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Seite 32 - Any ballot paper which has not on its back the official mark, or on which votes are given to more candidates than the voter is entitled to vote for, or on which anything, except the said number on the back, is written or marked by which the voter can be identified, shall be void and not counted.
Seite xxvi - Majesty's treasury or to such person respectively, by annual instalments not exceeding five, together with interest after the yearly rate of five pounds in the hundred, to be computed from the date of any such...
Seite 53 - The time or times during which any religious observance is practised or instruction in religious subjects is given at any meeting of the school shall be either at the beginning or at the end or at the beginning and the end of such meeting...
Seite xxvi - Acts with respect to the purchase and taking of land otherwise than by agreement, or any of them, and either absolutely or with such conditions and modifications as they may think fit, and it shall be the duty of the school board to serve a copy of any order so made in the manner...
Seite 74 - PENSIONS. 118. A limited number of pensions will be granted to teachers who were employed in that capacity at the date (9 May 1862) when the minutes* relating to pensions were cancelled : (1.) The proposed pensioner must — (a.) Be a certificated teacher in a public elementary school, or training college, at the time when the pension is applied for.
Seite 54 - This month remains the same from year to year, unless the Department informs the managers of a change. Notice of the day of the inspector's annual visit is given beforehand to the managers.
Seite 57 - The following sums per scholar, according to the average number in attendance throughout the year (Article 26). (1.) 4*. (2.) 1*. if singing forms part of the ordinary course of instruction.
Seite 66 - A.) of them for the charge of schools of any other class. 60. Pupil-teachers who have completed their engagement with credit, and who have passed satisfactorily either the examination for the close of their engagement (Schedule I.) or (Article 94) that referred to in Article 91, may, if specially recommended by the inspector, on the ground of their practical skill as teachers...
Seite 64 - ... between them ; and, if the first of these reports be not preceded by service of three months (at the least) since the examination, a third report, at an interval of one year after the second report, is required.
Seite 58 - For every scholar, present on the day of examination (Article 11), who has attended (Article 23) not less than 250* morning or afternoon meetings of the school : — 1. If above four, and under seven, years of age at the end of .the year (Article 13), — (a.) 8*. if the infants are taught as a class of a school, suitably to their age, and so as not to interfere with the instruction of the older children ; or (b.) 10s.

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