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3. s. M.

Praise to the Creator.

1 ALMIGHTY Maker, God!

How wondrous is thy name!
Thy glories how diffused abroad

Through all creation's frame!

2 Nature in every dress

Her humble homage pays;
And finds a thousand ways to express

Thine undissembled praise.

3 My soul would rise and sing

To her Creator too :
Fain would my tongue adore my King,

And pay the homage due.


In joy, Olet me spend

The remnant of my days!
And oft to God, my soul ascend
In grateful songs of praise !


4. L. M.

The Christian Sabbath.

1 ANOTHER six days' work is done,

Another sabbath is begun;
Improve, my soul! the sacred rest,
And learn for ever to be blessed.

2 This day may our devotions rise

As grateful incense to the skies;
May heaven that peace divine bestow,
Which none but they who feel it, know.

3 This holy calm within the breast,

Prepares for that eternal rest,
Which for the sons of God remains

The end of cares, the end of pains.

4 With joy, ġreat God, thy works we view,

In varied scenes, both old and new;
With praise we think on merciés past,

In hope, we future mercies taste. 5 In holy duties, let the day,

In holy pleasures pass away:
How sweet this sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of that which ne'er shall end!

Stennet, altd.

5. L. M.

God our Shepherd and Guardian.

1 As the good shepherd gently leads

His wandering flocks to verdant meads,
Where winding rivers, soft and slow,

Amid the flowery landscape flow; 2 So God, the guardian of my soul,

Does all my erring steps control :
When lost in sin's perplexing maze,

He brings me back to virtue's ways. 3 Though I should journey through the plains

Where death in all his horror reigns,
My steadfast heart no ill shall fear,
For thou, my God! art with me there.

4 Thine ever-watchful providence

Is my support and my defence :
With thee I am of all

possessed, And in thy favour, fully blessed.

5 O bounteous God! my future days

Shall be devoted to thy praise ;
And in thy house, thy sacred name
And wondrous grace shall be my theme.

† Pope's Collection.

6. P. M.

Commencement of Public Worship. 1 At the portals of thy house,

Lord! we leave our mortal cares;
Nobler thoughts our souls engage,
Songs of praise and fervent prayers :

Pure and contrite hearts alone,
Find acceptance at thy throne.

2 Hapless men, whose footsteps stray

From the temple of the Lord!
Teach them Zion's heavenly way,
To their feet thy light afford :

Let the world united join,
To extol thy love divine.

† J. Taylor,

7. L. M.

Praise from all Mankind.

1 BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne,

Ye nations ! bow with sacred joy;
Know that the Lord is God alone;
He can create, and he destroy.

2 His sovereign power, which all things made,

Gave life to clay, and formed us men;
And when like wandering sheep we strayed,
He brought us to his fold again.

3 We are his people, we his care,

He still supports our feeble frame;
What honours can frail man prepare,

Maker, Preserver, to thy name! 4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs,

High as the heavens our voices raise;
And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,

Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 5 Wide as the world is thy command;

Vast as eternity thy love;
Firm as a rock thy truth must stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move.

Watts, altd.

8. 8, 8, 6 M.

Praise from all Nature. Ps. cxlviii.

1 Begin, my soul! the exalted lay; Let each enraptured thought obey,

And praise the Almighty's name; Let heaven, and earth, and seas, and skies, In one melodious concert rise,

To swell the inspiring theme.

2 Thou heaven of heavens, his vast abode, Ye clouds, proclaim your Maker, God;

Ye thunders, speak his power: Lo! on the lightning's gleamy wing In triumph rides the eternal King ;

The astonished worlds adore.

3 Ye deeps, whose roaring billows rise
To join the thunder of the skies,

Praise him, who bids you roll;
His praise in softer notes declare,
Each whispering breeze of yielding air,

And breathe it to the soul.

4 Wake, all ye soaring tribes, and sing; Ye cheerful warblers of the spring,

Harmonious anthems raise To him, who shaped your finer mould, Who tipped your glittering wings with gold,

And tuned your voice to praise. 5 Let man-by nobler passions swayedThe feeling heart, the judging head,

In heavenly praise employ ; Spread the Creator's name around, Till heaven's broad arch ring back the sound, The general burst of joy.


9. S. M.

The Excellency of the Gospel. Ps. xix. 1 BEHOLD! the heavens declare

The glory of our God;
The starry firmament on high,

Proclaims his power abroad.


Nor can the night return,

Nor sun his beams display,
Where not their voice is heard, of God

The knowledge to convey.


But from his gospel beams

Instruction more divine :
There God unfolds an endless day,

There love and mercy shine.


There God reveals his laws

So perfect and so pure,
And there is taught that fear of hin,
Which ever shall endure.

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