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Old Johnny Wolgar, 237.

Journey to Bethlem, 160.

Old Margate Hoy, 21.

The stones they raise,' 161.

Opium, English, 218.

* David the king is mad with grief,' 162.

Opium-eater ; see Notes.

The Christian Captive, 164.

Orations, Irving's, review of, 186.

Durandarte, 166.

Orford's Royal and Noble authors, addi. • O my comrade,' 166.

tions to, No. VII_Lord Arundel, 605. She sleeps.' 167.

Orleans, Charles, Duke of, 301.

• If laws fulfil a monarch's will,' 167.

Oxford, pictures at, 509.

« The Boy-god slept by the lullaby,'

Oxley, Mr., his expedition into the interior 168.

of America, 468.

6 Bonnie Andrew Laurie,' 197.

• Alas for the Laurie,' 199.

Sonnet from Filicaja, 252.

Scene from Æschylus' Agamemnon,


Painters : Rembrandt, 32-Poussin, 33–

Rubens, 33, 510_Paul Veronese, 34–

Sonnet, on seeing a Greek at Vauxhall,


Claude, 34, 357–Titian, 35, 509, 512

Elegiac Stanzas, by an officer on his re-

-Murillo, 35—Reynolds, 35-Van-

turn to England, 284.

dyke, 358, 511-Guido, 358.

Perkins' Steam-Engine, 327.

Hugh Heron, 295.

Petworth, 360.

Birthday Verses, from Tollens, 300.

Translations from the French of Charles

Phrenology, 541-compared with meta-

of Orleans, 302.

physics, 543—reply to objections against

Verses on the death of Bloomfield, by
ditto, not at variance with revelation,

B. Barton, 347, (L. H.)


The Negro's Euthanasia, 356.

Philosophy, tests of new systems, 94-

A Chit-chat Letter on Men and Things,

errors respecting new systems of, 95.


Pictures, collections of : Lord Grosvenor's,

Sonnet from the Italian of Passerini,

32— Wilton, Stourhead, &c. 357–0x.


ford and Blenheim, 509.

Scene from Sophocles' Electra, 373.

Plagiaries, poetical, 597.

My gallant Roland Cheyne,' 423.

Poetic school of tragedy, 279.

Sonnet of the moon, 428.

Poetry, dramatic; see Letters.

The Fate of Hylas, 429.

Poetry :

Ballad from Villon, 436.

Whene'er we part from those we love.'

Sonnet from the Italian of Bembo, 477.

3, (L. H.)

Romance of Count Alarcos, 465.

Sonnet, by a person who never could

Sonnets from Guittone d'Arezzo, 502.

write one, 4, (L. H.)

Scene from Euripides' Orestes, 504.

The Chace, a Dramaticle, 10.

Old Corehead's Fire-side, 513.

Stanzas: "I blame not her,' 25.

Sonnet to C, 574. (L. H.)

The Elgin Gallery, 26.

Ode on the death of Marco Bozzari, 575,

Stanzas: "I knew not that the world

Translations from Chênedollé, 582.

contained,' 36.

from Westerbaen, 45.

Shepherdess of early spring,' 593.

'Who'll buy a heart,' 594.

Sonnet : Sweet brook! I've met thee

O thou gay spring time,' 595.

many a summer's day,'46.

In the vale of Pisuerga,' 47.

How calm, how sweet the plain,' 595.

• Come let us eat and drink to-day,'576.

Go gentle missive,' 51.

Serenade, 596.

• She stood with an ivory comb,' 53.

Song, " 'Twas not when early flowers

If I in foreign lands should die,' 54.

• Mother list,' 54.

were springing,' 604.


• I come from the rose-grove,' 55.

Spring, Summer, Autumn,'


They say they'll to my wedding go,'

Scene from Euripides' Medea, 611


Don Saavedra, a Dramatic Story, 617.

• Ye laughing streamlets,' 56.

To his Mistress's Lips, from Chiabrera,

• I will not gather the vervain sweet,' 56.


· Art thou sleeping, maiden ?' 56.

Sonnet from Petrocchi, 652.

The Flower Spirit, 131.

Metastasio, 653.

From Brederode, ‘My love is now float-

Fiamma, 653.

ing away from me,' 142.

Canst thou so soon Poetry, French, errors respecting, 578.
unkindly sever ?' 143.

Poets ; see French, Italian.
Two Sonnets to Mary, 148.

Porson, conversation between him and
The Marriage Act of Olympus, 149. Southey, 5.
• What shall the land produce ? ' 158. Portraits, thoughts on, 40.
Lady, star of brightest ray,' 159. Potato, its native country, 443.

Prose-poetry, 645, 648.

Schiller, life and writings of, 381 ; his
Prostitution, female, 256.

Robbers, 387–Fiesco, 395_Court İn-

Proverbs, 496.

trigue and Love, 399.

