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to come in succeeding Generations, from her own fruitful Body; and she hopes that every new Birth will open a new Scene of Affairs to their mutual Advantage or growing Profperity. Her Patience and Resignation to the wife Dispensations of divine Providence, will ease him of half his Pain ; lighten his Burden, or very much alleviate his Troubles. She will never put him upon doing any dishonourable Thing to better his Condition, but willingly share in his Sufferings, and help him to preserve his Integrity: not like fub's Wife, that would have him curse God and die ; not like those time-ferving Comforters of this Age, that are too apt to advise a Person in Affli&ion to renounce his Conscience for Preferment, and to make his present Fortune at the Expence of his future Salvation. No; she is none of those mercenary Help-Meets, to desire her Husband to purchase his daily Bread by Dis. honour, Perjury, Witchcraft, Apoftacy, or Af sassination. Heinous Offences ! On the contrary, she will manage his adverse Affairs so prudently, with that political Discretion and Dex.. terity, he need not use any unlawful Means, either to get his Living or recover his Right. But the cannot suffer him to take any ill Courses, commit any enormous Crimes, or run the Risque of any desperate Adventures, even to preserve their own dear Family from starving. She took her beloved Spouse for better for worse, for richer for poorer; and will always continue his obliging, indulgent and obedient Wife till Death in both Fortunes. This shall be his perpetual.Comfort in the most desponding Circumstances!


GREAT Men ought to consider, that no Person, Prince or Politician, can behave well either in Prosperity or Adversity, but by Wifdom and Virtue ; in Order to avoid Pride or Presumption in the one, and prevent Despair or Pufillanimity in the other Case. In the Former, Cicero says, we ought to consult our Friends, not Flatterers; with a wise Distroft of the Favours of fickle Fortune, for fear of a fudden Change. Alexander was too much puft-up with Arrogancy by his Greatness and Conquefts, in defiring to be worshipped as a God. Pompey betray'd himself by his own Infolency, to a fatal Overthrow, in advancing a wicked Minister of State to the Government. Cyrus lost his Head by a politick Woman, with the severest Sarcasm, for trusting too much to his own Strength, Success and Exploits. 'Tis wonderful, as well as abominable, why some modern Ambitions, revolutionary Princes, should affect so much to be call'São vivurs, for fear of being crucify'd by their Subjeéts. That Style magnifies into Blasphemy. In the latter Respect, there is requir'd' great Courage and Conftancy of Mind, to bear up against National Affli&tions. Crasus, coming to the Block by Cyrus's cruel Order and Command, undauntedly call upon Solon Three Times, and fav’d both his Life and his Kingdom by it. Publius Rutilus, when he was unjustly banish'd by an usurp'd Power, never changed his Countenance or Behaviour for ir; but brav'd the Malice of his Enemies, without ever requesting any Favour at their Hands. Quintus Metellus being driven into Exile by a popular Faction and base Sedition, thought it below his Manhood ever to repine at the


barbarous Indignity of his Deposers. But then he was a Person of so much Worth, that the Senate was soon forc'd to recal him ; and he modestly return'd accordingly to his own Country again, with greater Glory and Acclamation. Lo the true Magnanimity of these ancient, noble and renown'd Heroes ! Bà. nishment to a brave Soul is no Discouragement. Nothing can dishearten so couragious a Prince. The whole World is his, as well as Socrates's Country; whether he be Athenian, Gracian, Roman, &c; by Birth or Hạbitation,

VERSE XII. ... SHE will do him Good, and not Evil, : all the Days of her Life.

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W EAR Child! When I consider the

Solitariness of humane Life without a Companion, and compare the Dangers of a single State with the

Safety of a settled one ; weighing the inconveniencies of the Former with the vast Advantages of the Latter,, and laying to Heart the Temptations you will be expos’d to, by living unmarry'd in your Manhood : I cannot but advise you to change your Condition, and the sooner the better; either to fix your Affections, settle your Affairs, or establish your Throne upon sure Foundations.


You will have the greatest Reason and Incouragement to marry such a Peerless Lady of Virtue as I have found out for your Partner; who will take a particular Care of your Estate, discreetly manage your Houshold, and bless you with a Royal Offspring. She will not only make it her Business to answer your Love with an equal Affection, but also study Night and Day to oblige you in every Thing; incessantly provoking you to an Emulation of her Virtues, and exciting in you those reci. procal Passions and Indearments which you perceive in her mind by her prudent Deportment: always loving, kind and pleasing; never cross, never ungrateful, never disagreeable; embracing every Opportunity that may gratify your Delire, and avoiding even the very Shadow of any Thing whatsoever, that may give you the least Umbrage of Displeasure or Uneafiness. She will make it her daily Study to deserve well of you, to promote the Interest of your Affairs, and to increase the Advantage of your great Family. She will perpetually maintain your personal Honour and Reputation, to the spreading of your Fame through Foreign Countries; and making you not only happy at Home, but highly esteem'd all over the known World, with a Renown proporti. onable to your Royal Dignity. And all this she will do, not only by Fits and Starts of Levity, but by folid Resolutions of Love all the Days of her Life: and not to stint her Affections to this side of the Grave; even after you are dead too, if she can survive you, by cultivating your immortal Memory. But in your Life-Time, she will continually be doing you Good, and promoting your Welfare,

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by abandoning all Evil; Moroseness and Dif contentment; Peevishness, ill Temper and Me. lancholy. Her whole Conceřn will be to humour you, to divert you, to exhilarate you for your mutual Satisfaction, as well as her Owo peculiar Pleasure. All the good Offices of her soul shall be at your Service upon all Occasions. She will constantly deserve the best Treatment at your generous Hands, both by her Words and Actions ; merit your tenderest Embraces or most indulgent Indearments, and make your Happiness reciprocal with her own : as endless in a Circle of good Turns as her Wedding Ring, immutable as the Poles, and as unchangeable as the Centre of the round World. All the Days of ber Life will be wholly spent in cherishing you in your Youth, and nursing you in your old Age. Your Nourishment, either in Time of Strength and Vigour, or of Decay and Infirmity, shall always be her Imployment; as voluntary, as necessary. She cannot so much as entertain an evil Thought against her beloved Spouse, nor speak an ill Word of him, either in private or publick Conversation, nor do him the least Damage by any sinister Dealing, or perfidious Acting to the Prejudice of his Reputation, Credit and Estate. No; she will ever : behave her self as the Mistress of better Manners.


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