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was originally undertaken solely at the request of a friend, and he who performed it has therefore no right to look elsewhere for his reward ; while, since the prospect of pecuniary gain has never presented itself, all disappointment on that score is prevented. His only source of anxiety is lest continued ill health and the distractions of business should have prevented him from fulfilling the office devolved on him, in a befitting manner, and doing justice to this essay by clothing it in a dress worthy its high merits. Be this as it may, he feels proud of having been the channel through which it reaches the British Public, and sincerely hopes that his own imperfections may prove no bar to its success.

It is without a wish to curry indulgence for himself, that he would fain intreat those who hold the keys of popular favour to exercise the power they are invested with toward: the promotion of that success.


Oct. 1836.

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