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the fine Stories of Ops, Rhea or Vefta; as well as Blessings of the Goddess of Corn and Tile lage, of Bread, Wine, and all other Manner of Food : may be ascrib'd in some Measure to her diligent Labour, Bounty and Liberality. But she seems to be a more real Cornucopia in Deed, a. bounding also with God's Plenty. Persons that live regularly, and labour actively, as she does, can hardly ever fail of becoming both strong and Healthful. It is Use and Application that makes Perfectnefs. For Want of Use, the Sword rysts in the Scabbard, the Money moulds in the Chest, and the Soul grows reftive or unađive' in the Body. It is Industry and Exercise, that must accomplish their abilities. Labour must strengthen their Loyns, and preserve the Health of their valid Bodies ; in Order to make them gay, lively, thorough- pac'd HouseKeepers, and give them the Advantage of both Injoyments. And therefore, as our virtuous Wife's Diligence is unweary'd, and her Body indefatigable, so she is neither backward in her Operations, nor tardy in her Performances. She refuses no Pains, and is forward in her Dispatches : 'never flow or flothful, but quick and active at her Work; brisk, lively and vigorous in all her Emotions. She bestirs her felf nimbly about her Business, and goes-on with so much Rotundity of Action, that any one would easily believe, the strongest Labours, either within or without Doors, were not too hard Exercises for her valiant and victorious Arms. She invigorates all her Faculties by Custom, and habituates her Powers by Practice. The Case is this, in short. She knows that the Mistress's Eye, as well as the Master's, makes ibi Horso far. She finds her Indeavours turi

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to so great an Account, both in Foreign Commodities, and in the purchasing of Land, as well as by her own good Housewif'ry; that she constantly views and reviews all her Possessions with a watchful Eye, and walks about her Estate with notable Expedition : tucking up her Garments fit for Motion every where, and to be in Readiness at Hand upon any Occasion; never minding fine Cloaths more than her Family- Affairs, nor neglecting those greater Duties for Fear of spoiling her Apparel; but highly preferring the Strength of her Arms and her Loyns, acquir'd by laborious Exercises, before all the external Adornments, fine Figures, or finical Fopperies of her whole Body,

I. THE Strength of her Limbs appears remarkable, by their wonderful Agility. They are constantly inur’d to Labour, always ready dress’d for her daily Imployment, and buckling immediately to the Business of her Houshold with the greatest Alacrity. She takes a Pleasure in her Pains. She cannot fit still and see her House, for Want of exercifing her Loyns a little, lying unswept, ungarnishd or unclean. No Fatigue proves too hard for her Constitution, Cleanliness and Activity; who, upon all Ac. counts, shews her self throughly neat, beautiful and uniform to Perfection. It is not to be imagin’d fairly, that Washing, Scouring, or Rubbing of Rooms, and such like meani Offices, should be her proper Talents ; nevertheless yet, she is not afraid of over-straining her Strength, in doing any servile Work upon Necesity, provided it be not below her Dignity or Character ; and that indeed sometimes perhaps, which might be thought only fit for her negligent Maids. If he can be over-curious or careful to a Fault, it often happens by spoila ing her Servants, upon taking too much nayish Work off their Hands, through her own Briskness and willingness of Action. She always has the Care of her Houses, her Lands and her Vineyards most at Heart, next after her beloved Family: She appears feldom or never at: sent and disengaged from their Service. She takes no other Pride or Pleasure but in the right Ordering of Those, the due Tilling of These, and the seasonable Bresling of the Last; to the best Improvement for a fruitful Vintage or a plentiful Harvest. Thus her Feet constantly tread upøn sure Ground, and travel in the Paths of Vigour as well as Virtue ; without the least De. viation, or wandering out of the Way to Honour and Felicity. In a Word, she is ever free from all Dissoluteness of Body, Behaviour, or good Manners.

II. THE Vigour of her Arms likewise, iş as apparent as the rising Sun, which she often prevents by her early Waking and Watchfulness

. They are deliberately strengthened with all the Powers of Virtue and Religion. They are resolutely invigorated with a good Inclination. They are maturely fortify'd with true Courage in any difficult Incounter or dangerouş Ingagement: so that she can never be surprizd in the Field of Battle. Her whole Trust and Confidence is put in God, the Giyer of all Power, for her Deliverance and Salvation. The 18th Psalm is made the Song of her Thankfgiving. She knows, It is God that girdeth her mith Strength of War; and maketh her Way pero feft. He maketh her Feet like Harts Feet; and setteth her upon high' Places. He teacheth hex Hands to fight; and her Arms shall break even a


Bod of Steel; Ver. 32, 33, 34: so that she will be able to discomfit a Host of Men, by her. steadfast Belief in the Power of divine Providence. The Almighty blesses her with Strength, Prowess and Healthiness. Thus the defies her grand Enemy of Sin and Sloth to attack her strong Holds, to conquer her Out-works, or to gain any Ground upon her watchful Forces. The Day must certainly be her own, and ViEtory crown all her valiant Enterprizes, for the Honour of her Husband's Prosperity, and the Glory of her Houshold's Triumph, upon her happy Return and joyful Well-come-Home. Nothing can overcome or subdue this virtuous Heroine's Valour ; bidding fair for something next to universal Dominion by her undaunted Industry, invincible Diligence, or religious Intrepidity, for the Benefit of her beloved Family in Trouble, and its honourable Re-establishment in Glory. But, behold her busie Hands at work in meaner Affairs with the most ad. mirable Nimbleness, either at the Needle or in other manual Operations! There is not a Finger of her idle, unactive, or under any Lafsitude. There is not a Foynt of her unimploy'd, unwieldy or languishing under any Labour. There is no Remifness either of her Feet, Arms or Loyns, in finishing her commendable Undertakings, with the greatest Agility of Body and Activity of Soul.

III. THE Health of her whole delicate Bo. dy, in fine, is also as manifestly visible to those that are not industriously Blind. See her fair and fanguine Complexion, her pleasant Aspect and smiling Countenance. Hear her clear, diftinct, and harmonious' Voice. Observe ber humble and familiar Carriage; how prudent,


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modest and mannerly her Behaviour is among ber Maidens. Behold again her charming Beauty; hearken to her lively Oracles; consider her virtuous Commands, and wholesome Precepts of Life given to her Servants about her, inforcd with incomparable Wisdom and Discretion: upon which, well-weigh’d, you would almost presently imagine, that some tutelar Angel was (as it were) come down from Heaven, to honour her Habitation, or direct the Government of her Houfhold upon Earth. However that be, Afiduity and Exercise very much corroborate her Constitution, and make it not only strong and lusty, but also lively and healthful to an habitual Degree of Excellency. Health does henceforward, not only inable her to undergo any Domestick Travail, but also alleviates the Fatigue of it, and facilitates the Work. It is the peculiar Indowment of her own sound Virtue, both in Body and Mind. It is one of the most valuable Blessings of Life in the World. It gives a noble Gust and a true Relish to all other Delights or Injoyments. It sometimes even anticipates the Fruition of Pleasure it self, by giving us a plentiful Foretaste of it in the Contemplation of its own Happiness. In short, Health is like the Sun in its Glory, that visits all Quarters with Strength and Vigour. It influences the whole little World, as that does the great One, with Light, Warmth and Efficacy of Production. It prolongs Life with Activity to the last Call of Death, or Drop of Qyl in the Lamp

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