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who would be at the Trouble of buying such precarious Estates, that are liable to the most lamentable Accidents and After-Ruines ? Houses will always be tumbling of themselvas, sooner or later, through the Decay of Time ; but the the Earth is immoveable and firm as a Rock. The Foundation of it is everlasting, as well as inviting enough for other Persons perhaps to build upon in a good convenient Situation. She relies more wisely upon the never failing Rent of the solid Ground, where the honelt Tenent is either willing or solvent. Thus the still inlarges her Purlieu's, as well as secures her Landed-Interest; and can never fail of Success, or fall short of making a plentiful Fortune; by Virtue of her saving Frugality, getting Di·ligence, and thriving Industry!

II. SHE plants à Vineyard with what The has gotten by her own Carefulness : highly preferable to all the empty Follies, Filh-Ponds and Aviaries; vain Grotto's, Visto's, and SummerHouses; which are usually admir'd, and made for the Adornment of an Estate, It is of much more Use, Service and Divergon; than bare Grass-Plats, or Groves of fruitless Trees. No Fruit or Flower Garden is comparable to it, either for Pleasure or Profit. They yield nothing like the lushious Grape. The Vine far excels all other fruitful Trees about a Country-Seat, and affords the most invigorating Juices to chear-up the Heart of Man, refine his Parts, and make him almost a Mercury for Wit and Eloquence. Pity it should not thrive better in England, because of the Coldness of our Climate ! For we find more Virtue by the Drinking of genuine racy Wine moderat ly, either in Sickness or in Health; and receive mie


Benefit from it, than all other Liquors put to:
gether, by common Experience, as well as the
Physician's Approbation. Her planting of a
Vineyard therefore was upon very good consia
deration. She knew it would be of the great-
est Advantage, and give the most Satisfaction
in her Family, by keeping up the Chearfulness
and Hospitality of her Houfhold. All Mankind
allow it to be far more wholesome or healthful,
than windy Cyder, cold Perry, and Alegmatick
Malt- Drink; or any other balderdash'd Low-
Wines from the Fruits of our own Growth and
Brewing of Mixtures. How commendable then
must we own her Choice to be, in making such
a valuable Plantation for the Benefit of her
House or nobler Entertainments !

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VERSE XVII. , SHE girdeth ber Loyns with Strength, and

strengtheneth her Arms.


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FETTA HUS preparing for the Business

of tbe Day, she dresses her self be

times in the Morning ; puts on her Sa n Garments in' decent Order; girds

up ber Loyns with Strictness, and ftrengthens ber Arms for the faithful Work of her House. After this, being modestly equipp'd in a neat, plain and prudent Habit, proper for the Labour either of her pliant Limbs, a&tive


Arms; or diligent Hands ; she first serves God with her Soul, sets her House to Rights in the next Place, and then makes ready all manner of Provisions necessary for the good Entertainment of her well-fed Family. By the Strength and Vigour of her Body, she excites her Dome. pticks to an Emulation of Equality or Likeness of her Virtue. As she always took the best Method of being healthful and strong, by the regular Conduct of her Life, she injoyes the Benefit of Both, as the Blessings of her Virtue ; and exercises them, as well as they were bestow'd, for the Satisfaction and Service of her Houshold. They shall ever be tasting the Fruiis of her Labour, and reaping the Advantages of her Industry. There's a perpetual Harvest, where she Sows. Her Servants live in Plenty by the Strength of her Arms, and rejoyce in the Abundance of her robust Hands. You shall not find a stronger Labourer in the Field, among all the busy Reapers of her Gain ; either more vigorously exerting their active Powers of Body, or giving a better Example of Asiduity, and Willingness of Mind. In short, she fortifies her felf by daily Exercise ; for he knows, that diligent Practice quickly perfects the dullest Nature, fets an Edge on the bluntest Genius, and finishes the hardest Work. She loves tó put forth her whole Strength in any Undertaking for the Imitation of her menial Servants; that they may thereby follow her industrious Steps, to the full Stretch of their l'iveliest Powers, by exercising their Hands with Virtue, girding their Loyns with Vigour, and imploya ing their Arms with Vivacity. Those that will not be active in their Business, and doing their Duty, must needs suffer for it, and bem


come unfortunately Paffive by their Negligence or Tranfgression.

R E M A R K Só I TEALTH and Strength of Body general11 ly go together, and are almost inseparable Companions. They are in a Manner convertible Terms, and suppose one another in Fruition hy Turns. The Larter is the natural Conse

quence of the Former in Liveliness. The One · seems to be the first Principle of the other, naturally speaking: as much as Fire is the Cause of all primary Motion, and Motion again convertibly, the Caufe of all secundary Fire, in different Respeas. Life, Light and Labour, are the happy Effects of Both in Perfection. They are the greatest Blessings of a humane Constitution. Neither Shape, Beauty, nor external Shew, can come near thene for Efficacy and Happiness. To be Healthy, is the Goodness of God. To be Strong, is the Gift of Nature. To be Happy, is the special Grace and Favour of Heaven, and the End of all Religion as well as Motality. Soundness of Wind and Limb, accompany'd with that of the Mind; which, as Juvenal well observes, we ought to pray for earnestly : is almost of universal Power and Conquest in fecular Affairs. Bash joyn'd together in the fame Person, produce the most glorious Effects of accomplish'd Wisdom. They work Wonders in the common Business of Life, and eality surmount all Oppositions, as well as re. move all Impediments in the way to good Fortune, spiritual Welfare or temporal Felici. ty. Blesed is the Man or Woman, that can preserve buth in a good Disposition, till the


latter End of their Days! But without Health, our Strength foon fails us in our Hopes. It is either quickly weaken'd by frequent Indispofitions, impair’d by chronical Distempers, or quite lost at last" by some lingring Sickness. However, it must be granted, that moderate Labour and gentle Exercise, contribute mightily to the Prolongation of Both jointly consider’d. That is Self-Evident, and needs no other Demonstration than daily Experience. The pleafant Story of old Tithonus among the Poets, may, easily convince us, that Early-Rising, Walking in the Air, and Working moderately sometimes, preserve Life very long; even till we are almost weary of our felves, and begin to beg for a Change, or a Translation. In this Case let Him be the Fable, as the long-liv'd Fa-. vourite of Aurora : and We the Moral, as the busie Grashoppers, or laborious Bees of the Day; strong, healthful and vigorous, without a Fiktion, by our honest Imployments. But as for Transmutations of 'Bodies, or Transmigrations of Souls, I have no great Faith.

AN excellent Woman is ever best known, by the Health and Strength of her Constitution; always in Action, always communicative, always in good Humour: and either diffutive of Her felf, her flowing Bounties, or her benign Influences in the happy Neighbourhood where she dwells, and they are bless'd with her in. livening Presence. She is, in Verity, like ano, ther Amalthan, with her Horn of Plenty and Abundance. Not to call her the Italian Ceres, as Horace hints at, who settled her Habitation there from a far for their Benefit. Her Fortune, in short, overflows the Country, by the Fulness of her Fruits and Productions. All


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