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Soul, and dare not attack her Magnanimity. In hort, the unparallellid Accomplifhments and incomparable Qualifications both of her Mind and Body, are not to be excell'd, equall'd, or ex. actly match’d, byt by those of her glorious Spouse's; which renders them the happiest Pair in the Universe.

I: IN her Duty to God the far. excels all other Women of these latter Days; wherein Virtue it self seems to be. very much declining, Christian Piety going to Decay, and Religion sinking into Ridicule, Libertinism, or Indifferency: Her highest Adoration is wholly fix?d upon her Great Creatur's Attributes; as it behoves every living Creature, not only to recognize, but also glorisse his Almightiness, by common Sense, humane Reason, or natural Instinct. His divine Service must always be the principal Exercise of her devout Life, She believes, fears, and loves Him with all the Faculties of her Soul, and the powers of her Body, both in Heart and Strength; in Truit, Honour, Confidence, Gra. titude and Thanksgiving, to accomplin her Worship, She never allows any inferioùr Beings to come in Competition with her glorious Maker's Praise or Invocation; þut adores Him merely for Himself,, for his infinite Goodness, Grace, and Mercy, above all Things that are amiable in the Eye of this World, even far above her own delightful Husband; who, under God, is the greatest Propagator of her Family's FeliGity. She inceffantly serves and worships Him without admitting any Rival of his Glory, out of a grateful Acknowledgment of Fidelity, for her Being, Life, Motion, Sense and Understanding, She daily blesses him for all his divine Providenges, and her wonderful Deliverances from the


Daving the his Ecclel this wa Allegiance

Bondage of Sin, as well as the Dominion of Satan. She constantly addresses to Him, as the only Sovereign and Supreme Good, the greatest Refuge, and the most desirable Sanctuary, far beyond humane Imagination, Invention, or Establishment. Next after Him, and for His Sake alone, she shews the most facred Regard for his Church, the Temple of his Glory, which she never fails to frequent upon all possible Oppor. tunities of offering-up her willing Sacrifice of Praise, Prayer, and Humiliation, at his Altar; And thereupon takes the propereft Occasions of paying the ftrictest Devoir or devoutest Reverence to his Ecclesiastical Vicegerent, and her, Spiritual Sovereign in this world. After which, in due Course of Law and Allegiance, as well Sacred as Civil, the honours the King, his Tenzporal Vicegerent, and her supreme secular Governour, with the most absolute, submissive, una conditional Loyalty and unlimited Obedience in a Passive Sense; without believing' or practising any Thing of the popular Doctrines, either of Coercion, Compulsion or Punishment, by any A&tual Resistance, upon the most plausible Pleas of Publick Good. As to her natural Parents, · the Blessings of Reason, and the Graces of Res

ligion, sufficiently dictate to her Filial Obedience in that Respect, and render her the most conpleatly faithful, affectionate, and dutiful Child in Nature. Thus, in fine, does this incompara. bly religious Daughter of the Church' in England, wisely discharge her bounden Duties, perform her faithful Services, and finish her Love to her

Almighty Father in Heaven, as well as her loyal Affections to her spiritual, civil, or natural Parker, both in Church and State upon Earth. However, as she is no Erastian in Policicks, nor Parrifan in

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Rer Religion, the intirely believes the formex to bg independent of the latter in Matters purely spiritual ; that Consecration only, and not the Congé delire, makes a Bishop essentially; and that the K-s himself is a Subject of the Church, in a religious Sense, though Supreme Head and Governour in it, for its better Support or fecular Prote&tion. But my Business is not to dip out of my Depth in State-Controversies. .,'

