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-Spaniards ; but the answer which from Seville to Cadiz. We have they received from the pre-purchased been able to glean from French patraitor was, “ that the Spaniards pers, and from private letters the were able to fight their own cause !” following particulars of his death. Our readers may rely on it, that this Our readers will not fail to remark statement rests on no light authority, the hyæna ferocity with which these and the very humblest of them will monsters of the Faith violated even not be at a loss to conceive what the the habitations of the dead, to inflict consequences of such a defection a posthumous revenge upon their might have proved, at such a time, enemies. At ten o'clock on the to the Duke d’Angoulême. As to morning of the 5th, Riego was led Ferdinand's rejection of these men into the burning chapel, a room after having profited by their treason lighted up and filled with funeral it is quite consistent with his whale emblems. Here he remained during conduct-he cannot be grateful even two nights and a day, during which to the base. We now come, in the awful time his firmness never forcourse of our melancholy duty, to sook him for a moment. The only record the fate of the unfortunate expression in reference to his fate Riego, if, indeed, we can call him which escaped him was, “ may God unfortunate, who has died in the ful- . grant that my death may conduce to ness of his fame, and in the service the happiness and tranquillity of of his country. Death has only Spain!" On the 7th he was led forth placed his name beyond the reach of to execution in the humiliating manevery human vicissitude-it now ner to which we have before alluded; must be immortal. After his incar- yet all produced no further effect ceration in one of Ferdinand's dun- than to prove still more the serenity geons, he was consigned to the care, with which virtue can suffer; a it seems, of a personal enemy, and murmur never escaped him. Amongst treated with every indignity which the mob of savages whose demeanour individual malice and political bigotry was marked by particular ferocity, could devise. On his trial, a trial were many who not very long be where his most infuriate enemies fore had hailed him in these very constituted his tribunal, the Spanish streets as el heros de las cabezas.' Attorney-General, in the true spirit. On mounting the scaffold his legs of his employer, demanded, not appeared feeble, they were swelled merely his death, but that his body from previous illness and the weight should be divided into four quarters, of his irons. He died with characand distributed in different parts of teristic intrepidity, and on his death Spain. The sentence pronounced on being announced, the Priests and him by the Second Chamber of the Monks who crowded round the gibSenores Alcaldes of the Royal House bet set up a loud “ viva." No doubt hold and Court was, however, mere heaven heard its ministers. The ly a condemnation to the gibbet, and French Commander had filled the that he should be conducted to the streets with numerous detachments, place of execution, passing through a precaution which appeared very nethe most frequented streets of the cessary, as many of the rabble were metropolis. That this sentence lost observed with arms under their nothing of its bitterness from any cloaks. On All-saints day, crowds of compunction of humanity on the part the Royalists rushed to the churchof the Christian band who officiated yards, and after erasing with their on the occasion, we may learn from sabres the epitaphs of the Constithe fact, that he was placed on a tutionalists, they dragged the dead hurdle and drawn by an ass to the bodies of Sievra, Pamblei, and Lauscaffold! The windows of Madrid daburu out of their graves and tore were crowded with Monks to witness them in pieces!! The unfortunate the spectacle ; and these worthy Mi- widow and brother of Riego are in nisters of a God of mercy are repre- London. The brother had long since sented as having enthusiastically solicited a personal interview of the cheered the work of murder ! The Prince de Polignac, which was renominal accusation under which fused on the plea of unavoidable Riego was tried, was his having been absence from London. The unhappy a party to the removal of the King relatives then drew up a petition to

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the King of France, on the 17th of hien. Savary has in consequence October, to which no answer was been excluded from the Thuilleries, returned; and on the 14th of No- and Talleyrand is welcomed quite as vember, they had forwarded to Mr. warmly as in the times of the ReCanning, a memorial to Chateau- public and the Empire. Surely this briand, supplicating his interference, man's clubbed foot was intended as but just as it was about to be dis- symbolic-it should be no more ex patched, the news of the victim's pede Herculem, but ex pede Talleydeath arrived at the Foreign Office! rand. We mistake much, however, Riego was only in his 38th year. It if there is not a document now in will be seen that Louis did not even London, which may throw more deign an answer to this afflicted lady. light upon this matter than his reThe following accountof his own state, verence the Prince of Benevento proves that the feelings of Chris- wishes-we allude to the will of Natianity ought to be nearer his heart. poleon. After all, the public may It is admitted as correct even by our yet peruse this curious document, as Ministerial journals. “ There are it seems the causes of its suppression probably few instances of a patient hitherto, namely the hopes of certain living so long as his Majesty, in a legatees, are likely to vanish. We state so deplorable. His chest is have heard on pretty good authority entirely filled with water; his body that General Montholon, who lately is a mass of corruption; and the flow set out on his travels to Vienna, was from his lower extremities is so great, stopped by an imperial mandate at that it penetrates, in a quarter of an Genoa, and that the Emperor hour, a double covering of flannel, Francis has followed this measure besides a wrapping of bark and cots up by a demand of all Napoleon's ton, and passes to the footstool on property, in the name of his widow which he rests them. When left alone and son, alleging that he had no for a few minutes, he is found in a right to make a will at the time of lethargic slumber-he even sleeps his decease. This we have every in his carriage when he takes an air- reason to give the fullest credit to, ing. He can scarcely move his legs, and, if it be true, is not unlikely to and has lost the usual energy of his lead to some unexpected discloarms - his head reclines on

