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In compiling these pages use has been made of a number of valuable, if partial, collections, such as Leyden's Scottish Descriptive Poems, Chambers's Songs' of Scotland prior to Burns, Paterson's Ayrshire Contemporaries of Burns, Walker's Bards of Bon-Accord, and Harper's Bards of Galloway, to say nothing of the collections of the eighteenth century itself—Ramsay's Evergreen and Tea-Table Miscellany, Herd's Collection, and Johnson's Scots Musical Museum, &c. Independent biographies, contemporary records, and original publications by the poets themselves have, however, in most cases been available.

In order to furnish, what has not existed hitherto, a comprehensive anthology of the eighteenth century poetry of Scotland, and to render the bead-roll of the poets as complete as possible, it has been found necessary to extend the work to two volumes,

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