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primo, adv. at first, in the beginning procul, adv. far off, far away, far. primum, adv. first, for the first time, at procul esse, be far away. first.

pro-cumbõ, -ere, -cubui, -cubitum, primus, -a, -um, first. prima via, the fall, sink.

first part of the way. primi anni, procus, -1, m. suitor. youth. primi vidistis amantēs, ye | prod-eð, -ire, -ii, -itum, come forth, aplovers were the first to see. primus

pear. hērēs, nearest heir.

prodigus, -a, -um, wasteful, prodigal, princeps, -cipis, adj. [capiỏ] first, chief.

extravagant. sanguinis et animae Subst. ruler, leader, chief.

prodige, wasteful of blood and life principium, -I, n. beginning. prin (Gallus committed suicide). cipio, first.

prõditio, -ōnis, f. treachery, treason. prior, prius, adj. Comp. sooner, earlier ; former : first (of two). prior vēni, pro-do, -dere, -didī, -ditum, [dě] bring I came first.

forth, produce, show ; disclose ; betray ;

abandon, desert, leave in the lurch. priscus, -a, -um, of venerable antiquity, ancient, old-time, of the olden time, for

| pro-dūcă, -ere, -dūxi, -ductum, lead mer, pristine.

forth, bring forth; ignēs ad flammās

producera, make the fire blaze. sēmen prius, adv. Comp. sooner, earlier, before.

in aristās producit, makes ears of prius-quam, before.

grain out of the seed. virum prodūcet, 1. pro, prep. with Abl. before ; for, in de

will entice the man. fense of, in behalf of : for, in return for ;

proelium, -I, n. battle, fight, contest. instead of, in comparison with. pro corpore māgnus, large in comparison

profānõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, desecrate. with the body. üsum pro munere, profecto, adv. certainly, surely, truly, inloan, not a gift.

deed. 2. pro, interj. 0.

pro-ferð, -ferre, -tuli, -lātum, bring proavus, -1, m. great-grandfather, ances

forth; stretch out, extend; raise, lift up. tor. Pl. forefathers, ancestors.

pro-ficio, -ficere, -fēcī, -fectum, [facið] probitās, -ātis, f. honesty, fidelity.

accomplish, effect. non proficientia,

accomplishing nothing, ineffectual. probõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, (probus] test,

profugus, -a, -um, fleeing, ready for prove ; approve, approve of, praise.

flight; exiled, banished. Subst. profictum probāvit crimen, furnished evi

fugus, exile. dence in support of the trumped-up charge. probor esse, I am proved to

| profundus, -a, -um, deep. Subst. probe. mē probat, esteems me.

fundum, -1, n. the deep, the sea. summo

profundo, on the top of the sea. pro-cēdõ, -ere, -cēssi, -cēssum, go forward, advance.

prõgeniēs, -ēi, f. offspring, progeny, de

scendant, son, child. procella, -ae, f. storm. procellosus, -a, -um, stormy, storm

Prognē = Procnē. bringing.

pro-hibe>, -ēre, -uí, -itum, hold off, keep

off" ; hinder, prevent. quo prohibenprocerēs, -um, m. chiefs, leaders, princes.

tur, from which they are shut out, where Procnē, -ēs, f. Procne, daughter of the they are not admitted. Attic king Pandion and wife of Tereus.

prõ-icio, -icere, -iēcí, -iectum, cast forth, She and her sister Philomela were turned

throw away; banish. into the swallow and the nightingale for

prolēs, is, f. offspring ; child, son, taking vengeance on the wicked Tereus by slaying Itys, the son of Procne and

daughter. Tereus. According to another account

Promēthīdēs, -ae, m. son of Prometheus, it was the mother of Itys that was i.e. Deucalion. changed into the nightingale.

| prð-mittă, -ere, -misi, -missum, promise. promissum, -i, n, that which has been pro-sum, prodesse, profui, avail, be of promised; promise.

advantage, be useful, help. prodesse 1. promptus, -a, -um, (prāmõ] ready, at in causam, be of advantage in the case. hand promptum est, it is easy. prő-tegõ, -ere, -tēxi, -tēctum, cover, promptior ad arma, readier to take up

protect. arms.

protervus, -a, -um, violent, boisterous 2. promptus, -ūs, m. readiness.



in (venti); bold, impudent. promptū est, it is easy.

