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Abyssinian thorn, description of, 139
Account of the Ensete plant, 203
Address to the readers at the

close of the volume, 366
On the advantages of Periodi-
cal Performances, - IB
Agriculture, benefits that may

result from the study of, *47
A friend to ditto, his observa-
tions on Mangel Wurl'el, 337
Agriculture, Arts, Literature,
&c. Intelligence respecting,
35. "7. 153. 194. 318
Alhambra, account os, 207
American States, present state

of, - - 359

Anderson James, Dr. Madras,
account of his patriotic exer-
tions, - - 183

his letter to the St.

Helena Society, 195
Anecdote of Archibald Duke

of Argyle, - 4

curious, one relating

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Banana tree, observations on, 204
Bankruptcies, thoughts on the

prevalence of, - 241

Bankrupts, cruelty arid impo-
licy of imprisoning them, lit

law proposed for their
relief, - - 484

Becket, character of, 173

Bounty on corn, the exporta-
tion of, beneficial effect of, 304
Britain, present state of, 276
Brodie Jos. his improvement

by moveable keels, If J

Mr. Burke's observations on
the present state of France, 33

Candidus, his observations on

the prevalence of error, 293
The Capcive, 215
Carteret, Lord, short character, 260
Catalogue of new publications,

with the prices, 120, l8»

Cattle, Infli, number imported

into Britain, »73
Character ofBecket by the Rev.

Mr. Berington, - 173
Character of Dr. Cullen, 164
Character, short, of Sir Robert

Walpole, 26a

Lord Cai teret, ib.

Che or Chey plant, notices of, 155
Method of cultivating it, 157
Cheeses, Parmesan, method of

making it, - - 264
Chemical nomenclature, the

French observations on, 94
Chronicle, Historical. Introducr

tion to, ys, 116, 158, 198,276

369 , ,

Cochineal, account of the at-
tempts to rear it in Asia, 193
Collection of printed papers, a
proposal for obtaining it, 12*

On Compulsory laws respecting of periodical performances, 176

marriage, 16 [Flax, machine for spinning, 319

Conjectures on Taxation by S
J. - - 213

Convention with Spain, obser-
vations on, •• I50

On Conversation, - 90

Corn laws, observations on, by
the Editor, - 304

Le Correspondent Politique <5c
Anecdotique, - • 310

Critical observations on the"
Flowers of the forest, < 121

Ct kical remarks on the Othello
of Shakespear, j6, 87,176,

Critical fed'mn Ctillcuj, oil NaS-
v oiith on industry, 244

On cruelty to animals, 211

Cullen, Dr. William, hints and
anecdotes of4 t, 45, 121. 163

Cursory view of the present
political state os Europe, y/J.


Debtors, imprisonment of, ob-
servations on, 181,329
Douglasses, Family, character of, 5
Dramatic unities, queries con-
cerning, - 141
Drawing, utility of, - 167
A Drone-hunter, - 33/

Eardappie, Adam, on personal

singularity, - 4'

1 ■ on cruelty to

animals, - 211

Earth worms, observations on, 220
Fast Indies, * 360

Ensett plant, * S03

Error, on the prevalence of, by

Candidus, 293
Europe, present political state
of, Russia 75, Sweden 77,
Germany 7 8,"Prussia 79, Po-
land no, Turkey 117, France
158, Spain 198, Grcnt Bri-
tain, 776, Portugal Switzer-
Iatd, Savoy, and Italy, ib.

farthei remarko ca the utility

[Flowers of the Forest, not an

ancient poem, - 'ij

Flowers of she Forest, observa-1

tions on, 184, 221,

France, queen of, observations

on, by Mr. Burke, - 30
France, present state of, Ij8
Franklin, his improvements in

navigation, - Il»

Friendship, on, 125

Gases, or permanently elastic
ilnids, on, - 37

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Magnesia, rcgulus of, describ-
ed, 3*°

Man, as unconnected with so-
ciety, compared with other
animals, - 127

Mangel Wurscl, observations
on, by M. M. - 26

Marine clanrs.on, 174

Maslinger's play, "a new way
to pay old debts," extract
from, -_ - 352

Metallic reguli of earths, in-
telligence respecting, 200

Farther observations on do." 32*1

Miscellaneous remarks on the
Lapwing, - 224

Miscellaneous remarks on

mole*, - ib.

Miscellaneous remarks on

Rooks, - - ib

Miscellaneous remarks on spar-
rows, &c. • ib.

