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WEDNESDAY, January 1, 1777. Resolved, That 2000 dollars be advanced to the committee of secret correspondence; they to be accountable :

That 150 dollars be advanced to the board of war; they to be accountable,

Congress being informed that lieutenant-colonel Baylor, one of general Washington's aid-de-camps, who brought the despatches from general Washington, read yesterday, was at the door,

Ordered, That he be adınitted.

Lieutenant-colonel Baylor being accordingly admitted, gave a particular account of the late action at Trenton, and withdrew.

Resolved, That a horse, properly caparisoned for service, be presented to lieutenant-colonel Baylor, and that he be recommended to general Washington to be appointed to the command of a regiment of light-horse; and that he rank with colonel Sheldon, lately appointed to the like command, saving to colonel Sheldon any preference which arises from the senior date of bis commission.

Resolved, That 18 79 dollars be paid to colonel Walter Stewart, for his expenses in going to Peeks-Kill with despatches for general Lee.

Resolved, That all the prisoners now in the town of Baltimore, be sent under a guard to Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, and there closely confined in the stockaded fort, erected for securing prisoners; and that it be earnestly recommended to the committee of inspection of Lancaster, not to permit any person to converse with them, except in the presence of the officer of the guard :

That the committee of inspection of Baltimore, be requested to send the prisoners under guard to Lancaster, and deliver them, with a copy of the above resolution, to the committee of that borough.

An intercepted letter from Patrick Tonyn, governor of East-Florida, to the right hon. lord George Germaine, dated St. Augustine, 19th July, 1776, being laid before Congress,

Resolved, That a letter be written to the president and council of the state of Georgia, by the president of Congress, enclosing a copy of the said intercepted letter, recommending to the said president and council, that they proceed immediately to apprehend and secure George Mackintosh, and take such other effectual measures, as they shall judge necessary, for the safety of the United States of America.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

THURSDAY, January 2, 1777. A memorial from Thomas Irving, a prisoner of war now in Baltimore, was presented to Congress, and read, praying that he be set at liberty, or allowed to proceed on his return to Carolina, agreeable to a permission granted him by governor Trumbull:

Resolved, That the said Thomas Irving be permitted to proceed to SouthCarolina, under his present parole, to be, when he arrives there, under the direction of governor Rutledge, or the executive power of that state. VOL. II.


The secret committee having informed Congress that the Lexington was arrived at the port of Baltimore, with a number of sailors (prisoners) and a French gentleman, who was come to offer his service to Congress,

Resolved, That the marine committee be directed to take into consideration the case of sailors taken prisoners, and report thereon to Congress :

That the French gentleman, arrived in the Lexington, be referred for examination to general Gates.

The board of war, to whom the memorial of colonel Antil was referred, brought in a report, which was taken into consideration : Whereupon,

Resolved, That colonel Samuel Patterson, at Christiana bridge, be authorized to muster such companies of colonel Hazen's battalion as shall march by that place in their way to Philadelphia ; and to deliver to such companies as many arms as they may have occasion for:

That Mr. Robert Dill be appointed pay-master to colonel Hazen's battalion. Resolved, That Mr. Sergeant and Mr. Wolcott be added to the marine committee, in the room of the members from New-Jersey and Connecticut, who are absent.

Resolved, That general Washington. be directed to propose an exchange of the six Hessian field-officers, taken at Trenton, for general Lee.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

FRIDAY, January 3, 1777. A letter, of the 29th, from gereral Washington, at New-town; and one, of the 30th and 31st December, from Messrs. Morris, Clymer and Walton, were read:

Ordered, That the latter be referred to the committee on the letter from Mr. Kennon; and that two members be added to that committee, and that they meet, and proceed on the business, and report to Congress as soon as possible:

The members added, Mr. Sherman and Mr. Chase.

A letter, of this day, from major Ottendorf, was read, and referred to the board of war.

The delegates from Connecticut produced the credentials of their re-appointment, which were read as follows: “STATE OF CONNECTICUT. At a General Assembly of the Governor and

Company of the State of Connecticut, in America, holden at New Haven, on the 2d Thursday of October, anno Domini 1776.

Resolved by this assembly, 'That Roger Sherman, Samuel Huntington, Eliphalet Dyer, Oliver Wolcott, Richard Law, and William Williams, esqrs. be, and they are hereby, appointed delegates to represent this state at the general Congress of the United States, in America, for the ing: and, until new be chosen, any or either of them who shall be present in said Congress, are hereby fully authorized and empowered to represent this state in said Congress ; to consult, advise, and resolve upon measures necessary to be taken and pursued for the defence, security, and preservation of the rights and liberties of the said United States, and for their common safety. And of such their proceedings and resolves, they do transınit authentic copies, from time to time, to the general assembly of this state. “A true copy of record, examined by

“GEORGE WYLLYS, Secretary." Resolved, That general Washington be directed to propose and conclude with general Howe an agreement, whereby those who are or may be made prisoners by the enemy, may be supplied with provisions, and other necessaries, at the expense, or on the credit, of the United States.

Resolved, That general Washington be desired to offer, in exchange, one of the Hessian field-officers, lately taken, for colonel Ethan Allen.

Resolved, That the treasurer be directed to pay to Joseph Trumbull, esq. commissary general, the sum of 300,000 dollars, by an order on such of the commissioners of the loan-offices in New-England, as shall be in cash at the time of the draught; the said coinmissary general to be accountable.

