Stories out of school-time, by Ascott R. Hope

John Hogg, 1884 - 366 Seiten

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Seite 176 - as munny as breaks into 'ouses an' steals, Them as 'as coats to their backs an' taakes their regular meals. Noa, but it's them as niver knaws wheer a meal's to be 'ad. Taake my word for it, Sammy, the poor in a loomp is bad. XIII. Them or thir feythers, tha sees, mun 'a bean a laazy lot, Fur work mun 'a gone to the gittin
Seite 321 - Second edition, small crown 8vo., 352 pp., cloth, price 3s. 6d. ; gilt edges, 4s. Girls and their Ways: A Book for and about Girls. By ONE WHO KNOWS THEM.
Seite 248 - SEVEN. A SIMPLE child That lightly draws its breath, And feels its life in every limb, What should it know of death? I met a little cottage girl : She was eight years old, she said; Her hair was thick with many a curl That clustered round her head. She had a rustic, woodland air, And she was wildly clad; Her eyes were fair, and very fair; — Her beauty made me glad.
Seite 320 - ... Sea. Forming a Continuous Narrative of the Naval and Military History of England from the year 1793 to the Present Time, including the Afghan and Zulu Campaigns. Interspersed with Anecdotes and Accounts of Personal Service. By HENRY STEWART, Author of " Highland Regiments and their Battles," " The Romance of the Sea,
Seite 336 - Hope understands boy nature through and through, and can get hold of their attention in a way entirely his own All manner of adventures at school, at home, and at sea, are narrated with equal vivacity and good sense."— Bookseller. There is great variety in this volume and the heroes are not model characters, but real boys.
Seite 343 - WITH SEVENTY-EIGHT ILLUSTRATIONS. Small crown 8vo., 288 pp., cloth, price 2s. 6d. ; gilt edges, 3s. Far-Famed Tales from the Arabian Nights' Entertainments. Illustrated with Seventy-eight wood Engravings, and carefully revised for Young Readers. CONTENTS : THE FISHERMAN AND THE GENIE. THE GREEK KINO AND DAUBAN THE PHYSICIAN. THE VIZIER WHO WAS PUNISHED. THE STORY OF THE KINO OFTHE BLACK ISLES.
Seite 20 - But hark ! the cry is Astur : And lo ! the ranks divide ; And the great Lord of Luna Comes with his stately stride. Upon his ample shoulders Clangs loud the fourfold shield, And in his hand he shakes the brand Which none but he can wield.
Seite 336 - Sure to make the eyes of our boys gleam ..... The tone is healthy and robust, and for its kind the book is one of the best we know."— 5 wo rd and Trowel.

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