Proteus, -ei, m. Proteus, a sea-god who pronepās, -ātis, m. great-grandchild. had the power of assuming various

shapes. prõnus, -a, -um, inclined, descending,

protinus, adv. straightway, immediately. sloping downward, precipitous (via); inclined, ready : fat, flat on one's face.

pro-veniĎ, -venire, -vēni, -ventum, prõnus humi, flat on the ground.

come forth, spring up, arise, appear. propāgõ, -inis, f. shoot (of a vine); off

provincia, -ae, f. province. spring, descendant, son.

proximitās, -ātis, f. nearness ; nearness prope, 1. adv. neur, almost. 2. prep. with

of kin, kinship. Acc. near.

proximus, -a, -um, [prope) nearest, next, properð, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, hasten.

very near. properātus, hasty, too early, untimely, prudēns, -entis, adj. prudent, cautious, premature (fāta, death), quickly acquired

wise. (gloria).

prūdentia, -ae, f. prudence, wisdom, cunPropertius, -i, m. Propertius, a famous

ning. Roman elegiac poet (49–15 B.c.) some pruina, -ae, f. frost, dew. what older than Ovid.

pruinosus, -a, -um, frosty, dewy. propinquus, -a, -um, near, neighboring,

prūnum, -I, n. plum. close.

Prytanis, -is, m. Prytanis, a Lycian, propior, -us, adj. Comp. [prope] nearer. slain by Ulysses. pro-põnõ, -ere, -posui, -positum, set up psittacus, -i, m. parrot. as a prize (arma); propose, purpose, in

| pūblicus, -a -um, public, common, of all, tend.

of the state. ad pūblica commoda, propositum, -i, n. intention, purpose, to the advantage of all.

plan. propositum premit, clings to his plan.

| pudet, -ēre, -uit, cause shame.

pudet, I am ashamed. propter, prep. with Acc. near; on account

pudicus, -a, -um, modest, virtuous.

pudor, -āris, m. sense of shame, shame, prora, -ae, f. prow, bow (forepart of a ship).

modesty ; disgrace, shame. pudore prorae tütola, the officer of the prow.

posito, without shame. digna pudore, Prõreus, -ei, m. Proreus, a sailor.

shameful deeds. Personified, Pudor, pro-sequor, -sequi, -secātus sum, ac Modesty. company, attend, escort.

puella, -ae, f. [puer] girl, maiden ; young Proserpina, -ae, f. Proserpina (Perseph woman. one), daughter of Ceres, carried off by

puellāris, -e, of a girl, girlish. Pluto.

puer, -eri, m. boy, youth. pro-spectõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, look forth upon, look out at (pontum).

puerīlis, -e, of a boy, boyish, youthful. pro-spicið, -spicere, -spexi, -spectum,

pūgna, -ae, f. fight, battle. look out, look forward to, look forward | pūgnāx, -ācis, adj. fond of fighting, warat (occāsūs); examine; see, behold.

like. Subst. fighter. pro-stituð, -uere, -uí, -ūtum, prostitute pūgno, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, fight, contend. (vācem).

| pūgnus, -i, m. fist.


pulcher, -chra, -chrum, beautiful, fine ; | quālis, -e, of what sort, such as. tālis noble, honorable (vulnera).

-quālis, suchas. pullus, -a, -um, dark.

quāliscumque, quālecumque, adj. of pulsõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, (pellõ] strike whatever sort, no matter how insignifiviolently, strike, beat.


quam, adv. how much, how, as ; after pulverulentus, -a, -um, dusty.

comparatives, than. quam primum, pulvinus, -1, m. cushion, pillow.

as soon as possible. quam-tam, aspulvis, -eris, m. dust.

80 (as), while-yet. pūniceus, -a, -um, Punic, Phoenician : quamlibet, adv. however much, however. reddish, red, purple.

quamlibet exiguus, however smali. pūnicus, -a, -um, Punic, Phoenician ; quamquam, conj. with Indic. or (later) purple, purple-red.

Subjv. although. puppis, -is, f. stern (of a ship); ship. quamvis, adv. however much ; conj. with purpura, -ae, f. purple.

