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out of the Sphere of opr Commanding, or Controuling of Providence. He that desires nothing of worldly Riches, according to Socrates's Saying, does, in some Meafure, refemble God, in his All-sufficiency. And how can we call those poor Men, who want nothing ; whose Souls are inrich'd with such rare, Perfections of Patience above the Power of Impoverishment? Calamity it felf, in Aristotle's Opinion, proves oftentimes the Occasion of Happiness; in leading á virtuous Life, full of Peace, Quiet and Contentment.

LET the poorest Fobs of this Age then be no longer afflicted, or discomfired among Christians ; or else the Heathens will rise-up in Judgment against their Impatience and Murmuring. Let them rest satisfy'd upon this faithful Assurance, that the most miserable Deftitutes here may prove God Almighty's greatest Favourites hereafter ; and their present Defolation or Distress tend to their future Bliss and Glory in another World : where all terreftrial Sorrows will be wip'd away with their Tears, and turn’d into celestial Joys, or angelical Injoyments. Happy will a merciful, conpassionate and bountiful Prince himself be in fuch a suffering People, on this side Heaven; who can thus religiously and virtuously forget their Poverty, Tribulation or Thraldom apon Earth! Happy also will the People of a Nation, almost bankrupt and beggar'd, be in such a tender-hearted Prince ; who is deeply touch'd with a true Sense of their Miseries, and earneftly concern'd for the Redress of their Grie. vances ! Both Sovereign and Subject will by this Means be highly Happy. His Kingdom

.. will

will flourish again, and his poor Country-men rejoyce in their Redemption :

VERSE VIII. OPEN thy Mouth for the Dumb, in the

Cause of all such ás are appointed to Destruction.

PA RA PH RASE. . son Beg of you, Son Solomon, in

the last Place of my Advice for your Well-doing and Ada vantage, to administer Justice equally, exactly and impartially to all your loving Peo.

ple in Subječtion to your Au. thority or Commands. You will do well not to commit the Care, nor intrust the Execution of it wholly to your subordinate Officers of the State. You ought to sit upon the Bench sometimes your self in Person, as well as the Throne ; to sew your Prudence, your Power, or your prerogative, as well as Condescension and Humility. Let me intreat you to frequent the Courts of Judicature, more than perhaps you have hitherto done ; honour them oftener with your Presence; over-rule the partial Judge ; open your Mouth in a righteous Cause, and never spare to speak in Favour -* of the Dumb and Defenceless. If you chånce to see any helpless Person there; either plaintiff or

------ vas, De

the partis

and never forur Mouth in

Defendant, in Danger of losing his Right upon a Tryal; because he is not able to make it out, or to manage it with Success, for Want of knowing the Law: Or if you find he cannot speak so well for himself, through Fear, Modesty or ignorance ; because perhaps he has no Gift of Elocution, and no Faculty of Ad. dress fit for the Hearing of the Court: Hold not your Tongue then upon this Occasion ; left the Innocent be cast, the Righteous bé wrong'd, and the Just forc'd to suffer. Keep no longer silence, but immediately undertake his Vindication. Take his Part more especi. ally, when it happens to be the Case of fome unfortunate Strangers; who want the truest Interpreters, require the faithfullest Advocates, and deserve the most impartial, unbiass’d or uncorrupted Judges : when they understand no. thing of the Laws, and are peradventure, either in Jeopardy of Life, or in imminent Danger of suffering some considerable Damage in Body, Credit or Estate ; as if they were ap.. puinted to Destruction, only for Want of Friends. Let such friendless Wretches as these, whether Orphans or Indigents, Foreigners or Natives, ne. ver be oppressed by Might, Malice or Misunderstanding ; for Default of Speech or Knowledge, how to make their Defence upon Life and Death, or in Cases of Liberty and Pro. perty. The Word of a King will soon rectify such Mistakes of Personal Respect or Par. tiality. 'Tis a princely goud Office to take such a poor Man's Cause in Hand, that is not able to help himself, por qualify'd to say any Thing to purpose for his own Preservati. on, or in Justification of a clear undoubted Title. How like Majesty will it look, to, de



fend the lamentable Case of the Widow and the Fatherless, involv'd in vexatious Suits of Law; to espouse their Quarrel in a disputed Right; or to vindicate those Miserable Mutes, and silent Destitutes of Fortune, who are cutout (as it were) for Destruction, or consign'd over to Ruin, by the malicious Prosecution of their mortal Enemies : And that perhaps too sometimes long before any Sentence of Con. demnation is openly pronounc'd, or Execution fix'd to the fatal Day? But you may nevertheless, like a wise Prince, a true Patriot, still respite, reprieve, and pardon, by Virtue of your own unlimited Prerogative; where you see any Colour of Reason, or politick Occafion of Prudence for it, without prejudicing the Publick. In a Word, I beseech you, be mere ciful as well as just; and let your great Cle. mency over-rule the Rigour of the Law. Thus you will become a faithful Father of your Country ; and the Inhabitants, your most obe. dient Children.


YUSTICE and Mercy, well-mix'd and wise. J ly moderated, are such signal Virtues, lingular Qualifications, and illustrious Ornaments of Crown'd. Heads themselves, as well 'as interiour Ministers and subordinate Magi. strates, or other friendly Fellow-Subjects of all Ranks among one another ; that they render any Reign or Administration of Government, not only happy in it self, but also wonderfully glorious in the Eyes of the whole world. They sensibly draw upon a particular Kingdom, the general admiration of Foreign Coun

tries. The Loadit one it self is not more attractive of Iron and Steel, with all its hidden Powers, than these Virtues are of Esteem and Veneration. For which Reason, the Natives may unanimously rejoyce with Exultation, under the benign Influences, and diffusive Good. ness of their gracious Governour, their lawful Prince, their pacifick Sovereign.

UPON this Consideration, the good Queen presses her Son Solomon so pathetically to the Practice of these Two Royal Excellencies and noble Indowments of Mind: without which, no Government can long subsist in a firm Condition, or a flourishing Constitution. Whereas, if the Word of God be true; and the holy Scripture cannot be suppos’d to falsify, or to misrepresent Things against any rightconstituted, or well-administer'd Government: as it is in Prov: Chap. XXIX. Ver. 14; The King that faithfully judgeth the Poor, bis Throne Shall be established for ever, in the Hearts of his People. But by the By; there is not a more vile vulgar Notion in the Universe, than that which would have all people left to their own Liberty or Choice, in Matters of Morality and Religion. A discreet Compulsion is absolutely necessary for large-stretching Consciences. They ought to be prudently restrain’d; to think, speak and act rightly, according to reveal'd Rules or establish'd Doctrines. All other Free. doms are irregular, unreasonable and irreligi. Ous Latitudes. There would otherwise be no Room for Satyr or Reproof; for Rewards or Punishments; for Law, Government or Decorum : but the whole world would in a lit

tle Time turn Free-Thinkers, Free-Talkers, · and Free-Booters ; loose Livers, lewd LiberH2


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