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controul, or contradict his unalterable Infti tutions. She can easily distinguish between the Legislature, and the Legislative Power ; between the A&t, and the Principle of Ačting ; between That which is always in Being, and That which may not Be, without either a Royal Consent, or Asent of Prerogative. The One never ceases, the Other may be intermitted from Time to Times as the wise supreme Disposer of Things pleases to permit for the Best. She nicely considers by whose Authority they ałt, and upon what Foundation ; but humbly conceives, that every Law of Man made against a manifest or positive Law of God, is, ipfo facto, null and void, and unlawful to all Intents and purposes. She absolutely believes, that no A&t of any Senate can supersede the Bible; or cancel an immu. table Law of Nature, and thinks iç of veTy dangerous Consequence, for any inferiour Power, or Authority of a Kingdom, to dispence with a superiour. Law of Nations : for Fear of destroying the great End of its Happiness, and involving it in endless Wars, Perils, or StateContrasto's for the future, by their politick Cone traventions. But this is none of my Province by the By. - In fine, her Heart is continually full of Truth and Wisdom ; her Mouth, of good Will and Modesty; her Tongue, of Integrity and Friendship : without any Court-Glavering, Flattery, Corruption, Unkindness, or Disloyalty.

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VERSE XXVII. SHE looketh well to the Ways of her Houe fold, and eateth not the Bread of Idleness.

THE Diligence of her Eyes, is no

less laudable than that of her
Hands. But she shews her Pru-

dence and loving Kindness, more

a especially in her own Houshold; where she narrowly observes the Motions, and nicely rectifies the Manners of all her Domepticks with the greatest Circumspection. She Tuffers no evil, or idle Ways of getting their Livelihood. She neither allows them to gad Abroad at Discretion, to loiter within Doors at their Pleasure, nor to labour at their Work without the best Inftructions and Encouragement : but teaches' them how to live industrioully, as they ought to do, and to earn their Bread by the Sweat of their Brows. Upon which ACcount, if for no other Reason; The highly de serves what she cats, and justifies what he injoys, with Satisfaction. Thus her well-manag'd Family thrives, and flourishes through her care. ful Infpe£tion. She looks into every Creek and Corner of her House, and fets all Things to Rights, in the exactest Order of Decency, Neatness, or Decorun. There are no Slut's-Holes, or Slaggard's Nests to be found in her Dwellings ; but they are always kept thoroughly clean, by her own Diligence or Direction, and genteely


garnish’d, with the greatest Discretion, or Cua riosity. Her Piety and Prudence, as well as her elegant Cleanliness, makes it an Habitation al. most fit for the Reception and Entertainment of Angels, in their divine Embassies. She exe actly ponders all the Ways of her Inhabitants, Children, or Şervants; corrects their Mistakes kindly, supplies their Omissions discreetly, and reforms their Manners of living, as well as las bouring, by the most prudencial Rules of good Housewif'ry, and wholefome Instruction, either moral or religious. They are constantly as well taught as fed, in her regular Family, and may foon understand, by her commendable Example of Wisdom, lødustry, and Frugality, not to eat the Bread of Idleness; not to pamper their lažy loitering Carcases in Eafe, nor affect the følsome ladulgences of Food, and Rayment, without taking Pains for it: but to be ever carefully learping, and labouring to get their own Living, and to do their Duties in that Domestick State of Life ; to which she has wisely brought them up, by the Blessing of God, in their feveral Callings, or Vogations of Virtue, and as she her felf has diligently done before them, with the most incomparable Prudence, and Regularity, as well as Applause.

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TAT HAT excellent Oeconomy may we not VV expe&t to meet with here, in her amiable Dwellings! The Ways of her Houshold are continually under the Care of her curious Eye, and cannot fail of profpering under the Countenance of such an admirable Mistress, among her menial Servarts, by the Verity of the good


old Proverb. She is so nicely circumfpect in the right Ordering of her Affairs, either with a Respect to her own exemplary. Deportment and Behaviour, or the Conduct and Carriage of her Domesticks ; that she makes her Mansion not only a Seat of publick Beauty and Delight, or of Virtue, Diligence, and Elegancy; but likewife a private Houft of Prayer and Devotion, as well as a family of Love, Kindness, and Hospitality. Her constant Abode seems to be in Bliss and Holiness, by the Devoutness of her Mind. 'Tis the greatest Comfort of her Life, to see her Habitation prudently regulated in all the good Offices of Industry, and Moderation, according to her discreet Management; without either imposing any Slavery, on the one Hand; or suffering any Sluttishness, on the other, in Fact. For she is equally an Enemy to downright Drudgery, brutal Servitude, and over-working either her Men or Maid-Servants beyond their Strength, as she appears to be to their Slothfulness, and Negligence in her Houshold-Employments. She would peither have them overdo, nor their Duty, by her diligent Circumspection; but only desires their best Care to maintain the Honour of her Service, preserve the Reputation of her House, and vindiCate it from all Uncleanness, Disorder, or Confusion. She still puts them in the wisest Way 'of getting their own Livelihood hereafter, with out Laziness, or eating the Bread of Idleness under her prudent Regulation : if they have the Grace, at least, to square their Lives according to her instructive Example; by never desiring to eat a Bit of Bread, or a Morsel of Meat, which they do not deserve, by the faichful Dis ligence of their Hands, and the laborious Sweat

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of their Bodies. In short, Idleness is the very Averfion of Virtue, and the unnatural Nourisher of Vice : so that the discountenances all Sluts, discards all Slovens, and cashires all Sluggards out of her domestick Service. .: I. THIS virtuous Housholder strictly regulates their Principles; by teaching her hired Servant's the true Knowledge of their Duty to their Masters, or Mistresses, and laying the surest Foundation of a good Understanding, or lasting Friendship, upon that solemn Family-Relation. She easily wins their Hearts to a willing Obedience, by the Sweetness of her Temper, or the Lawfulness of her Commands. By her Justice, and Generosity, the quickly engages them to the greatest Faithfulness; far above any Eye-Service, or Breacb of Trust, either through negle&ting, wasting, defrauding, purloining, or embezelling her Goods. By her Goodness, and Affability, she gently brings them, over to the greatest Submission, Patience and Meekness, under the Reprehengons of her just Displeasure, without any Surliness, fawcy Answers, or rude Replies. By her condescending Familiarity, good Admonition, edifying Example, tender Instruction, and in. dulgent Moderation, in all her Undertakings, the charms them to the greatest Diligence, and strictest Attendance in their respective Services, without giving themselves up to Sloth, Sluttishness, and Indifferency'; to Company-keeping, Gaming, and Gamboling Abroad, or to any other disorderly Course of Life, and Licentiousness : which may take them off from the Pursuit of their more necessary Business, as well as divert them from the better Practice of their bounden Duty.


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