A record of the pyramids: a drama


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Seite 73 - It were all one That I should love a bright particular star, And think to wed it, he is so above me: In his bright radiance and collateral light Must I be comforted, not in hia sphere.
Seite 31 - Heaven doth with us as we with torches do; Not light them for themselves; for, if our virtues Did not go forth of us, 'twere all alike
Seite 85 - of beaten brass, Nor airless dungeon, nor strong links of iron. Can be retentive to the strength of spirit!" ' I am fire and air; my other element* I give to baser life.
Seite 7 - It is the mind that makes the body rich ; And, as the sun breaks through the darkest cloud, So honour peereth in the meanest habit.
Seite xvii - GOD hath made all things beautiful in their seasons ; also, He hath placed the world in man's heart: yet cannot man find out the work which GOD worketh from the beginning to the end.
Seite 27 - Wilt thou draw near the nature of the gods ? Draw near them, then, in being merciful; Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge
Seite 85 - my duty, An doth a rock against the chiding flood, Should the approach of this wild river break, And stand unshaken yours
Seite xxi - If I am traduced by tongues which neither know My faculties nor person, yet will be The chronicles of my doing.
Seite 105 - The land we were now in had anciently been cultivated, as there appeared many stumps of palm and other trees nearly petrified. I also observed the vine in great plenty. The scene here was beautiful; the silence of the night, the beams of the radiant moon shining on the still
Seite 101 - using, as vehicles, every species of terrestrial, winged, and aquatic animals, it finally enters, a second time, into the human body. They affirm that it undergoes all these changes in the space of three thousand

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