his shoulder as if he had lost the power There is nothing new on the subof voluntary motion. In the mean ject of the Greeks since our last. while, the smell arising from his legs There was a report on the authority and body, in a state of approaching of an article from Leghorn, that dissolution, is painful to himself, and Mavrocordato had been torn to pieces sometimes overpowering to his ate in a popular commotion which origina tendants. His servants and ministers ated in a proposal on his part, to cannot remain long in the room or place Greece under the protection of Cabinet where he receives them.” England. The story was not very Such is the state of a man who is probable, and has since been consaid to have refused an answer to a tradicted. There is, however, anopetition for mercy! We should have ther report by the way of Venice, thought, perhaps, he was too busy stating that the Greek fleet had been ir intercessions for himself, were we defeated by the Algerines; this is not told that he is occupied in ar- not very probable either, but we give ranging measures for the public entry it as it has reached us. Accounts of the Duke d'Angoulême into Paris from the West Indies state that DeIt is far from improbable, that the merara had resumed its former echo of the joy bells niay not cease tranquillity, and preparations were ere the sound of the death bell making for the trial of some misbegins. Even were the laurels of sionaries, with wbom the late insurvictory such as those which bloomed rection is said to have originated. so thickly on the brow of Napoleon, The late motions, however, in the the very name of Riego would wither House of Commons on the subject them. We find, also, that Louis is of the Slave Trade, have excited busy in deciding between the respec- such a spirit amongst all the islands, tive merits of Savary and Talley- that Government is about to send rand, in the affair of the Duke d’Eng- large military reinforcements thither.


Our military establishment is in con- they may be said already to have sequence to be increased by an ad been pre-judged and convicted. It dition of ten thousand men.

is, indeed, almost impossible for a Great preparations are making in jury, even with the very best intenAmerica for the election of a Presi- tions, to come to the consideration of dent. Amongst the candidates we this charge with minds so perfectly unobserve the name of their celebrated biassed as their heavy responsibility General, Jackson. Some, however, would demand of them. The odious of the more violent of the democratic desire of gain has gone so far upon party, are averse to the election of a this occasion, as to induce the mamilitary governor. Their last papers nagers of one of the minor theatres mention a fact of considerable com- to make the minutiæ of the murder mercial importance, namely, the the subject of a dramatic represenopening of the great canal which tation. A rule has been granted connects the Hudson river with lake for a criminal information against Erie, thus establishing a safe water them in the King's Bench, and the communication between the line of Magists ates have very properly proAmerican lakes and the Atlantic, hibited the future exhibition of this through the state of New York. The spectacle. Under such circumstandebt incurred by the state of New ces, our readers will, we are sure, York, in the progress of this great give us credit for the motive which undertaking, is to be repaid by the prohibits our publication till the proproceeds of the canal itself, the over- per time arrives, feeling, as we do, plus of which is subsequently to be that human beings so heavily accused applied to the education of youth, ought at least to be allowed that and to internal improvements. impartial trial which has ever dis

Our domestic news for this month tinguished our criminal tribunals. It is very limited. The public mind is rather a singular coincidence, that has been much agitated, and indeed at the very same period, a trial for almost totally absorbed by the details murder should have been proceeding of a' very barbarous murder, com- in Paris, which seems, in an almost mitted in Hertfordshire, on a person equal degree, to have interested that of the name of Weare. This infor- metropolis. The accused was a phytunate man had it seems been invited sician of the name of Castaing, and together with one John Thurtell, and he was charged with poisoning two a public singer of the name of Hunt, brothers called Ballet, and of subto take a day's shooting at the cottage tracting a testamentary document. of a Mr. Probert, in that county, and The poison used, was called acetate on his way thither was murdered, as de morphine, and though the bodies is suspected, by Hunt or Thurtell. were carefully examined, not a trace There are

