Narrative of the surrender of Buonaparte and of his residence on H.M.S. Bellerophon


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Seite 57 - Themistocles, to throw myself upon the hospitality of the British people. I put myself under the protection of their laws ; which I claim from your Royal Highness, as the most powerful, the most constant, and the most generous of my enemies.
Seite 249 - Not a penny. I have been content, sir, you should lay my countenance to pawn : I have grated upon my good friends for three reprieves for you and your coach-fellow, Nym ; or else you had looked through the grate, like a geminy of baboons.
Seite 209 - His eyes, light gray ; teeth good ; and when he smiled, the expression of his countenance was highly pleasing ; when under the influence of disappointment, however, it assumed a dark, gloomy cast.
Seite 45 - Majesty's ministers as to his future disposal. One of the last observations Las Cases made, before quitting the ship, was, ' Under all circumstances, I have little doubt that you will see the Emperor on board the Bellerophon...
Seite 249 - BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF BRITISH CHARACTERS deceased since the Accession of George IV. ; comprising two hundred and thirty subjects, chronologically arranged, with a List of their engraved Portraits. By WILLIAM MILLER. Handsomely printed in 2 vols. 4to.
Seite 57 - A victim to the factions which distract my country, and to the enmity of the greatest powers of Europe, I have terminated my political career, and I come, like Themistocles, to throw myself upon the hospitality of the British people.
Seite 176 - I was under shelter of the British people. " If the Government, in giving orders to the Captain of the Bellerophon to receive me as well as my suite, only intended to lay a snare for me, it has forfeited its honour and disgraced its flag.
Seite 143 - The idea of it is horrible to me. To be placed for life on an island within the tropics, at an immense distance from any land, cut off from all communication with the world, and everything that I hold dear in it ! — c'est pis que la cage de fer de Tamerlan. I would prefer being delivered up to the Bourbons. Among other insults...
Seite 188 - ... me, if he required it, to give him a copy of the order. " After having arranged that matter, I was going to withdraw, when he requested me to remain, as he had something more to say. He then began complaining of his treatment in being forced to go to St Helena; among other things he observed, * They say I made no conditions — certainly I made no conditions; how could a private man (un particulier) make conditions with a nation? I wanted nothing from them but hospitality, or (as the ancients...
Seite 256 - The MANUSCRIPT of 1814, a history of events which led to the abdication of Napoleon ; written at the command of the Emperor. By Baron FAIN, Secretary of the Cabinet, &c.

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