The Medico-chirurgical Review and Journal of Practical Medicine, Band 48

Richard & George S. Wood, 1846

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Seite 20 - ... collects as many oysters as he can, while he is able to remain under water; which is usually about two minutes ; he then resumes his former position, makes a signal to those above by pulling the rope in his right hand, and is immediately by this means drawn up and brought into the boat, leaving the stone to be pulled up afterwards by the rope attached to it.
Seite 288 - A CLINICAL INTRODUCTION TO THE PRACTICE OF AUSCULTATION, and other Modes of Physical Diagnosis, in Diseases of the Lungs and Heart. Second American from the Second and Improved London Edition.
Seite 149 - ... these organs, and acts as a poison on the class of nerves which supplies the respiratory, the assimilating, the circulating and secreting viscera, vitiating also the whole mass of blood, and thereby occasioning a specific disease, which in its turn gives rise to an effluvium, similar to that in which itself originated ; which, also, in like manner perpetuates its kind, under the...
Seite 52 - ... it is obvious the soreness cannot be attributable to mere disease of that organ. Again, if the whole abdomen be tender to the touch in a case otherwise closely resembling peritonitis, and we find the tenderness is not confined to the abdomen, but extends over the hips and lower extremities, it is obvious, we can attach no importance to the abdominal soreness as a sign of inflammation.
Seite 304 - The base of the domeshaped tooth is slightly contracted, and is implanted in a shallow circular cavity ; the rounded margin of which is adapted to a circular groove in the contracted part of the base ; the margin of the tooth which immediately transmits...
Seite 6 - Twas his the vast and trackless Deep to rove : Alternate change of Climates has he known, And felt the fierce extremes of either zone, Where polar Skies congeal th...
Seite 13 - By this time a profuse sweat had broke out on every individual, and this was attended with an insatiable thirst, which became the more intolerable as the body was drained of its moisture. In vain those miserable objects stripped themselves of their clothes, squatted down on their hams, and fanned the...
Seite 504 - The effects produced by pressure are," says Dr. Walshe, " removal of existing adhesions, total cessation of pain, disappearance of swelling in the communicating lymphatic glands, gradual reduction of bulky masses to small, hard, flat patches, or rounded nodules (which appear to be, both locally and generally, perfectly innocuous), and in the most favourable cases total removal of the morbid production.
Seite 13 - ... supposed already dead by his wretched companions, but finding him still alive, they exhibited another extraordinary proof of tenderness and regard to his person: " Give him water," they cried ; nor would any of them attempt to touch it until he had drank.
Seite 537 - ... in virtue of this peculiar influence, does not attract iron — has no tendency to any peculiar direction; when freely suspended, does not attract the magnetic needle, and induces no electric current in a coil of wire. The new influence or force, therefore, is not magnetism. "'6. The force may be transferred to other bodies, which may be charged with it by contact. "'7. Matter possesses some degree of coercitive power in regard to this force, so as to retain it, but only for a limited time, within...

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