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ad-sterno, -sternere, —, adstrātum, aeger, -gra, -grum, sick, weak ; sorrowcast one's self down before.

ful. ad-sto, -stāre, -stiti, stand by, be present. Aegéus, -es, m. Aegeus, father of The

seus. adstrātus, -a, -um, see ad-sterno. adstrictus, -a, -um, partic. adj. [ad

Aegyptius, -a, -um, Egyptian. . stringõ] congealed, frozen.

| aelinon (aidivov), the refrain of a Grecian

folk-song of sorrowful character, woe (to ad-string>, -stringere, -strinxi, -stric

me)! alas ! tum, bind, fasten together, solidify : congeal, freeze.

aemulus, -i, m. rival, competitor. ad-struð, -struere, -struxi, -structum, Aeneadēs, -ae, m. descendant of Aeneas,

build to, add to, acquire in addition to. especially Julius Caecar. ad-suēscổ, -suēscere, -suðvi, -suētum, Aendās, -ae, m. Aeneas, son of Venus accustom one's self, become accustomed,

and Anchises. He was a Trojan, and be accustomed.

after the destruction of his native city adsuētūdě, -inis, f. custom ; familiarity.

he settled in Italy. His voyages and ad

ventures are related by Vergil. adsuētus, -a, -um, partic. adj. [adsuēscă]

Aenēius, -a, -um, of Aeneas. Aenēia accustomed, customary, usual.

arma = Vergil's Aeneid, of which Aeneas ad-sum, -esse, -fui, be present, be at hand ;

was the hero and which begins with the come; help, assist; be in (annis): tanta

words: arma virumque cano. simplicitās adfuit puerilibus annis, on account of her youth she was so simple.

aõneus, -a, -um, of bronze or copper,

brazen. (Lūcifer) adfuit, was present, shone.

aðnum, -1, n. bronze kettle. adulter, -eri, m. adulterer.

aēnus, -a, -um, of bronze or copper, aduncus, -a, -um, curved, crooked.

brazen. ad-ūrõ, -ürere, -ūs8L -ūstum, burn, singe,

| Aeolidēs, -ae, m. descendant of the Thesdestroy with heat or cold.

salian king Aeolus, especially his son adūstus, -a, -um, partic. adj. [adūrõ]

Sisyphus. burnt.

Aeolius, -a, -um, Aeolian, of Aeolus, ad-vehỏ, -vehere, -vexi, -vectum, bring

| ruler of the Winds. to. Passive: arrive at, come to.

Aeolus, -i, m. Aeolus, the king of the advena, -ae, m. stranger.

Winds. adventus, -ūs, m. arrival, approach. aequālis, -e, equal, of equal size, of equal adversus, -a, -um, [advertă] turned to, age. Subst. one of equal age; comopposite, facing ; hostile.

panion, playmate. ad-vertõ, -vertere, -verti, -versum, turn aequố, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, equal, make to, direct towards.

even, make equal, level. solo aequāre. Aeacidos, -ae, m. descendant of Aeacus,

level to the ground. aequata (mēnsa), especially Achilles, the grandson of

made level. Aeacus.

aequor, -oris, n. [aequus) the level sea, the Aeacus, -í, m. Aeacus, son of Jupiter | sea.

and the nymph Aegina, father of Tela- aequoreus, -a, -um, of the sea, marine ; mon, Peleus, and Phocus. Acc. Aeacon. dwelling on the sea, island-dwelling aedēs (or aedis), -is, f. temple ; Pl. house, (Britanni). dwelling.

aequum, -I, n. level, equality; justice, Aeðta, -ae, m. Aeetes, King of Colchis, right. ex aequo, equally. amantior father of Medea.

aequi, fonder of justice. Aeétēs, -ae, see Aeēta.

aequus, -a, -um, even, just ; friendly, faAegaeon, -ōnis, m. Aegaeon, a hundred- vorable, propitious.

armed giant, represented as riding a āēr, -eris, m. [ảúp] air, atmosphère ; whale.