II. In her Duty to her Neig bbour, she fairly surpasses all the Female Seas of modern Generations, Her exceeding great Charity, the glorious Queen of all other Virtues, and her illustrious Justice, both induce her to love her Neighbour as her self; according to the Golden Rule of doing as the would be done by, for the Good of humane Society: The Love of which, Natyre has implanted in all reasonable Creatures, not excepting the very Heathens, and which opght to be deem'd much more obligatory and unconfin'd among faithful Christians of the fame Fraternity, From whence she succours Father and Mother with her Life ; obeys the King to the last Degree of his Authority with all her Heart, and submits to Superiours with perfect Lowliness of Mind; hurts no Mortal, deals justly, and bears no Ma; lice ; keeps her Hands free from Theft, her Tongue from Falshood, and her Body from In. temperance; never covets Other People's Goods, Crowns, or Estates ; but labours truly for her ową Livelihood in all Points of Duty, or divine Yocation. She continually exercises her Bounty in conferring of Benefits upon her necessitaus Neighbours, in doing them all Sorts of good Offices, that lie in her Power, and in going before others in Humility, Kindness, and Generosity towards the miserable objects of her compassionate Mer

withis Author with perfeitly, and


cy. Her Remedies are chearful in the Applica. tion, and her kedreses speedy, without Delay or Deliberation. Her Charity never hesitates, never demurs, never fails. She needs no other Motive to relieve their Wants, than to know them by Tradition. She makes it her Business to prevent the Modesty of the Receiver: She knows that it almost breaks the Heart of a generous-spirited Man, to be forc'd to beg Relief; and it is Ten times the Favour done without Asking. She thinks that when an indigent Person is put to the Trouble of a Requeft, the Kindness mewn is rather a Purchafe than a Gift ; and that he pays dear for it, by giving a Prayer or a Blush for a good Turn. She is likewise extremely charitable with good Words as well as good Deeds ; does it frankly and freely, of her own Mind, without either Vanity or Reproach ; and puts the Petitioner quickly out of Pain, by stopping his Mouth almost before he can tell his Business. Giving of Alms out of her own Coffers, she wisely believes to be the best Way to 'inrich herself with a'. more abundant Treasure in Heaven, worth all the growing Banks, Funds, or Monopolies, upon Earth. She takes it to be a kind of Redeeming her Soul with her Money, and turning that grand Instrument of Avarice and Pride, into an Occasion of Eternal Mercy, or temporal Compassion. She would upbraid her self everlastingly, if she should give more for a Place in a Play- House, than for a Seat in Paradise : if the should pay Tribute and Taxes to temporal Princes, and not the Tythe or the Twentieth Part of her Abundance to the King of Kings: if she should profusely provide for the Grandeur, Luxury, or Sensualities of her own Family, and not afford the Needy in Distress a




Morsel of bread, to keep them from starving to Death at her Door. But her unparallellid Charity turos quite upon other Hinges; opens the strait Gate, palles through all Difficulties, even the Eye of a Needle; sends her Riches to Heaven before her self, by the Hands of her needy Neighbours, as Harbingers of Eternity ; and Jays-up a most immense Stock of real Treasure there in the securest Place; where there are no Thieves' to pick Locks, or break-open Houses, as they do here below ; for Heaven is impregnable, against the greatest Stealers of Crowns, Ofurper's of Kingdoms, or Robbers of the Earth.

* III.FINALLY; In her Duty to her ennobled Husband, so virtuously caress’d and dearly beloved, me highly outdoes all other the most va. luable wedded Wives that fall in the Way of our impartial Obseryation. Her extraordinary conjugal Affe&tion, not much unlike a certain noble virtuous Lady's, who dy'd not long ago, and is Itill fresh in our Memories, can hardly be defcribid according to its full Merit and Excellency, She loves her Royal, Lawful, or Religious Cone fort, as The does her own Life, and would wil. Tingly lay it down for his Health, Welfare, and Happiness, upon Occasion. 'Tis like a Free! Will-Offering, or devoted Sacrifice, always ready at his Service. . So the Joying Turtles live and die together in Peace. There is little Com, fort between them of Survivorship. Her Soul, and Safety, and Passions, are all wrapt op in his Satisfaction and Contentment. 'Tis the whole Business of her Condúet, Prudence and Virtue, to cultivate his mutual Love into an exact Sympathy'with her own; to forestal the Market of other envying Competitors, or alluring Copesmates; And to ingross his good will or Admiration


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