some circumstances of of it could be found. The most peculiar atrocity connected with this eminent scientific professors in France event, but considering the proximity were examined, and their evidence of the trial, and the exasperated went strongly to exculpate the acstate of the public mind, we do not cused. He was, however, found think it proper to add to the preju- guilty of poisoning one of the brodice already excited by their publi- thers, by a majority of seven to five cation. Next month the trial will of the jury, and condemned to death. most likely have taken place, and The more humane spirit of English we may then, without detriment to law requires an unanimous verdict. any party, communicate more full Castaing has appealed to the Court of particulars. While on this subject Cassation, but with no great chance we cannot avoid reverting to, and of success. reprobating the conduct of the public The news from Ireland represents press, with respect to the unhappy that country as comparatively tranmen accused of this atrocity; Every quil—the tranquillity of exhaustion. detail of their previous lives has been Parliament has been prorogued to over and over again reiterated, every the 3d of February, when it meets anecdote which can tend to their pre- for the dispatch of business. judice has been repeated, and prac- Mr. Daniel Whittle Harvey, the tices at which humanity revolts so late member for Colchester, has been positively imputed to them, that sentenced to three months' imprison


ment, and 2001. fine, for a libel on his and turnips, by the luxuriant growth of Majesty.

Nov. 24. clover among the barley straw.

But it may be said, that the power the

farmer possesses to hold his stock must be

Nov. 24. considered, and the assistance which the We have lately inspected a series of cor- country banker, in consequence of the respondence relative to the crop of this abundance of money, and of better prosyear, containing facts of the utmost im- pects, may be induced to lend him. · These portance, for these letters convey certain circumstances will operate, in some degree, information of the deficiency of the late to produce a rise. harvest, both as to quality and quantity. It is extraordinary, that during the eleven They are from gentlemen largely engaged weeks following the harvest of 1822, when in agriculture and the corn-trade, and the importation coastwise into the London who have spared neither trouble nor ex- market was much greater than the impense in obtaining the most correct intel. portation of this year, the prices (even in ligence. They include accurate reports the face of an acknowledged crop) should irom the northern, western, some of the rise from 398. 11d. to 428. 3d. per quarter, midland, and some of the eastern counties while in the eleven weeks succeeding the of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, harvest of this year (although the harvest and, by their agreement, give strong con

is stated to have failed both in point of firmation of the truth of their statements. quantity and quality) the prices have deThe deficiency appears in some districts to creased from 59s. Ild. to 52%. 10d. It be a fifth, and, in others, a third, as com- should seem, therefore, from these facts, pared with the crop of last year. The that at present there appears to be no gequantity of really fine wheat harvested is, neral belief in the market of the probaaccording to these reports, very inconsider. bility of a deficiency of supply. If, able, while the general character is rough, however, the opinion of a rise should be inferior, ordinary, and in some counties come general, joined to the recollection even shrivelled and lean. A proportion is of what the farmers who sold early last stated to be got up very damp, and will re- year suffered, the supply will be lesquire a considerable time ere it be in a fit sened, and, in this case, the quantity of scate to bring to market. The only coun- corn thrown upon the market in the early ties supposed to have an average crop are part of the year will be greatly increased, Norfolk, Essex, and Lincolnshire. "The which will tend to equalize the supply. general opinion held by these merchants, According to the various reports for this appears to be that the price will rise con- month, the wheat sowing appears to have siderably, and they draw this inference gone on very favourably, and those wheats from the probability of a deficient supply which are up have a very healthy appearfrom the increased consumption as to bulk, arising from the inferiority of the The importations during the month have corn producing less Aour-from the in- averaged weekly: wheat, 6670; barley, creased consumption of wheaten flour, oc- 3565; oats, 7077; peas, 1595; flour, casioned by its cheapness - from the short. 8236. ness of the hay crop—from the unusually There has been an importation of foreiga bare state of the London markets, and flour of 2525 sacks ; of foreign wheat, from the failure of the potatoe crop.

To about 500 quarters; and of Irish oats, our minds, however, any considerable rise 7230 quarters; wheat has advanced about is by no means certain. The harvest of 48. for prime samples ; barley is up 3s. for this year being full a month later than that good malting samples; oats scarcely any of the preceding, caused a demand for at alteration, but rather on the decline; peas least the supply of that period, beyond have risen about 3s. that of 1822. Even after this unusual At Winchester Michaelmas Fair there consumption, a considerable quantity of old was a large show of sheep, which were sold wheat still remained on hand in some at the same prices as those at Weyhill. places, and from the constant supply of There was an abundant supply of cheese, water to the mills, as well as from the and the horse fair was well attended. At blowing winds which have prevailed, during Salisbury, although the usual quantity of the spring and summer, a large quantity of cheese was pitched, half remained unsold, flour was thrown upon the market. If also while at Gainsborough, full a hundred tons the harvest of next year should take place of cheese were brought to market, and not at the usual period, the time will be short. 10 were unsold ; it fetched good prices. At ened from a month to six weeks, and the Warminster, the fair was well attended, both demand consequently will be so much the by buyers and sellers, and both sheep and less.

