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187. c. M.

The Omnipresence and Providence of God.

1 GREAT God, how vast is thine abode!

Mysterious are thy ways !
Unseen, thy footsteps in the air,

And trackless in the seas.

2 Yet the whole peopled world bespeaks

Thy being and thy power,
Mid the resplendent blaze of day,

And awful midnight hour.
3 Nor all the peopled world alone,

Rich fields and verdant plains ;
But lonely wilds by man untrod,

Where silent horror reigns :

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4 Tempests and winds that sweep the sky,

Caverns and mountains bare,
Earthquakes and storms, and swelling waves,

Thy grandeur all declare.

5 Through all creation's widest range

The hand of heaven is near:
Where'er we wander in the world,
Lo! God is present there.

Jervis, altid

188. L. M.

Steadfastness and Watchfulness implored.
1 GREAT God! my Father and my Friend,

On whom I cast my constant care,
On whom for all things I depend !
To thee I raise my humble prayer.

2 Endue me with a holy fear,

The frailty of my heart reveal;
Sin and its snares are always near,
Thee may f always nearer feel,

3 O that to thee my constant mind

May with a steady flame aspire;
Pride in its earliest motions find,

And check the rise of wrong desire ! 4 O that my watchful soul may fly

The first perceived approach of sin;
Look up to thee when danger's nigh,

And feel thy fear control within ! 5 Search, gracious God! my inmost heart;

From guilt and error set me free;
Thy light and truth and peace impart,
And guide me safe to heaven and thee.

+ Exeter Coll:

189. C. M.

Prayer for the Spread of the Gospel.
Great God of grace!'arise and shines.

With beams of heavenly light;
From this dark world of sin dispel

The long and doleful nighta
? Let no inferior being share

The honours due to thee :
May every nation know thy name,

And thy salvation see.

3 No more may persécution dare;

To lift her iron rod;
No longer shed the blood of saints,

And plead a zeal for Gode i

4 With its own pure and native light,

Lord, may thy gospel shine! May error tiy like noxious mists

Before this light divine.

5 While heaven-born truth her charms reveals,

May love each breast inspire ; Nor one base passion ever mix, To quench this sacred fire.


190. C. M.

God our constant Benefactor.

1 Great God! to thee our grateful tongues

United thanks would raise : Inspire our hearts to raise the song

Which celebrates thy praise.

2 From thine almighty forming hand

We drew our vital powers ;
Our time revolves at thy command,

In all its circling hours,

3 Thy power, our ever present guard,

From every ill defends;
While numerous dangers hover-round,

Our help from thee descends.

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4 Beneath the shadow of thy wings,

How sweet is our repose !
Thy morning light renews the springs

From whence our comfort flows.

5 In celebration of thy praise,

May we employ our breath;
And walking steadfast in thy ways,
We'll triumph over death.


191. c. M.

Confidence in God.

1 GREAT God! thine attributes divine,

Thy glorious works and ways,
The wonders of thy power and might,

The universe displays.
9 In safety may thy children rest

On thy sustaining arm;
Extended still, and strong to save,

From danger and alarm.

3 O may thy gracious presence, Lord !

Chase anxious fears away ;
Amidst the ruins of the world,
Our guardian and our stay.


192. L. M.

Christian Zeal, tempered by Charity.
1 GREAT God! whose all-pervading eye

Sees every passion in my soul;
When sunk too low, or raised too high,

Teach me those passions to control. 2 Temper the fervours of my frame;

Be charity their constant spring ;
And 0 let no unhallowed flame

Pollute the offerings which I bring ! 3 Let love with piety unite

To mend the bias of my will;
While hope and heaven-eyed faith excite,
And wisdom regulates, my zeal:

4 That wisdom which to meekness turns,

Wisdom descending from above;
And let my zeal, whene'er it burns,
Be kindled by the fire of love.

1 Watts.

193. L. M.

The Kingdom of Christ. Ps. lxxii. 1—9. 1 GREAT God! whose universal sway

The known and unknown worlds obey;
Extend the kingdom of thy Son,

land his rule shall own.

2 The sceptre well becomes his hands,

And wise and good are his commands;
His laws protect the humble poor,
And bid oppression rage no more.

3 They form to righteousness the mind,

To all that's candid, gentle, kind;
Inspire with love the human breast,

And stormy passions sooth to rest. 4 As gentle rain on parching ground,

His gospel sheds its influence round;
Its grace on fainting souls distils,
Like heavenly dew on thirsty hills.

5 The heathen lands that lie beneath

The shades of darkness and of death,
Revive at its first dawning light,

And deserts blossom at the sight, '. 6 His throne immoveable shall stand,

Upheld by thine almighty hand,
Till all shall love thee and adore, vt
And vice and misery be no more.


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