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of the Age. And do not all these Studies now

require the best Instruction, Direction and Go. - vernment of the wiseft School-Masters, faithful

to their Trust, and careful in their Tuition ; · who were formerly honour'd as the worthiest Companions, Confidents or Privy Councellors of Kings themselves in their Glory? Indeed some manly Studies are only fit for Males ; but why ingenious Females should be abridg'd of any fort of Learning, Languages or Philosophy, there appears no great Reason to be alledg’d for it, save only an ill Custom, or a worfe Perversion of Manners. For why? Because they have the fame rational Souls, as good natural Parts, and as quick Understandings as most Men can boast of: And peradventure they might make better Women, more agreeable Companions or discreeter Wives, by a more liberal Education. However, no unprejudic'd Person can ever be of that Em peror's Opinion, who would not allow a Woman to have any more Wit or Instruction, than was necessary for discerning her Husband's Shirt from his Doublet. Ō ridiculous Banter! An unkingly, unmanly, and malicious Invective, if we rightly consider: Witness the learned Aretia, who taught Aristippus his Philosophy; the famous Zenobia, who taught her Sons the Latin, Greek and Egyptian Tongues ; and the celebrated Cornelia, who taught the Gracchi's their extraordinary Eloquence. ...BEHOLD what faithful School-Mistresses these Ladies of Old were to their beloved Offspring! How curious and careful then ought e. very one of our modern Mothers to be of their Childrens good Education, according to those laudable Examples; with such a passionate and pious Soliloquy or Dialogue with her Son, as


Queen Bathsheba's above-mention'd, often in their Mouths! Shall not I give my dear Child good Advice, and the best Instru&tion in my Power, towards planting and promoting the discreet Conduct of his future Life? How can I pretend to have any motberly Affection or Concern for his Well-fare, if I should neglect to discharge so great a Duty of Love, and natural Inclination towards my own Flesh and Blood ? How should I think my self advanc'd above the Rank and Irrationality of Brutes, if I should let him wander inte Dangers, Misfartunes and Mischiefs, for want of. good Lookingafter; and live no better than they do upon the wild Common, for want of instilling nobler Nutions into his Head, and cultivating his Mind with loftier Idea's of humane Prudence and refind ReaSon ?

THIS is the good and gracious Mother, that deserves to be had in the highest Esteem and Veneration. This is the that powerfully diffuses her excellent Virtues through the whole Family, and influences the Hearts of her dutiful Children with Gladness and Reverence, as well as Health, Honour and Happiness. 'Tis she that captivates her admiring Husband with her Charms of Love and indearing Actions, by bringing up both her Sons and her Daughters to exemplary Virtue, as well as good Breeding. Who would not wish himself blest with such a Wife; whose Goodness, Integrity and Affection, ioliven the Spirits of her inamour'd Spouse, like the cherishing Beams of the Sun, and felicitate his Life like a Heaven upon Earth ? From hence he rejoices in his greater Bliss to come, by Way of Anticipation. His Marriage proyes all Mirth and incessant Joy, without any Mixture of Melancholy or After-Sorrow. She fills the C 3


a with Gland Happihusband

Place, where she lives, whether Court or Country, full of good Humour, Grace and Gaiety; full of Pleasantry, Affability and Courtesy. Insomuch that, pardon the Digression ! such a Matrimony as this happy One, is either worthy of a crown'd Head, or the Honour of a Kingdom.

BUT then, on the other Hand, how miferably must all these Joys be palld in a Family, after the greatest Transports of Marriage ; when a Mother begins to flight her Children, and proves to have no more Regard for her poor Babies, . than if they were so many base Brats, fome Spurious Ifue or other, or as if they were not born of her own Body : Having no Leffon of a good Life, Manners or Example set before them, for their constant Practice and Imitation ; and being left at last to live at Sixes and Sevens, or at 'Hap-hazzard, as their careless Mamma perhaps shakes her Elbow at Dice, or games away her Time at Cards ! Such a preposterous Parent, I mean, as is too much diverted with those delightful Amusements, to spare any Time, or to take any Pains in Teaching them to say their Prayers, their Belief, or their Catechism, either for the Church or the Assembly; and who never thinks of giving them any Instruction of Reading or Writing; of Book, Pen or Needle ; those necessary Qualifications and commendable Endowments of Mind, for getting an honest Livelihood, or making their Fortunes in the World. This notorious Carelesness must inevitably draw upon her the Imputation and Odium of that black Character among the Vulgar ; like Parents, like Children ; like Mother, like Daughter ; for they will always learn by Example, be it good or bad in the Practice. They'll plead Authority and Privilege for't. Info

much much that the grand Negligence in Course will inevitably be attended with this execrable Epanados and Inquisition, according to the Latin Poet, in plain English thus:

66 Whether the worst, the Child accurft,

6 or else the cruel Mother?
u The Mother worst, the Child accurst,
66 As bad the one as t'other!

Smith's Rhet.

often happenamong their of the

HERE Nature it self must needs stand agast to see the very Propagation of Sin, Ignorance and Folly, through the reciprocal Corruptions of a whole Family, and the Curse of a long Train of contagious Vices or Punishments rather, intaild upon their Posterity ; a Tail, not to be cut off in any lower Court than that of Heaven! And all this Misfortune often happens merely for want of a more virtuous Instruction among their unregarded Children, and a timely Prevention of the Growth of their Ill-manners, or unrestrain'd Liberties to profess'd Wickedness and downright Irreligion. In short, those barbarous Parents, be who they will, whether Men or Women, however dig. nify'd among the Great, or distinguish'd among the Vulgar, who take no Care of their little Childrens due Education, are the greatest He. teroclites of Nature, and the most defective or irregular Creatures in the Christian World.

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VERSE III. GIVE not thy Strength unto Women, nor

thy Ways to that which destroyeth Kings.


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ELL then, Dear Sir, the Son

of my Love! As you are born. to good Fortune, Honour and Glory, to be a King and a Go.

vernour of great Nations; give me Leave to engage you to have a strict Guard over all your Lufts and Passions, to ennoble your Humanity. And if you have any Regard for my Person, my Advice, or your own Prosperity, act the chastest Part of Life, in moderating the Desires of your Mind, and the Pleasures of your Body, with an absolute Sway. Suppress all the Risings and Rebellions of humane Nature. Conquer your own Heart, and bring down the obstinate Conspiracies, proud Contentions, or the tempting Frailties of the Flesh, into a due Subjection, Obedience and Conformity with the Spirit. Turn the Weakness of the Former into the Willingness, abfolute Dominion, and entire Victory of the Latter. Banish every lustful Inclination after loose Women, nor debase your excellent Self so low, by the Efforts of Lewdness, as to become familiar with alluring Harlots by any effeminate Condescentions. 'Tis below your Dignity and Noblepess of Birth, to give your self up to such vile Pursuits, or dishonourably submit to the corropt Embraces, and unlawful Dalliances of any

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