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16. S. M.

The Pleasures of Religion.


Come, ye who love the Lord ! And let your joys be known: Join in a song with sweet accord,

And thus surround his throne.


2 The sorrows of the mind

Be banished from this place! Religion never was designed

To make your pleasures less.


God, your eternal Friend,

No present good denies;
And when the scenes of time shall end,

Will call you to the skies.


There shall you see his face,

And never, never sin;
There, from the rivers of his grace,

Drink endless pleasures in.


The sons of God have found,

Glory begun below:
Celestial fruits, on earthly ground,

From faith and hope may grow.

6 Then let our sorrows cease,

And every tear be dry;
We're travelling through the paths of peace
To fairer worlds on high.


17. L. M.

The One Living and True God. Ps. lxxxvi. 1 ETERNAL God! Almighty cause

Of earth, and seas, and worlds unknown! All things are subject to thy laws;

All things depend on thee alone. 2 Thy glorious being singly stands,

Of all within itself possessed;
By none controlled in thy commands,

And in thyself completely blessed. 3 Worship to thee alone belongs,

Worship to thee alone we give;
Thine be our hearts, and thine our songs,

And to thy glory may we live. 4 Spread thy great name through every land,

In every heart erect thy throne;
Subdue the world to thy command,
And, as thou art, reign God alone.

Browne, altd.

18. C. M.

Prayer for Spiritual and Eternal Blessings.

1 ETERNAL source of life and light,

Supremely good and wise!
To thee we pay our grateful vows,

To thee, lift up our eyes.

2 Our dark and erring minds illume

With truth's celestial rays;
Inspire our hearts with sacred love,

And tune our lips to praise.

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3 Conduct us safely, by thy grace,

Through life's perplexing road,
To pleasures which for ever flow
At thy right hand, O God!

Cappe's Selec.

19. L, M,

The Divine Blessing implored. Heb. xii. 9.

1 ETERNAL source of life and thought!

Be all beneath thyself forgot,
Whilst thee, great Parent-mind, we own,

In prostrate homage round thy throne. 2 O may we live before thy face,

The willing subjects of thy grace;
And through each path of duty move
With filial awe, and filial love!


20. 8 & 7 s. M.

Pardon and Peace from God.

1 Far from mortal cares retreating,

Sordid hopes and fond desires,
Here, our willing footsteps meeting,

Every heart to heaven aspires.
From the fount of glory beaming,

Light celestial cheers our eyes,
Mercy from above proclaiming

Peace and pardon from the skies. 2 Who may share this great salvation !

Every pure and humble mind;
Every kindred, tongue and nation,

From the dross of guilt refined:

Blessings all around bestowing,

God withholds his care from none; Grace and mercy ever flowing

From the fountain of his throne.

3 Every stain of guilt abhorring,

Firm and bold in virtue's cause, Still thy providence adoring,

Faithful subjects to thy laws, Lord! with favour still attend us,

Bless us with thy wondrous love; Thou, our sun and shield, 'defend us; All our hope is from above.

J. Taylor

21. L. M.

The Lord's Prayer.
1 FATHER! adored in worlds above,

Thy glorious name be hallowed still;
Thy kingdom come with power and love,
And earth, like heaven, obey thy will.

2 Lord ! make our daily wants thy care ;

Forgive the sins which we forsake:
And let us in thy kindness share,
As fellow-men of our's partake.

3 Evils beset ys every hour;

Thy kind protection we implore :
Thine is the kingdom, thine the power;
Be thine the glory evermore!

Pope's Coll.

22. C. M.

The Lord's Prayer.

1 Father in heaven! thy sacred name In hallowed strains be

sung Thy kingdom spread o'er all the earth;

Thy praise fill every tongue.
2 By happy spirits round thy throne,

As thy commands are done;
So be thy perfect will obeyed,

By all beneath the sun. 3 Our numerous wants are known to thee,

Who canst alone supply;
Ogrant, each day, our daily bread,

Nor other good deny!
4 Forgive our sins, as we forgive

The wrongs that others do;
Nor let temptations press around,

Lest we those sins renew.

5 Thou art our safety and defence,

When dangers threatening stand;
O turn aside impending ills,

With thy almighty hand !

6 Thy sceptre all creation sways;

Thy power knows no control;
Thy matchless glory shall endure,
While endless ages roll.

† Liverpool (Paradise st.) Colla

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