Subjv. or (later) Indic. although. purpureus, -a, -um, of purple, purple : quando, adv. interrog. when ? indef. ever. red, rosy.

quandocumque, adv. rel. whenever. pūrus, -a, -um, pure, clean ; sincere. quantus, -a, -um, how great, how large, putõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, think, believe,

how much ; as great as, how, as. suppose.

quanto, by how much, how. quantus

erat, wholly. Correlative: tantus. Pyladēs, -ae, m. Pylades, true friend of Orestes.

quā-rē, adv. on which account, wherefore;

why. Pylius, -a, -um, Pylian, of Pylus, a city

in Elis, the home of Nestor, the aged | quartus, -a, -um, Jourth.

warrior. Also = of the Pylian, of Nestor. quasi, adv. as if. Pylus, -1, f. Pylus, a city in Elis, home of quassõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, (quatið] shake Nestor.

violently, shake, shatler. pyra, -ae, f. funeral pyre.

quassus, -a, -um, [quatið] shattered, Pyramus, -1, m. Pyramus, a Babylonian

broken. youth.

quater, adv. four times. Pyrois, -entis, m. Pyrois, one of the Sun's quatio, quatere, quassum, shake. steeds.

quattuor, four. pyrõpus, -i, m. pyropus, a gold-bronze -que, conj. and, but, or. -que ...-que, mixture which sparkled like fire.

both...and. Pyrrha, -ae, f. Pyrrha, daughter of the querāla, -ae, f. complaint, lamentation,

Titan Epimetheus and wife of Deucalion. mourning. Pyrrhus, -i, m. Pyrrhus (also called Neo queror, queri, questus sum, complain, ptolemus), son of Achilles.

lament, mourn; dulce queruntur avēs, the birds make sweet complaint, sing

touching songs. quā, adv. by which way, where; as far | 1. qui, quae, quod, pron. rel. who, which,

as. quā cava sunt, on the inside. I what, that. quacumque, adv. by whatever way, 2. qui, quae, quod, adj. interrog. and wherever ; however far.

quis, quid, pron, interrog. who? which ? quādriiugi, -ōrum, m. team of four

what? what sort of ? quid, why? (horses).

3. qui, quae and qua, quod, and quis, quadrupēs, -pedis, adj. four - footed. qua, quid, indef. adj. and pron. any,

Subst. quadruped, especially, horse. any one. quaerð, -ere, quaesīvi, quaesitum, seek, | 4. qui, adv. how. search, look for; ask.

I quia, conj. because.

quicumque, quaecumque, quodcumque, quocumque, adv. whithersoever, to whatwhoever, whichever, whatever. qui-| ever place, wherever. cumque habitātis, leones, all ye lions quod, conj. because, that, the fact that. that dwell.

quodsi, conj. but if. quidam, quaedam, quoddam and quid

quolibet, to whatever place you please, dam, a certain, some.

wherever you please. quidem, adv. indeed, of course.

quondam, adv. once, formerly ; in comquidem, not even.

parisons, sometimes. quiēs, -ētis, f. quiet, rest; sleep.

quoniam, conj. since, whereas. quiēscổ, -ere, quiēvi, rest; be silent.

quoque, adv. also, even. nunc quoque, quiētus, -a, -um, quiet, calm, peaceful,

even now. restful.

quot, how many ? as many. tot-quot, quilibet, quaelibet, quodlibet, any that

as many-as. you please, any.

quotiens, adv. 1. interrog. how often ? quin, 1. adv. nay. quin etiam, nay

2. rel. as often as. even. 2. conj. that not, but, from ; that.

quotus, -a, -um, what part of, what fracQuinquātrūs, -uum, f. the Quinquatrus, tion of, what. quota pars, what festivals of Minerva, the greater of which

part. was celebrated from March 19 to 23 in

clusive. quinque, five.

racēmifer, -fera, -ferum, cluster-bearing, quippe, conj. for.

clustering. Quirinus, -1, m. Quirinus, the deified racēmus, -1, m. cluster (of grapes). Romulus populus Quirini, i.e. the

radiš, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, beam, shine. Roman people.

| radius, -i, m. spoke (of a wheel) ; ray, 1. quis, quid, see 2. qui or 3. qui.

beam, sunbeam, (Pl.) crown of rays (of 2. quis = quibus (1. quí).

the Sun-god), halo. quisquam, quaequam, quicquam or rādix, -icis, f. root; radish,

quidquam, pron. indef. anyone, any- rādõ, -ere, rāsi, rāsum, shave, scrape, thing.

scratch, touch. quisque, quaeque, quidque and quod- rāmāle, -is, n. [rāmus] branch, twig ;

que, each, every ; each one, each thing. I Pl. brushwood. ut quaeque altissima, tellūs, the

rāmāsus, -a, -um, having (many) earth, according as each part was

branches, wide-spreading. highest, i.e. all the highest parts of the earth.

rāmus, -1, m. branch, bough, limb. quisquis, quicquid(quidquid), whoever,

rapāx, -ācis, adj. [rapið] plundering, whatever. quicquid mortāle creā

greedy, destructive. mur, all of us mortal creatures.