I breath (bücina concēpit). Acc. āera.

aeripēs, -pedis, adj. with feet of bronze, causam agere, plead a case ; celebrate bronze-footed.

| (triumphum); express (grātēs); keep aes, aeris, n. bronze, copper ; instrument |

of bronze (trumpet, table of laws, fish- agricola, -ae, m. [ager, colõ] farmer, hook); the bronze age.

husbandman. Aeson, -onis, m. Aeson, the father of Ja- āh (or ā), interj. ah! oh! alas ! son.

AI, [ai] marks on the flower hyacinthus, Aesonidēs. -ae, m. son of Aeson = Jason. interpreted as the interj. alas! (ai) and

also as the first letters of Aiax (Aias). Aesonius, -a, -um, of Aeson ; Aesonius

hērās, the heroic son of Aeson = Jason. | Āiāx, -ācis, m. Ajax: 1. Son of Telamon, aestās, -ātis, f. summer ; Aestās, Sum

King of Salamis. Of the brave besiegers

of Troy, this Ajax was second only to mer (personified), the goddess of summer.

Achilles. 2. Son of Oileus, King of Locris. aestuổ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, boil, glow ; burn

He, too, fought at Troy on the Grecian with love.

side. aestus, -ūs, m. heat, burning; warmth, aio, ait, say. summer.

āla, -ae, f. wing. aetās, -ātis, f. time, age, season, life.

| Alastor, -oris, m. Alastor, a Lycian, ally aeternus, -a, -um, everlasting, eternal. | of the Trojans, slain by Ulysses. in aeternum, forever.

albus, -a, -um, white. Aethalion, -ōnis, m. Aethalion, a sailor.

Alcander, -dri, m. Alcander, a Lycian, aethēr, -eris, m. [aionp] ether, air, upper | ally of the Trojans, slain by Ulysses. air, heavens, sky. aethēr is higher and

Alcimedon, -ontis, m. Alcimedon, a sailor. lighter than āēr.

āles, -itis, adj. [āla] winged. Subst. m. aetherius, -a, -um, of the sky, etherial,

and f. bird. heavenly, celestial.

Alexander, -dri, m. Alexander, the great Aethiops, -opis, m. Ethiopian.

King of Macedon, conqueror of Asia, Aethān, -ōnis, m. Aethon, one of the Sun-| founder of Alexandria in Egypt (Alegod's horses.

xandri urbs). Aetna, -ae, f. Aetna, volcanic mountain aliēnus, -a, -um, [alius] belonging to anin Sicily.

other, foreign, strange. Aetolius, -a, -um, Aetolian, from Aetolia, l alimentum, -i, n. (alo] nourishment, food.

an inland country of Greece. Aetolius hērās = Diomede.

ālipē3, -pedis, [āla, pēs] wing-footed,

swift. Aetālus, -a, -um = Aetolius.

aliqui, -qua, -quod, adj. pron. some, any. aevum, -i, n. time, lifetime, age, generation ; old age (aevõ solūtī); viridi ab

aliquis, -qua, -quid, subst. pron. some one, aevo, from early youth.

any one. est aliquid, it is sumething

(important). Āfrica, -ae, f. Africa.

aliter, adv. otherwise. ager, agrī, m. field, land ; country.

alius, -a, -ud, other, another, different. agitõ, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, [freq. of agă]

almus, -a, -um, [alõ] nourishing ; benefidrive ; shake, stir up; brandish (hastam).

cent, kind, propitious. āgmen. inis. n. lagől troon, swarm, alo, alere, alui, altum (or alitum). army. āgmen cogere, bring up the

nourish, support, raise. Passive : feed rear, close the file.

one's self (avibus). āgnosco, -noscere, -novi. -nitum, recog. Alphēias, -adis, f. Arethusa, the bride of nize.

