A sketch of a tour on the continuent in the years 1786 and 1787


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Seite 117 - ... by its beauties. Nor can any defects or inconsistencies in the private character of Rousseau depreciate the refined moral and religious principles with which his works abound. Truth is truth wherever it comes from. No imperfections of humanity can discredit a noble cause; and it would be madness to reject Christianity, for instance, either because Peter denied Christ, or Judas betrayed him. "It will be hard to meet with a more edifying or more consolatory lecture on religion than the death-bed...
Seite 116 - ... so celebrated a character. Those who have only partial notions of Rousseau, may perhaps wonder to hear that his memory is cherished by any well-disposed minds. To such I beg leave to observe, that I hold in a very subordinate light that beauty of style and language, those golden passages, which will immortalize his writings ; and a faint resemblance of which is the only merit of some of his enemies. I respect him as a writer eminently favorable, on the whole, to the interests of humanity, reason,...
Seite 86 - Sans aïeux, sans fortune, sans appui, orphelin dès l'en„fance, il entra au service à l'âge de onze ans; il s'éleva, „ malgré l'envie, à force de mérite, et chaque grade fut le „prix d'une action d'éclat. Le seul titre de maréchal de „France a manqué, non pas à sa gloire, mais à l'exemple de „ceux qui le prendront pour modèle.
Seite 118 - It will be hard to meet with a more edifying or more consolatory lecture on religion than the deathbed of Julia. Her character is evidently intended as a model in this respect. By that then we should judge of its author, and not by fretful doubts and petulant expressions, the sad fruits of unjust persecution, and of good intentions misconstrued. " Nor would it be difficult to produce, from the works of Rousseau, a vast majority of passages directly in support of Christianity itself, compared with...
Seite 43 - See nations slowly wise, and meanly just, To buried merit raise the tardy bust. If dreams yet flatter, once again attend, Hear Lydiat's life, and Galileo's end.
Seite 120 - It is indeed true, that a certain morbid degree of sensibility and delicacy, added to the inequalities of a temper broken down by persecution and ill health, made Rousseau often receive apparently well-meant attentions with a very bad grace. Yet, from most of the complaints of this kind which I have heard from the parties immediately concerned, I very much suspect he was not unfrequently in the right. But, ' supposing him to have been to blame in all these instances, they occurred posterior to his...
Seite 19 - And here a new distress occurred. Many of the poor creatures, too eager in gratifying their craving appetites, fell down dead on the spot, so that the magistrates were obliged for some time to regulate the quantity of food for each person. The day after this signal deliverance, the Prince of Orange went to Ley den to express his admiration of the inhabitants
Seite 116 - Linnteus, the original of which I preserve as an inestimable relic. I need offer no apology to the candid and well-informed reader for this minuteness of anecdote concerning so celebrated a character. Those who have only partial notions of Rousseau, may perhaps wonder to hear that his memory is cherished...
Seite 95 - The most pleasing things about it were the immense shoals of very large Carp, silvered over with age, like silver fish, and perfectly tame; so that, when any passengers approached their watery habitation, they used to come to the shore in such numbers as to heave each other out of the water, begging for bread, of which a quantity was always kept at hand on purpose to feed them. They would even allow themselves to be handled.
Seite 116 - ... those misanthropic horrors and suspicions which embittered his latter days. She seemed to think the last not entirely groundless; but still, for the most part to be attributed to a something not quite right in his mind, for which he was to be pitied, not censured. Her charming daughter showed me a collection of dried plants, made and presented to her by Rousseau, neatly pasted on small writing-paper, and accompanied with their Linnaean names and other particulars.

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