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201. C. M.

The Mission of Christ. Luke iv. 18, 19.

i Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes,

The Saviour promised long ;
Let every heart a throne prepare,

And every voice a song.

2 On him the spirit largely poured,

Exerts its holy fire;
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love,

His sacred breast inspire.

3 He comes the prisoners to release,

In wretched bondage held:
The gates of brass before him burst,

The iron fetters yield.

4 He comes, from thickest films of vice

To clear the mental ray;
And on the eye-balls of the blind,

To pour celestial day.

5 He comes, the broken heart to bind,

The bleeding soul to cure;
And, with the treasures of his

Enrich the humble poor.
6 Our glad hosannas, Prince of peace,

Thy welcome shall proclaim; And heaven's eternal arches ring With thy beloved name!


202. 8, 8, 6 M.

The Day of Judgment. 1 llEAR, O ye dead! awake, arise! The sounding trumpet shakes the skies ;

The awful Judge is near; Angelic guards attend him down ; And flaming round his fiery throne

A thousand terrors glare.

2 Pale guilt looks upwards with amaze ;
She trembles while the terrors blaze,

And conscience tells her doom :
Struck with unutterable dread,
The sinner fain would hide his head,

And shrink within the tomb.

3 But ye, bis happy saints, rejoice;
No terrors hath the Monarch's voice,

His looks no frowns, for you :
He comes your spirits to convey
To regions of eternal day,

To joys for ever new.
4 “ Bless'd of my Father! haste," he cries;
“In shining triumph mount the skies,

To nobler worlds above;
There shall ye share my blissful sight,
And taste the fulness of delight,
In my eternal love."

| Rev. Henry Moore. 203. 8 & 7s. M. The future Peace and Glory of the Church. Isa. Ix. 15–20. 1 HEAR what God, the Lord hath spoken:

O my people! faint and few,
Comfortless, afflicted, broken;

Fair abodes I build for you:

There, like streams that feed the garden,

Pleasures without end shall flow;
For the Lord your faith rewarding

All his bounty will bestow.

2 There, in undisturbed possession,

Peace and righteousness shall reign;
Never shall you feel oppression,

Never hear of war again.
God will rise, and shining o'er you,

Change to day the gloom of night;
He, the Lord, will be your glory,
God, your everlasting light.

Cowper, altd.

204. C. M.

*** Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord.” Rey. xiv. 13

1 Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims

For all the pious dead :
Sweet is the savour of their names,

And soft their dying bed.
2 They sleep in Jesus, and are blessed :

How calm their slumbers are !
From sufferings and from sins released,

And freed from every care.
3 Far from this world of toil and strife,

And present with the Lord,
The labours of their mortal life
End in a large reward.


205. c. M.

God every where the Refuge of his Servants. 1 How are thy servants bless'd, O Lord !

How sure is their defence!
Eternal wisdom is their guide,

Their help, omnipotence.
2 In foreign realms, and lands remote,

Supported by thy care, They pass unhurt through burning climes,

And breathe in tainted air.

3 Thy mercy sweetens every soil,

Makes every region please ; The hoary frozen hills it warms,

" And smooths the boisterous seas.
4. Though by the dreadful tempest toss'd

High on the broken wave,
They know thou art not slow to hear,

Nor impotent to save.

5 The storm is laid, the winds retire,

Obedient to thy will;
The sea that roars at thy command,

At thy command is still. 6 From all our griefs and straits, O Lord!

Thy mercy sets us free,
While in the confidence of prayer

Our hearts take hold on thee.

7 In midst of dangers, fears, and death,

Thy goodness we'll adore;
And praise thee for thy mercies past,

And humbly hope for more.

8 Our lives, while thou preserv'st our lives,

Thy sacrifice shall be ;
And O! may death, when death shall come,
Unite our souls to thee.


206. L. M.

The Resurrection of Christ.

1 HOSANNA! let us join to sing

The glories of our rising king;
Recount his victories, and tell
How Jesus triumphed when he fell.

2 Soon as the morning's earliest ray

Brings on the third, the appointed day,
Behold an angel from the skies,
Roll back the stone, and Jesus rise !

3 With strength immortal, forth he comes,

And power and life from God resumes ;
The days of pain and sorrow past,
His triumph shall for ever last.

4 Ye tribes of Adam! raise the song,

And, with your noblest notes, prolong
The triumphs of that day of grace,
Which sealed salvation to our race.

5 Salvation-joy-inspiring theme!

Best gift of him who reigns supreme;
Sweet balm of

And source of boundless joy below!

every human

6 Salvation-song of men, record

The glories of your rising Lord;
The triumphs of the Saviour tell,
Who died, and conquered when he fell!


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