the river-god Alpheus. agð, agere, ēgi, actum, set in motion, altāria, -ium, n. altar.

drive, lead ; do, act ; 'of time: pass ; altē, adv. high. Comp. altius, higher, too rīmās agere, form cracks, be split; 1 high.

alter, -era, -erum, the other, second. 2. Amor, -āris, m. Amor, Cupid, the god alter--alter, the one-the other. Gen. of love, the son of Venus. alterius.

amplector,-plecti,-plexus sum, embrace. altor, -õris, m. [alõ] foster-father.

| amplexus, -ūs, m. embrace. altum, -1, n. the deep, the sea.

| amplius, adv. comp. further, longer, more. altus, -a, -um, [alõ]: 1. high, elevated.

an, conj. 1. in the second part of a disaltissima via, the highest part of the

junctive question, direct or indirect, or. way. 2. deep, profound (silentia), The first part is usually introduced by alumnus, -i, m. [alõ] foster-son.

utrum or-ne, but these may be omitted. alveus, -i, m. bed (of a stream), channel.

2. in simple questions, or, whether. 3. afamāns, -antis, partic. adj. [am] fond,

ter expressions of doubt, whether. loving. Subst. m, and f. lover.

ancora, -ae, f. anchor. amārus, -a, -um, bitter (sūcus); fig.

| Andraemon, -onis, m. Andraemon, King bitter, painful, sad.

of Aetolia, father of 'Thoas, who fought

at Troy. amātor, -āris, m. [am/] lover. [ambāges], -is, f. [amb, agõ] going

Andromeda, -ae, f. Andromeda, an Ethi

opian princess who was rescued from a around by a circuitous route ; circumlo

sea-monster by Perseus. cution, evasion. falsī positīs ambāgibus oris, avoiding deceptive cir- anguis, -is, m. and f. 1. serpent, snake. cumlocutions. In Sing. used only in Abl.

2. the Dragon, a constellation in the

northern sky. ambiguus, -a, -um, ambiguous, doubtful.

angulus, -1, m. corner. (Proteus) of many forms, capable of assuming various shapes.

angustus, -a, -um, narrow, close. rēs ambitio, -ōnis, f. going around ; can

angustae, misfortune. vussing, soliciting votes or a favor.

anhēlitus, -ūs, m. breath, breathing, pant

ing. ambitiosus, -a, -um, begging, soliciting. ambitiösa fuit, used earnest entreaty.

anhelő, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, breathe, exhale, ambo, -ae, -ō, both.

emit. ambrosia, -ae, f. ambrosia, the food of

anhēlus, -a, -um, panting, out of breath. the immortals, eaten also by the Sun's anilis, -e, [anus] of an old woman, weak, horses.

feeble. amb-ūrð, -ūrere, -üssi, -ūstum, burn

anima, -ae, f. breath, life, soul ; Pl. espearound, scorch.

cially, souls of the dead, shades. āmēns, -entis, adj. [mēns] without sense,

animal, -ālis, n. animal. senseless, beside one's self, mad.

animosus, -a, -um, [auimus) spirited. āmentia, -ae, f. loss of senses, madness.

animus, -i, m. mind, spirit, soul, feeling, amica, -ae, f. friend, sweetheart, mis courage, anger. animis nostris (dē. tress.

trahe), from my mind. animum diamictus, -ūs, m. clothing, dress, veil. mittit, directs his mind, turns his 1. amicus, -i, m. friend.

attention. quid tibi animi foret, how

would you feel? animis minora, 2. amicus, -a, -um, friendly, kind, favor humbler than my wrath. animus able.

suādēbat, my feelings urged me, I felt ā-mittă, -mittere, -misi, -missum, lose. an impulse. amnis, -is, m. river, stream ; personified, annus, -i, m. year, time, time of life, life, River, River-god.

age. crēscentēs annos abstulit, amț, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, love.

carried her off in her youth. 1. amor, -āris, m. love, desire : Sing, and sānser, -eris, m. goose.

