Transactions of the [1st]- Annual Reunion of the Oregon Pioneer Association ... [1873]-19, Band 10;Band 23;Band 35


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Seite 150 - In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.
Seite 112 - We, the people of Oregon Territory, for purposes of mutual protection, and to secure peace and prosperity among ourselves, agree to adopt the following laws and regulations until such time as the United States of America extend their jurisdiction over us.
Seite 114 - The property and pecuniary rights of every married woman, at the time of marriage, or afterwards, acquired by gift, devise, or inheritance, shall not be subject to the debts or contracts of the husband, and laws shall be passed providing for the registration of the wife's separate property.
Seite 137 - That the Constitution and all the laws of the United States which are not locally inapplicable, shall have the same force and effect within the said Territory of Nebraska as elsewhere within the United States...
Seite 144 - Resolved,—That it be recommended that there be a committee of seven elected for the purpose of drafting a constitution and code of laws for the government of the settlements south of the Columbia river...
Seite 64 - JAN. 20. — Cool and dry. Soldiers are collecting here from every part of Oregon to go and fight the Indians in middle Oregon in consequence of the massacre at Whitman's mission. I think there were!
Seite 152 - Minnesota; and the laws of the United States are hereby extended over and declared to be in force in said territory, so far as the same, or any provision thereof, may be applicable.
Seite 101 - ... measures to secure the execution of all laws affecting Indian trade and the intercourse of white men and Indians. We have thus briefly shown that the security of our persons and our property, the hopes and destinies of our children, are involved in the objects of our petition. We do not presume to suggest the manner in which the country should be occupied by the government, nor the extent to which our settlement should be encouraged. We confide in the wisdom of our national legislators ; and...
Seite 63 - We started this ..lorning at sunrise and did not get to camp until after dark, and there was not one dry thread on one of us — not even my babe.
Seite 151 - ... are hereby, authorized and required to continue to exercise and perform the duties of their respective offices as officers of the territory of...

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