The King of the Golden River, Or, The Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria

Ginn & Company, 1896 - 53 Seiten

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Seite 43 - When he got up in the morning, there was no bread in the house, nor any money : so Gluck went and hired himself to another goldsmith, and he worked so hard, and so neatly, and so long every day, that he soon got money enough together to pay his brother's fine, and he went and gave it all to Schwartz, and Schwartz got out of prison. Then Schwartz was quite pleased, and said he should have some of the gold of the river.
Seite 15 - Round he went to the door, and opened it ; and as the little gentleman walked in, there came a gust of wind through the house, that made the old chimneys totter. " That's a good boy," said the little gentleman. " Never mind your brothers. I'll talk to them." "Pray, sir, don't do any such thing,
Seite 10 - ... who beheld it, and was commonly called the Treasure Valley. The whole of this little valley belonged to three brothers, called Schwartz, Hans, and Gluck. Schwartz and Hans, the two elder brothers, were very ugly men, with overhanging eyebrows and small dull eyes, which were always half shut, so that you couldn't see into them, and always fancied they saw very far into you.
Seite 51 - have you really been so cruel?" "Cruel!" said the dwarf, "they poured unholy water into my stream : do you suppose I'm going to allow that?" "Why," said Gluck, "I am sure, sir— your Majesty, I mean— they got the water out of the church font." "Very probably,
Seite 34 - In the morning, however, the steadiness with which he adhered to his story obtained him some degree of credence; the immediate consequence of which was, that the two brothers, .after wrangling a long time on the knotty question, which of them should try his fortune first, drew their swords, and began fighting. The noise of the fray alarmed the neighbors, who, finding they could not pacify the combatants, sent for the constable.
Seite 37 - ... along the angular crags, and pierced, in long level rays, through their fringes of spear-like pine. Far above, shot up red splintered masses of castellated rock, jagged and shivered into myriads of fantastic forms, with here and there a streak of sunlit snow, traced down their chasms like a line of...
Seite 52 - So saying, the dwarf stooped and plucked a lily that grew at his feet. On its white leaves there hung three drops of clear dew. And the dwarf shook them into the flask which Gluck held in his hand. "Cast these into the river," he said, "and descend on the other side of the mountains into the Treasure Valley, and so good speed.
Seite 47 - Gluck found that Schwartz did not come back, he was very sorry, and did not know what to do. He had no money, and was obliged to go and hire himself again to the goldsmith, who worked him very hard, and gave him very little money. So, after a month or two, Gluck grew tired, and made up his mind to go and try his fortune with the Golden River. " The little king looked very kind,
Seite 29 - ... furnace, but out of the pot. He uncovered it, and ran back in a great fright, for the pot was certainly singing! He stood in the farthest corner of the room, with his hands up and his mouth open, for a minute or two, when the singing stopped, and the voice became clear and pronunciativc. " Hollo !" said the voice. Gluck made no answer. " Hollo! Gluck, my boy,
Seite 23 - Pray Heaven it may!" said Schwartz, shuddering. And the foam globe disappeared. Dawn came at last and the two brothers looked out of Gluck's little window in the morning. The Treasure Valley was one mass of ruin and desolation. The...

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