, Ellis v...


Lewark, The Shelbyville, &c., Railroad
Co. V...

471 Hubbs et al. v. Bancroft et al., 388


Lewis, Hunt v.. Hudson, Durham V.... 501


Lines et al., The State v..
Hughes, Bricker v.

Little et al., Carothers et ux. V....

571 Hughes v. McClelland et al.,.

Little v. Brannenburgh,..

35 Hull v. Kirkpatrick, 637

.554, 572

Lockstand, The State v.. Humphries, Keck v..


Lockwood, The Board of Trustees of Humphries, Sibert v...

481 Hunt et al. v. Bailey,


the Co. Seminary of Tippecanoe Co. v. 580 Hunt v. Adamson,.


Lostutter, The Madison Insurance Co. v. 558
Louden v. Birt,...

566 Hunt v. Lewis,...

Louderback v. Rosengrant,

563 Hurley, The State v...

Loveland et al. v. Jones,.

184 Hussey v. McGilpin,

Love v. Bohan,

235 I.

Lynch, The Shelbyville, &c., Railroad
Co. V..

494 Ireland v. Chauncey et al.,........... 224 J.


4 Mabes, Foster v... 560

61 Jackson v. The State,.. Jamison v. Jarrett,.


Macy et al., The State Bank et al. v.

Madison Insurance Co. v. Lostutter,... 558 Jarboe v. Kepler,

177 Jarrett et al., The Centreville, &c., Turn

Madison, &c., Railroad Co. v. Langs

dale, pike Co. V..... 213

124 Jarrett, Jamison v.

Maggart v. Chester,
Maize v. The State,..

342 Jelly v. Stevens,

510 Jones, Dunlap.v..

591 Major et al. v. McLester, 641 Malin v. Coult,...

535 Jones, Hotchkiss et al. V..... 260

262 Jones, Loveland et al. V..........

Markley v. Doe d. Studebaker,
Marshall, Miley V......

211 Jones v, Cavins,......

Mason, Kelley v......

618 Judah v. The American Live-Stock In

Maxwell, Rogers V..

243 surance Co......

McCarty et al. v. Pruett,.

McClelland et al., Hughes v.

92 McCoskry et al., Rush v...

588 Keck v. Humphries,.

492 McDonald et al., Clark et ux. V... 617 Keefer v. The State,. 246 McDonald et al., Graham V....

615 Kelley v. Mason, 618 McDonald et al., Worthington v.......

483 Kendall et ux., Hartman v. 403 McGilpin, Hussey V......

593 Kepler, Jarboe v.

177 McGinley, The State v.... Kerr, Burns v. 267 McGregor et al., Burton V...

55) Kiger, The State v........: 621 McJunkin, Cooper V... .

290 Kimball, The Unknown Heirs of Whit McLane et al. v. Elmer,...

239 ney v.... 546 McLester, Major et al. v.....

591 Kingsbury et al. v. Vance,..

178 | McManus, the Rushville, &c., Railroad Kirkpatrick, Hull v..... 637 Co. y..

275 Kiser, Cravens v.... 512 Miles, The State v...

577 Kitchen et ux. v. Coffyo,.. 504 Miley v. Marshall,..

211 Krutz v. The State,.... 647 Mitchel v. Whitcomb,.




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