Monarchs of ocean: Columbus and Cook

W P Nimmo, 1866 - 227 Seiten

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Seite 108 - A modest smile lighted up his features, showing that he enjoyed the state and glory in which he came ; and certainly nothing could be more deeply moving to a mind inflamed by noble ambition, and conscious of having greatly deserved, than these testimonials of the admiration and gratitude of a nation, or rather of a world.
Seite 49 - As the evening darkened, Columbus took his station on the top of the castle or cabin on the high poop of his vessel.
Seite 47 - Cipango ; as there was no appearance of it, he might have missed it through some mistake in the latitude. He determined, therefore, on the evening of the 7th of October to alter his course to the west-southwest, the direction in which the birds generally flew, and continue that direction for at least two days. After all, it was no great deviation from his main course, and would meet the wishes of the Pinzons, as well as be inspiriting to his followers generally. For three days they stood in this...
Seite 88 - So loving, so tractable, so peaceable are these people," says Columbus in his journal, " that I swear to your Majesties, there is not in the world a better nation, nor a better land. They love their neighbors as themselves ; and their discourse is ever sweet and gentle, and accompanied with a smile ; and though it is true that they are naked, yet their manners are decorous and praiseworthy.
Seite 51 - On landing, he threw himself on his knees, kissed the earth, and returned thanks to God with tears of joy.
Seite 51 - ... ships, appeared, by their attitudes and gestures, to be lost in astonishment. Columbus made signal for the ships to cast anchor, and the boats to be manned and armed. He entered his own boat richly attired in scarlet, and holding the royal standard ; whilst Martin Alonzo...
Seite 108 - Casas, he was conspicuous for his stately and commanding person, which, with his countenance rendered venerable by his gray hairs, gave him the august appearance of a senator of Rome. A modest smile lighted up his features, showing that he enjoyed the state and glory in which he came...
Seite 53 - Their veering about, apparently without effort, and the shifting and furling of their sails, resembling huge wings, filled them with astonishment. When they beheld their boats approach the shore, and a number of strange beings clad in glittering steel, or raiment of various colors, landing upon the beach, they fled in affright to the woods.

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