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with Applause in the fullest Asemblies. But, and it all Men of Honour in the Senate of Justice, should be silent upon this illustrious Subject, her own Works would not only declare: her undeniable Character, and pronounce her excellent Endowments, but also condemn their Ingratitude and Taciturnity. However, her happy Parents, her Husband, - her Children, her Servants, her Friends, her Relations, her Acquaintance, and All, must readily acknowledge the rare Qualifications of her Mind, in all the inge nious Arts both of wit and Invention. They cannot but confess the diligent Labour's of her Body, in all the curious Works, both of Pleasure and Profit. They must needs, comniend the prudent Undertakings of her Life, in all the industrious Exercises both of Virtue and Devotion. Let them not deny her then the Re-' wards and Advantages of her own laudable Employments; and never refuse her the due, Praise, of her own deserving Handy-works. Let her own commendable Actions certifie for her, Prudence, and be the. Credentials of her Wisdom. She needs no other Recommendation of her Ingenuity, Diligence, Virtue, Piety, or Religion. The wonderful Productions of her Understanding, Operations of her Hands, and Practices, of her well-spent, Life, will advance her Character both at the Court and in the Country. They will promote her publick Inte, rest as well as private Reputation in all popular Concpurses. They will publish her good Name, Honour, and Dignity, at the very Gates of Glory, as well as at the Helin of Government, or in the King's Palace. In fine; they will set forth her growing Fame all over the Universe, Without the Help of any other Royal Proclamation.


THUS concludes the Character of our

virtuous Woman, in her proper Colours of Honour and glorious Array of Wisdom. Me. lanet horà calls this sacred Description, Speculum honeft & Matrone ; which, I hope, may be justly render'd here, the Looking Glass of an honest Matrón, an 'honourable Lady, or a Royal Consort, without any great Absurdity or Reflexion. Simonides, the Greek Poet, indeed has been very copious, as well as severe, in his Allegories concerning vicious Women; if not too fatyrically i familiar also with the Fair Sex in general, bysupposing their several Productions, diversify'd according to their various Frailties, to be either from the Sowo, the Wolf, the Bitch, the Earth, the Sea, the Ass, the Weasel, the Mare, or thé Ape ; which are odious Names for rational Creatures, as if they were no better than a Generation of Brutes. But he fancy'd' another Sort of Woman. kind of a more commendable Extraction; and said, thy nos gulux si acBálv, He was happy that marry'd a Wife like a Bee; whom he excellently describes with the most amiable Character for her beauty, Sweetness, Labour, Modesty, and divine Grace. However, the fole Observation [. shall make in these Remarks is this ; that the. whole foregoing Encomium, how simple or plain Toever, is briefly comprehended by the eloquent Apostle to Timothy, Ch. ii. Ver, 15. in these Words, as a Summary of all her other Virtues : She shall be saved in Child-bearing, if they contie nue in Faith, and Charity, and Holiness, with Sobriety. For by Faith, fhe acknowledges the true Eternal God; both in Trinity and Unity ; glories

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in her Creator, confides in her Redeemer, and reo joyces in her Comforter : That is, firmly be. lieves both the Old and New Testament, and accordingly practises all the Duties both of Morality and Religion to a Tittle of her Christian Profession. From whence arises her divine Love of God the Father, Son, and Holy Gholf ; essentially One and the same, mysteriously, and signaliz'd only in Time, or rather personaliz'd by those distinct Offices of Creation, Redemption, and San&tification of the World; which seem to unveil the Mystery a little for our better Belief, Understanding, or Edification. But, in short, The entirely acquiesces in such incomprehensible Arcana's of Heaven, without any farther de. signing Enquiries, diminishing Curiosities, or destruäive Modus's of humane Invention. Hence flows, as from an Original Fountain of Love, her great Kindness to her Husband and Children, her profound Charity to her Neighbours, or her faithful Justice to the whole World. Hence proceeds her admirable Chas fity, Holiness, or Sanétification of Life. Hence comes her celebrated Education, Industry, or Frug ality. Hence, in fine, she derives her remarkable Prudence, Temper ance, or saber. Beha. viour, in the good Government of her Family, and in the Moderation of all Manner of Ex. pences, as well as Meat, Drink, or Apparel, &c. in humane Affairs. By the particular Enumeration of which Virtuesthis whole Chapter seems to be tully accounted for by that elegant Epistle, and amply fumm’d up in this accomplish'd Character.

THIS, this is the finishing Stroke of a pero fect Woman of Probity, a Lady of consummate Love, a Wife of celebrated Virtue ; worthy of

a Robe and a Diadem, worthy of a King, worthy of Solomon himself in Wedlock with all his Glory! Who can then forbear becoming her Encomiast, how unequal or insufficient som ever for her Merit, either by Word of Mouth or in Writing? Who can any longer doubt of it, or delay giving her what is so much a Debt due to her Excellencies, as a Panegyrick upon her Life ? 'Tis nothing but a lawful Trio bute, that ought to be paid to her self of Right, as well as to another Cafar, upon their Marriage.

I. THE Fruits of her extraordinary Love and Goodness, as well as Labour and Industry, are highly commendable ; in all the good Offices of humane Society, either Civil or Domestick, for the particular Benefit of her own Houshold, or the general Advantage of the whole World. She is no sinister Partizan in Religion, nor dextrous Party-Woman of State ; and yet she loves no Neuters in either Sense. She knows that the Revelations severely condemn all Neutrality and Lukewarmness in the sincere Profession of Gospel-Principles, Ch. III. Ver, 15, 16. Because thou art neither Cold nar Hot, I will Spue thee out of my Mouth. She engages in no Manner of oblique Views, or implacable Plots of Faction; and yet displays her own Honour, Veracity, or Integrity of Persuasion. She delights in the Pacification of publick Tumults, Troubles, and Animosities. Her whole Inclination is, to compose private Differences, and accommodate politick Disputes. But she believes there is no Medium betwixt Refiftance and Non-Resistance, as contradi&ory Terms; so that the former will always be a damnable Sin in it self, and can never be otherwise in its


own Nature, by the great Apostle's irrefragable Authority. However, she becomes still fo blessed a peace.maker, upon all revolving. Divi. sions, that she can reconcile any Thing but downright Contradi&ions. She has so great a Regard for scrupulous Consciences, that she thinks the Liberty granted to our tender-hearted Gentry, the Disenters, is highly adviseable by political Prudence; provided, and if they can make a Conscience of that Liberty so obtain'd for their Satisfaction, without taking an Ell of Toleration for an Inch given, stretching the Authority of their Commissions, and intrenching upon the established Chürclo and State Governo ment. But her univerfal Charity, great Faith, or extensive Moderation, is almost as good as an Assurance-Office, for the civil Behaviour of the Conventicle," in this point of political Confidence. This would bear a larger Répétition, But to recapitulate all her particular Excellencies of this Kind, would be an endless Piece of Work, or an elaborate Impossibility:

II. THE Works of her great Charity and exemplary Virtue, in all kinds of Moral and Religions 'Exercises, are likewise highly meritorious or Praise-worthy. Nothing can disturb her Righteous and Philosophick Soul. No Barbarity of Affronts and Indignities can excite her private Revenge, or ruffle her loving Tem. per, beyond a willing Forgiveness of her Enemies, and an easy Reconciliation with publick Scorn. She looks upon Virtue, according to the wise Notions of the Antient Pbilosophers, to be the Fountain and Foundation of all Happiness; as ic establishes the most perfe& Harmony as well as Tranquillity of humane Life.


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