Pl. abstract for concrete love, loved one, ante: 1. adv. before, in place or time. darling : amūrēs, love-songs.

| antequam, before, sooner than. ante

(volat), ahead, in advance. 2. prep. apud, prep. with Acc. with, in the presence with Acc. before, in the presence of, in of. preference to. ante diem, before the aqua, -ae, f. water. time, prematurely.

aquilo, -ōnis, m. the north wind ; perante-eõ, -ire, -ii, -itum, go before ; sur sonified, North-wind, Boreas. pass, outrank. All forms in Ovid are to

aquosus, -a, -um, (aqua) watery, rainbe read with Synizesis, i.e. the e in ante

bringing. does not make a separate syllable.

āra, -ae, f. altar ; the Altar, a low conantemna, -ae, f. yard, sail-yard, to which

stellation in the southern sky. the sails were fastened.

arātor, -āris, m. [arõ] plowman, Antēnār, -oris, m. Antenor, a prominent Trojan, in favor of peace.

arātrum, -I, n. [arõ] plow.

Arātus, -i, m. Aratus, a Greek poet who Antilochus, -1, m. Antilochus, son of Nes

flourished about 270 B.C., famous as the tor, killed at Troy.

author of certain astronomical poems. Antinous, -i, m. Antinous, one of Pen

arbitrium, -I, n. judgment, decision ; will, elope's suitors.

power. antiquus, -a, -um, [ante] ancient,

arbor, -oris, f. tree. Iovis arbor, the former, old.

oak. Polias arbor = the ship Argo. antrum, -I, n. cave.

arboreus, -a, -um, of a tree, of trees. ānulus, -1, m. ring.

arbustum, -i, n. trees ; a group of trees, anus, -üs, f. old woman; as adj. old.

plantation, orchard. anxius, -a, -um, anxious, troubled.

arbuteus, -a, -um, of the arbutus or Aonius, -a, -um, Aonian, a poetic name strawberry-tree.

for Boeotian. The Aones were an ancient arbutus. -i, f. the arbutus, arbute-tree, Boeotian tribe. Aoniae Sorõrēs = the strawberry-tree : a small tree or shrub Muses, whose seat was Mount Helicon in

bearing fruit somewhat similar to the Boeotia.

strawberry. aper, apri, m. wild boar.

arcānum, -í, n. secret. aperið, -ire, aperui, apertum, open, dis- | arcānus, -a, -um, secret, mysterious.

close. apertē, adv. openly; in open battle (vin

arceš, -ēre, -ui, keep off, ward off, hin

der, prevent. cere).

Arcēsius, -1, m. Arcesius, the father of Laapertus, -a, -um, [aperið] open, exposed,

ertes, and so the grandfather of Ulysses. unprotected ; clear.

Arctos, -i, f. [ãprtos, bear] the Bear, espeapex, -icis, m. point, head, summit.

cially the Great Bear : a constellation in apis, -is, f. bee.

the northern sky, which to inhabitants of Apollo, -inis, m. Apollo, son of Jupiter the northern hemisphere never sinks and Latona, brother of Diana, the deified below the horizon, hence inmūnis Sun, the god of poetry, music, prophecy, aequoris. etc.

arcus, -ūs, m. bow, e.g. Cupid's bow; 1. ap-pello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsum, rainbow i zone, district in the sky cor

drive to; especially of a ship, land. responding to a zone on the earth. 2. appelló, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, call, call ārdeõ, -ēre, ārsī, ārsum, burn, glow, upon, address, accost.

blaze ; burn with love. ap-plicỏ, -āre, -āvi,-ātum, direct to, land. ārdor, -āris, m. glow, burning, passion. aptē, adv. fittingly.

arduus, -a, -um, steep, high. in ardua aptă, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, fit on, put on, montis, up the mountain-side, to the top place.

of the mountain. aptus, -a, -um, fitting, proper, suitable, area, -ae, f. open space, ground, field ; adapted.


arēna, see harēna, sand.

cian farmer-poet. Hence Ascraeus = the ārāns, -entis, partic. adj. [areõ] dry, | bard of Ascra, Hesiod. parched, withered ; ripe.