[.Note.) The president drew an order in favor of colonel Trumbull, On the commissioner of Massachusetts-Bay,

150,000 dollars, On the commissioner of Connecticut,

150,000 dollars.

300,000 Whereas Congress hath received information that the honorable Richard Stockton, esq. of New Jersey, and a member of this Congress, hath been made a prisoner by the enemy, and that he hath been ignominiously thrown into a common gaol, and there detained;

Resolved, That general Washington be directed to make immediate enquiry into the truth of this report, and if he finds reason to believe it well founded, that he send a flag to general Howe, remonstrating against this parture from that humane procedure which has marked the conduct of these states to prisoners, who have fallen into their hands; and to know of general Howe, whether he chooses this shall be the future rule for treating all such, on both sides, as the fortune of war may place in the hands of either party.

Resolved, That Dr. Brownson and Dr. Elmer be added to the medical committee.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to revise the articles of war, and report what additions and alterations ought, in their opinion, to be made therein :

The members elected, Mr. Heyward, Mr. F. L. Lee, and Mr. Clark.
The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

SATURDAY, January 4, 1777. Ordered, That the hearing and determining upon the appeal against the sentence on the libel, “ John Craig, versus brig Richmond, &c.” be referred to the committee appointed on the 27th of November last, to hear and determine an appeal; and that Mr. Sergeant and Mr. Ellery be added to the said committee, in the room of Mr. Wythe and Mr. Paine.

Resolved, That Benjamin Brannon be appointed a signer of the continental bills of credit.

The committee appointed to repair to the army, brought in a report, which was read, and referred to the medical committee.

Resolved, That Gerard Hopkins, son of Richard, be appointed a deputy quarter-master.

Resolved, That an auditor of accounts be appointed in the room of Thomas Smith, esq. who is appointed a commissioner of the loan-office for the state of Pennsylvania; and, the ballots being taken,

Samuel Downe, esq. was elected.
The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock on Monday next.

MONDAY, January 6, 1777. A letter, of the 1st, from general Washington; one, of the 20 and 3d, from the committee of Congress, in Philadelphia; one, of the 1st, from W. Palfrey to Richard Peters, secretary at war; one of the same date, from Mr. Palfrey to Congress; one, of the 31st of December, from Carpenter Wharton; one, of the 3d, from general Putnam, with a letter to him enclosed from adjutant general Reed ; and one, of the 4th, from George Morgan, with sundry papers enclosed, were read:

Ordered, That the letters from Mr. Palfrey be referred to the board of treasury.

Resolved, That 70,000 dollars be advanced to Joseph Pennel, for the purpose of laying up magazines, of provisions, and charged to the account of Carpenter Wharton ; and that Mr. Pennel be directed, in making the purchase, so to conduct himself, as not to bid upon others purchasing for the continent.

Ordered, That the letter from George Morgan, with the papers enclosed, be referred to a committee of three :

The members chosen, Mr. R. H. Lee, Mr. S. Adams, and Mr. Thornton, who are directed to confer with Mr. Morgan.

Resolved, That the cornmittee on general Schuyler's letters be authorized to employ persons to contract with the owners of founderies for a suflicient quantity of cannon, for the fortresses at or near Ticonderoga.

Resolved, that the board of war be directed to send an express, to hasten the march of colonel Mackay's battalion, and the troops who have joined him, to Philadelphia, or to general Washington's army; and also to send an express, to hasten up the light-horse from Virginia, desiring the commanding officer not to delay their

march on account of any prisoners he may have with him ; but, leaving them in some secure place, to proceed with his troops, with all possible despatch, by forced marches, to join general Washington.

Resolved, That the president of the council of Massachusetts-Bay be desired to administer an oath to Samuel Downe, esq. one of the commissioners for adjusting the accounts of the army, under the command of general Washington, for the faithful discharge of his duty, and give him a certificate thereof.

Congress being informed that major-general Lee hath, since his captivity, been committed to the custody of the provost, instead of being enlarged on his parole, according to the humane practice that has taken place with officers of the enemy who have fallen into the hands of the American troops ; a treatment totally unworthy of that gentleman's eminent qualifications, and his rank in the service of these United States, and strongly indicative of farther injuries to his person:

Resolved, That general Washington be directed to send a flag to general Howe, and inform him, that, should the proffered exchange of general Lee for six Hessian field-officers not be accepted, and the treatment of bim, as above mentioned, be continued, the principles of retaliation shall occasion five of the said Hessian field-officers, together with lieutenant-colonel Archibald Campbell, or any other officers that are, or shall be, in our possession, equivalent in number or quality, to be detained, in order that the same treatment which general Lee shall receive, may be exactly inflicted upon their persons.

Ordered, That a copy of the above resolution be transmitted to the council of Massachusetts-Bay, and that they be desired to detain lieutenantcolonel Campbell, and keep him in safe custody till the farther order of Congress; and that a copy be also sent to the committee of Congress, in Philadelphia; and that they be desired to have the prisoners, officers and privates, lately taken, properly secured in some safe place.

Resolved, That two months' pay be advanced to the seamen who will engage to serve on board the continental frigate Virginia, the same to be deducted out of their share of the prizes taken

by the said frigate.
The medical committee brought in a report, which was read:
Ordered, That the consideration thereof be postponed till to-morroiv.
The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

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