Public Events : Spain, 102—attempt of Science, progress of, 95, 215, 327, 443,

Bessieres to occupy Madrid ; possession 553, 657.
taken of it by the French ; proclamation Scoresby's magnetical discoveries, 329.
of the Duke d'Angoulême, and address Scott, his imagery, 599, 600 ; imitations,
to him, 103_Popular excesses in the 602.
capital, Mina, removal of Ferdinand from Scripture poetry, Ruth, 413.

Seville, 104-Portugal, counter-revo- Sexes, difference of character in, 413.

lution, 106-Spanish Committee, par- Sea-roamers, 237.

liamentary proceedings, conduct of the Shakspeare, his peculiar excellence, ' 356,

Sheriff of Dublin, &c. state of Ireland, 410, 417–His plays ineffectively repre-

106_Removal of Ferdinand to Cadiz, sented on the stage, 550—Alterations of

Sir J. Downie's plot at Seville, sitting of his text by performers, 552-Ducis'

the Cortes at Cadiz, 219-Defection of translations from, 579–Remarks on a

Morillo, 220–Mina, Angoulême Re- passage in the Tempest, 492-note on

gency, 221-Portugal, entry of the king ditt, 635.

into the capital, Sir Robert Wilson, 222 Signs, remarks on, 41.

-Affairs in Greece, 223_Illness of the Sir Hugh Heron, 285.

Pope; Mexico ; Sierra Leone ; parlia- Solar light and heat, 659.

mentary proceedings, 224 King's Solima territory, 217.

speech; Ireland, 226—Spain, 330. Sonnets, defence of Sir P. Sydney's, 248.

Transactions at Corunna, 331_Sir Ro. Sophocles, scene from his Electra, 373.

bert Wilson and Morillo, 332–The Sorrento, visit to, 13; the Piano, 17; Villa

Duke d’Angoulême, 333-Affairs at Stinca, 18–Arco di Sant'Elia, 150 ;

Cadiz, 334- Disturbances at Madrid,

peasantry, 153.

defection of Ballasteros, 335_Mina; Southey, conversation between him and

Greece, success of the Greeks, 336 Porson, 5%Letter to, by Elia, 400-

Portugal; Rome; Prussia ; Ireland, passages from his Vision of Judgment,

337–Prince Hohenlohe, 338—Capitu- 599—and Kehama, 601.

lation of Corunna, affairs at Cadiz, 446- Spanish Romances, No. IV, 47—No. V,

Capture of the Trocadero, 447—the An. 158—No. VI, 485—No. VII, 593.

dujar decree, 448—South America, Por. Steam-engine, Perkins, 327.
tugal, 449—Greece; United States ; Ire- Stewart, Dugald, 90.
land, 450—Domestic Occurrences, 451 Walking, 253; his opinions, 255;

Spain; Surrender of Cadiz, 557-Cap- lofty opinion of himself, 256; a man of
ture of Riego and San Miguel ; Duke genius but not of talent, 260.
d'Angoulême's letter to Ferdinand and Stomach, influence of its organs on the
reply, 55&liberation of Ferdinand ; his mental faculties, 258.
proclamation, 559— Insurrection of the Stonehenge, 357.
Negroes in the West Indies, 561_North Stourhead, pictures at, 357.
West Passage, New Pope, 562_Spain, Suicide, remarks on, 498.
660-conduct of Ferdinand, and his de- Sydney, Sir P., his sonnets, 329.
crees, 661-submission of the constitu.
tional chiefs, 662surrender of Barce-
lona ; baseness of Morillo and Ballas.
teros, 663-execution of Riego, 664- Tales: Yorkshire Alehouse, 69—The
dangerous state of the King of France ; Dice, 117–Andrew Laurie's return,
Napoleon's will; Greece, 665_Ame- 193—Sir Hugh Heron, 285--The
rica; Domestic : Weare's murder ; Doomed Man, 306– The Lucrece of
Castaing's trial ; Ireland, 666.

France, 365 - Lord Roland Cheyne,

Pursuits of Literature, strictures on that 418—The King of Hayti, 517—The

work, 5.

Curse of Coldengame, 621.

Tanning, 660.

Reformadoes, 496.

Tasso's house, 16.

Review: Irving's Orations, 186_Trans. Tempest, on a passage in the, 492; Note

actions of the Phrenological Society, 541

on ditto, 635.

-Peak Scenery, 616.

Terminology of Kant, 93.

Rhodes' Peak Scenery, 616.

Tollens, Dutch poet, 273—— Translation

Ricardo, Mr. 587.

from, 300.

Robbers, Schiller's play of the, 387. Tragedy, Greek, scenes from, 262, 373,
Koman cement, 444.

503, 611.

Ruth, character of, 413.

English, see Dramatists—Diffe.

rent schools of Tragedy, 275—Dramatic
Salerno, bay of, 20.

proper, 276, Rhetoric, 276—Poetic, 278
Sardanapalus, tragedy of, 135.

-Rhetoric-poetic, 282.

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