Asia, -ae, f. Asia: often used of Asia āreõ, -ēre, be dry, be parched.

Minor. Arethūsa, -ae, f. Arethusa, a nymph of

Astraea, -ae, f. Astraea, the goddess of

justice. Elis in Greece, who, being pursued by the river-god Alpheus, prayed for help

astrum, -i, n. star, constellation ; in Pl. and was transformed into a spring, which

often = sky, heavens. flowed under the sea to Sicily and there āstus, -ūs, m. cunning. reappeared on the Island of Ortygia, a at, conj. but, still, yet, nevertheless, on the part of the city of Syracuse.

contrary. argenteus, -a, -um, of silver, silver. āter, -tra, trum, black, dark; gloomy, argentum, -i, n. silver.

sorrowful, mournful. argestēs, -ae, m. the northwest wind. | Athēnae, -ārum, f. Athens, the famous bringer of clear weather.

city of Greece. Argi, -ōrum, m. Argos, a city of Greece. Atlantiadēs, -ae, m. descendant of Atlas,

especially Mercury, his grandson. Argivus, -a, -um, Argive, Grecian. Argo, -ūs, f. Argo, the ship of the Argo

Atlantis, -idis, f. daughter of Allas, espe

cially Maia, the mother of Mercury. nauts. Acc. Argon.

Atlās, -antis, m. Atlas : 1. the giant. 2. Argolicus, -a, -um, of Argos, Argive,

the mountain in Africa. Grecian. Argos, n. Argos: used only in Nom. and

atque, āc, conj. and, and also ; as, than. Acc. See Argi.

Atreus, -ei, m. Atreus, father of Agamem

non and Menelaus. arguě, -ere, -ui, accuse, reproach, blame.

Atridēs, -ae, m. son of Atreus, especially āridus, -a, -um, dry, parched, burning.

Agamemnon (māior Atrīdēs) and Meneariēs, -etis, m. ram.

laus (minor Atrīdēs). arista, -ae, f. ear (of grain).

ātrium, -1, n. the atrium, the main hall arma, -ōrum, n. arms, weapons, armor. of a Roman house. armentum, -i, n. [aro] plow oxen, cattle, atrox, -ācis, adj. fierce, hostile. kine.

attamen, conj. but, yet, nevertheless. armifer, -fera, -ferum, bearing arms, at-tineõ, -ēre, -tinui, -tentum, pertain armed ; warlike.

to, concern, be of consequence. armě, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, arm, give arms to. at-tolló, -ere, raise, lift. arð, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, plow, cultivate. attonitus, -a, -um, thunderstruck, astonars, -tis, f. art, science, skill, cunning ; l ished, confused. trade, profession.

at-traho, -trahere, -trāxi, -trāctum, atartifex, -ficis, m. [ars, facið] artificer, tract. originator, author, schemer.

attuli, see adferð. 1. artus, -a, -um, close, close-fitting, nar auceps, -cupis, m. [avis, capio] birdrow, strait.

catcher, fowler. 2. artus, -ūs, m. limb (of the body), mem- auctor, -āris, m. and f. author, originator, ber, body. Usually in Pl.

inventor, giver. auctor generis or arundo, see harundo, reed.

sanguinis, ancestor. arvum, -I, n. [arõ] plowed land, field. audācia, -ae, f. boldness, daring, courage. arx, -cis, f. citadel, castle, palace ; highest audāx, -ācis, adj. bold, brave ; rash, reckpoint, summit.

less. Ascraeus, -a, -um, of Ascra, a town in audeš, -ēre, ausus sum, dare, attempt.

Boeotia where lived Hesiod, the Gre- audio, -ire, -īvi, -itum, hear, listen.

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