rapidus, -a, -um, [rapio] carrying off ;

eager for prey, greedy ; burning, conquivis, quaevis, quodvis and quidvis,

suming, devouring, destructive (flamany you please, anyone you please, any

ma); swift, rapid. thing you please.

rapina, -ae, f. plundering, pillage, rapine ; quo, 1. pron. rel. (Abl.) by how much; with

carrying off, abduction. comparatives, the- Used as a conj.,

rapið, -ere, rapui, raptum, carry off, abespecially with comparatives, to intro

duct; seize, plunder. duce clauses of Design, that the, in order that the, that, in order that. 2. pron.

raptě, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, (rapið] carry interrog. (with accusative force), to what

off', drag away, abduct. place, whither, where? 3. pron. rel. to raptor, -öris, m. robber, abductor. which place, whither, where.

raptum, -1, n. [rapiõ] robbery, plunder.

rāro, ady, seldom, rarely.

| red-igỗ, -igere, -égi, - ctum, [agõ]
rārus, -a, -um, thin, far apart, rare : sel-drive back, bring back ; reduce.

dom. rārus pecten, wide-toothed rake. reditus, -ūs, m. [redeõ] return, return-
rästrum, -1, n. rake, matlock, toothed hoe. ing, going home.
ratio, -ōnis, f. calculation, consideration;

red-oleě, -olēre, -olui, be fragrant, be

redolent of.
reason, understanding, cleverness; way,
manner, method. quā ratione, in

| re-dacă, -ere, -duxi, -ductum, bring
what way?

back, lead back.
ratis, -is, f. raft; craft, boat, ship.

| redux, reducis, adj. returned, at home

ratus, -a, -um, [reor] fired, certain, true,
reliable, ratified, verified.

re-ferð, -ferre, rettuli, relātum, bring

back, carry back ; bring back word, re-
raucus, -a, -um, hoarse, harsh, rough,

late. sē referre, withdraw, retreat.

pedem referre, step back, retreat.
rebellis, -is, masc. adj. rebellious.

rēfert, rēferre, rētulit, it concerns, re-
rec-cidõ, -ere, reccidi, [cadõ] fall back, gards, is of importance. non rēfert,
return, fall.

it makes no difference.
re-cēdõ, -ere, -cēssi, -cēssum, go back, refertus, -a, -um, stuffed, filled full.
withdraw', recede, retire.

re-ficið, -ficere, -fēci, -fectum, [facið]
recēns, -entis, adj. recent, fresh, new,

make again, restore.

refugus, -a, -um, fleeing, receding.
receptus, -ūs, m. [recipið] retreat.

rēgia, -ae, f. royal palace, palace.
receptüs canere, give the signal for

regimen, -inis, n. guidance; rudder (of a

re-cingõ, -ere, -cinxi, -cinctum, ungird,
unfasten, loosen.

rēgina, -ae, f. queen.
re-cipið, -cipere, -cēpī, -ceptum, [capið]

regio, -ōnis, f. region, district, land ;
take back, obtain again, recover ; re-

ceive. sē recipere, withdraw, retreat. rēgius, -a, -um, royal, regal, kingly, of

the king.
recitổ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, recite, read

rēgnő, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, rule, reign.
re-condõ, -ere, -condidi, -conditum, put

rēgnum, -1, n. rule, reign, power, might ;
away, hide away, hide deep.

kingdom, province.
recordor, -ārī, -ātus sum, recall, recollect.

rego, -ere, rēxi, rēctum, direct, guide ;

rule, regulate.
rēctē, adv. rightly, well.

re-lābor, -lābi, -lāpsus sum, glide back,
rēctor, -āris, m. guide, manager; driver' ;

sink back; return.
helmsman, pilot ; ruler.

re-laxõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, open, loosen,
rēctum, -1, n. right, uprightness, honesty,

push back (claustra).

relēgātus, -í, m. one sent away, dismissed,
rēctus, -a, -um, straight; right, upright,

a privileged exile. Relēgātio was a
honest, just.

modified form of banishment, leaving the
recurvus, -a, -um, bending backward, accused in possession of his property and

curved, crooked. aera recurva, i.e. civil rights.

re-legð, -ere, -lēgi, -lēctum, read again,
recūsõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, refuse ; object, || reread.
struggle against; deny (bona).

re-levo, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, make light,
red-do, -ere, reddidi, redditum, [að] | lighten; quench, satisfy (famem); mem-
give back, return; restore ; give up;

bra relevāre, refresh one's self, rest.
give, bestow, offer, assign.

relictus, see relinquo.
red-eõ, -ire, -ií, -itum, return, come back. I re-linquố, -linquere, -liqui, -lictum,

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