cheese sold readily ; a great deal of business The failure of the potatoe crop is in was transacted. some measure met by the abundant crop of The prices in the Smithfield market have barley and oats, and the failure in the hay improved, and fine beasts fetch a gouil



price, but inferior sorts find good buyers. 2,000 bags, but without any alteration of Beef averages about 3s. & stone. Mutton prices. The East India Company have and veal from 38. 6d. to 4s.

declared a sale of 441 Bengals for the 12th December - At Liverpool in five weeks,

October 18 to November 22, the sales London, Nov. 25.

were about 40,000 bags, the arrivals

25,500. Notwithstanding the fears that some per

Sugar.-The state of the market has sons have entertained, that the French

been on the whole very satisfatory to the having re-established King Ferdinand in

holders. Extensive sales have been made, the possession of absolute power, would and at an advance, at the end of last month, immediately afford powerful assistance to

of ls. to 28. which has been since mainenable Spain to recover her lost colonies, tained; though the demand afterwards it is pretty certain that the English go- slackened, which might be expected after vernment entertains no fears of any the large sales, no reduction took place, such interference: for not only are. Con- and it is presumed that prices will keep up suls, Vice-Consuls, and Conmissioners for a time, because on comparing the stock to the new governments appointed, but a in hand, with that of the same time last Deputation of Merchants interested in the year, there appears to be a deficiency of trade to South America having waited on

12,000 casks, which is likely to amount Mr. Canning and Mr. Huskisson, have re- to 18,000 by Christmas, as no importation ceived, it is said, the most satisfactory an

of any consequence can be expected. In swers to their inquiries, respecting the pre- this last week, though prices have been sumed intentions of France, with the as- steady, there has been more disposition in surance that the French naval force in the the holders to sell. It is remarkable that West Indies was not considerable, and refined sugars have in general been much was on the point of being diminished, and

too low, in proportion to the prices of Musthat the armament fitting out at Brest was covades. Yesterday and to-day, however, on a very small scale, calculated merely there has been a considerable improvement, to carry out a few hundred men to rein- scarcely any lumps to be had under 798. force the garrisons; and the deputation The accounts from the continent are more having represented, that many valuable favourable, and the advances since last ships were ready to sail for South America, week are 18. to 2s. per cwt. Molasses 285. which it would be better to keep at home, if

Coffee.-The demand has been consi. there were any cause of alarm, the Ministers derable and prices rather higher. Last are stated to have replied, that they saw

week the market was brisk and prices adno reason for suspending the departure of vancing, and the holders continue santhose vessels. We trust that a new and guine, expecting a further improvement. extensive field for British commerce will be

Tallow, with a trifling advance at the opened in that part of the world, and have beginning of the month, has been heavy only to repeat what we have said on former of sale; the price to-day is about 36s. 6d. occasions, that it is to be hoped a too great Rum has been in a very depressed state eagerness of competition may not frustrate for a length of time, the unexpected declathe well grounded expectations that may ration of a government contract for 100,000 be reasonably conceived, if the quantity gallons, at the beginning of this month, and quality of the consignments are duly excited hopes of an advance : it was taken regulated according to the probable de

at 18. 30d. During this last week conmand.

siderable purchases have been made of Cotton.-The demand for Cotton con

strong Jamaica, and at higher prices : 'the tinued to be very fair for two or three weeks demand for low qualities and Leewards has after our last report, and at prices rather been more limited, but on the whole the below those of the August sale, the holders market is firm and improving. Brandy on being induced to submit to a reduction as the quay 2s. 11d. with expectations of an the prompt approached, so that pretty large advance, as the demand and prices are quantities of East India were taken, both improving in France. Best pale Geneva for home consumption and by speculators ; 28. 4d. the quantity sold in the fortnight ending

Tobacco is improving in demand and the 11th of November was about 8000 price; 500 hogsheads of Kentucky have bags. Though the holders must have been been sold within this week, at an advance relieved by those sales, they continued in of nearly Ad. per lb. the following week to bring forward further

Oils.-Fish oils have fluctuated but litquantities, at a reduction of fd. per lb. on

tle, having been 191., 191 10s. and 191. Surat, which was sold fd. per lb. below They have not varied this week.Seed the August sale, and Bengals, gd. In the oils are in demand at higher prices. week ending to-day, the sales have been

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