Miscellaneous remarks on the
Bee by Criticusj jj4

Moles, observations on, and the
mode of destroying them, 95

Mules, miscellaneous remarks
on, 124

Molybdena, regulus of, dfc
scribed, - 347

~ Moors in Spain and Africa,
particulars concerning, 332

Native country, f»Uy of being
discontented with, 81

Natural history of animals, ex-
tract from, - 72

Newcastle, D ulte of, stiort cha-
racter of, - 186

Oats, some of the most useful
kinds particularised, 339

Observations on the church te-
nants in Scotland, 281

Observations on moles, and the
most effectual mode of ex-
tirpating them, - 95

1'anoptican penitentiary house,
outline of the plan of, 7/

Pelham, Mr. short character

of, - iSfi

Petition and complaint of the

subtenants in Scotland, 300
Piety, on the irr portance of the

principle of, - 133

Plays, English, remarks on by
Lord Gardemtoun, Iji, 198,

Pleasures of Connubial Love,

observations on, lit
Potatoes, new method of forc-
ing early, - 4!
Pownal, Captain, late of the

Apollo, anecdote of, 179*

Problem, ^Count Windisch-

gratz's, - l»5

Proceedings in France respect-
ing the establishment of civil
liberty, - 79, 158

Polybms's miscellaneous criti-
cisms, 304

, • %
Queries, additional statistical, 7


Regulus of barytesj j 25

Magnciia, 326

Chalk, 327

Molybdena, ib.

Review of Sacontala, an Indian

drama, - III, 149

Rookes, miscellaneous remarks

on, - 224

Rose of Jericho, 264
Ruprecht and Tondi, Messrs.
account of their discoveries
of metallic earths, 324

Sacontala, an Indain drama, re-
view of, J In, 149
Scottish Songs, observations

on, - - 201

Seamen, comparison: of, of dif-
ferent nations, 176
Senex on the importance of pi-

etyy - - IJJ

Shot stars, on the nature of the

substance called, T IJ*
Shrowds, new method of mend-
ing, >»

Water pipes, an efficacious me
thod of drawing off accumu-
lated air from, - '313

Wilson, Reverend James, his
method ofdecompofing Glau-
ber's salt, - 310

Windischgratz's Problem, 225

Wool, British, Society for im-
provment of, - 31-


Young, Arthur, Esq. view of
the amount of the taxes on

his estate,
Observations on do.


Address to Robert Burns,
to the Swallow,


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Silk worms, on rearing of, In

Scotland, 137

Sinclair, Sir John's address to
the Society for the improve-
ment of British wool, 31
Sketch, defciiptive, of Edin-
burgh, when viewed as a
picturesque object, 141
Sketches, characteristical, of Mr.

Fox, I

Solitary philosopher, a living

character, - 19

Songs, Scottish, on, aoi

Sparrows, miscellaneous re-
marks on, - 224
Spewing out of plants, pheno-

mena^ofexplained, 297

Statistical inquiries, observa-
tions on, . 6
Story, a Moorish one, 335
Subtenants, petition and com-
plaint of, 300
Swedish turnip, letter on, from
Doctor Coventry of Edin-
burgh, 58
Tale, Walter, ■ 231
Taxes, amount of, on the estate

of Arthur Young, Esq. 180,
Observations on do; 265

Test act, Union Parliament, 270
Tondi and Rupreeht, Messrs.
account of their discoveries
of metallic earths, 324

Varieties in Natural History,
utility of attending to with
regard to practical arts, 339
Vegetables, inquiries concern-
ing useful productious that
may be obtained from, 2ij

Walpole, Sir Robert, anecdote

of, - - 144

Walter, a tale, translated from
the French os Mr. le Grand, 231

Aldridge, Doctor, his five rea-
son* for drinking, 230
Ambition, on the vanity of, 274

Burns, Robert, address to, 110 •

Cherokee Indians, death-song

of, - 109

Cumming, extracts from his

Death song of the Cherokee

Indians, - 109

Edwin the comedian, on the

death of, 230

Egremont, Earl oi his fair

thief, JX

Fair thief, by the late Earl of

Egremont, 71

Happiness, 'a poem, extracts

from, 187

Hill, Aaron, prologue by, 179
Horace imitated, 148

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Johnson, Dr. S. his address to \
Mr. Urban, - a°

Kate o' Bruntsficld links, 357

Lammy, a favourite new song,
14 7, 200

Lark, a sonp, 3J7

Lover's wisti, - 3*7


Mafiinger's play, " a new way

to pay old debts," extract

from, 351


Night thoughts a fragment, 449

Nothing new, 148

Ode to content, 3M.6

attributed to Horace,

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L by Aaron Hill,

Shakespeare, prologue by,
verses on,

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with its translation,

Sonnet from Werter,
Swallow, address to,

Tale for the ladies, 69

Urban, Mr. address to, by Dr.
S. Johnston, - 49

Vanity of ambition, 474

Verses on the death of Lady
Mitchell, 5 3T5

Werter, Sonnet from, 430 ■

White Rosa g aa8

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