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for aid, 300.

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Philosophical Society, list of orig. | Quakers decline public service in
inal members of, 262.

Assembly, 273.
Philadelphia, Franklin determines Querard, 31.
to go there, 107.

Quincy, Mr., sent to Pennsylvania
Franklin lands at Market
street wharf, 111.

friendship for Franklin,
Franklin projects the 301.
Library in, 194.

Philosophical Society RALPH, JAMES, 132.
founded in, 262.

fond of writing verses,
Penn, William, anecdote of, 269. 132.
Penn, Thomas, commissioner to

trick played by him on
treat with the Indians, 294. Osborne, 132.
Pennsylvania Gazette founded,

satirized in the Dunciad,

purchased by Franklin,

goes to England with

Franklin, 136.
extracts from, 178.

borrows money of Frank-
mode of conducting, lin, 140.

intrigue with a milliner,
Pennsylvania, Governor of, ap 143
proves Franklin's plan of union

opens a school, 144.
of the Colonies, 297.

quarrels with Franklin,
Pennsylvania Hospital founded, 146

Governor Denny's opin-
bill to incorporate intro-

ion of, 338.
duced, 283.

Read, Miss, first sees Franklin,
Peters, Rev. Mr., 260.

Peters, Mr., Secretary of Assem-

Franklin goes to board
bly, commissioned to treat with with her father, 116.
the Six Nations, 294.

courtship of, by Franklin

suspended, 130.

marries Rogers, a potter,
not opposed to the armed 155.
defence of the Colony, 266.

marries Franklin, 191.
anecdote respecting, 266.

Franklin's opinion of her,
address to them by Mr. 192.
Logan in favor of defending the -, poetry on her, 192.
Colony, 269.

Religious Courtship, by De Foe,
their embarrassments, 108.
270, 271.

Richardson's Pamela, 108.

Rhoads, Samuel, 262.

Shirley, General, appoints com-
Rochefoucault. See La Roche missioners to examine Frank.

lin's claims, 315.
Rogers, first husband of Miss

Franklin's comparison of,
Read, 155.

with Lord Loudoun, 343.
ran away to the West In-

anecdote of, 345.
dies, 156.

Short, Mr., named minister to
Rogier, Abbé, 376.

Holland, 37.
Romilly, Sir Samuel, inspects the Six Nations, conference with, 294.

original MS. of Franklin's Me Sloane, Sir Hans, purchases an
moirs, 39.

asbestos purse of Franklin, 143.
Rousseau, Confessions of, 17, 365. Socratic method, 99.
Royal Society, a summary of Sparks', Jared, conjectures about

Franklin's electrical experi Wm. T. Franklin's motives for
ments published in Transac delaying the publication of his
tions of, 334.

grandfather's works, 42–44, 59.
flattering conditions of Spence, Dr., Franklin purchases
Franklin's election into, 334. philosophical apparatus of, 278.
Rose, Aquila, Philadelphia prin Spottiswood, Colonel, appoints
ter, 107.

Franklin deputy postmaster,
his death, 107.

, Elegy on, 115.

Streets, cleaning, lighting and

paving of, 285, 287.

, sweeping of, proposal to
Seller & Shermy's Navigation, 98. Dr. Fothergill, 288.
De Senarmont, M., 8, 31, 38, 49, anecdote respecting street-
50, 51, 52.

sweeping, 289.
Shaftesbury, 99.

St. Clair. See Clair.
Shipley, Dr., Franklin commenced

his Memoirs while visiting, 15, TAYLOR, ABRAM, 265.

Tennent, Gilbert, 285.
friend of Franklin and of Thomas, Governor, 271.
the Colonies, 65.

offers Franklin a patent
letters about, from Dr. for his stove, 274.
Franklin, 65, 66.

conference at his house
letters from the Doctor in London, 354.
about him on hearing of his Tinck, Franklin's maître d'hôtel,
death, 66.

anecdote of, 99.
Shirley, Governor, 296.

De St. Try, M., 375.
secretary of General Tryon, author of a book recom-
Braddock, killed, 312.

mending a vegetable diet, 97.


See Academy
Union Fire Company projected

by Franklin, 250.

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VANITY considered by Dr. Frank-

lin one of the comforts of life,

Gibbon's view of, 70.

Hume's view of, 73.
Vaughan, Benj., is shown Memoirs
of Franklin, 15.

letters to, from Dr. Frank-
lin, 22, 23, 386.

Franklin asks his advice
about the Memoirs, 23.
Veillard. See Le Veillard.
Vernon gives Franklin an order
to collect some money, 122.

asks Franklin for it, 182.
Villele, M. de la, 367.

Webb, compositor in Keimer's
printing-office, 157.

Franklin's account of, 158.
Welfare, Michael, his account of

the creed of the Dunkers,

Whitefield, Rev. Mr., visits Phil-
adelphia, 251.

his popularity, 252.

church built for him,

asks money to build an
orphan asylum in Georgia, 254.

his success, 255.

his oratory, 257.
Windham, Sir Wm., asks Frank-

lin to teach his sons to swim,

Wolfe, General, 342.
Worthilake, Capt., drowning of,

Wright, Dr., wrote to a member

of the Royal Society about
Franklin's electrical experi-

ments, 334.
Wygate, Franklin teaches to

swim, 151.

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YOUNG, Dr., satire on the folly

of pursuing the Muses quoted,


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