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firm: but in the week ending the vily, the St. Domingo being mostly 16th instant, in consequence of fa- taken in; the prices of the Coffee vourable accounts from Liverpool, a which sold were, however, fully as brisk speculative demand began, and high as last week, but there was no the sales amounted to 11,000 bales: animation in the biddings; good ore viz.—6000 Surats, middling, 6d.; dinary Jamaica, 80s. à 838.; fine fair, 6d. a 6 d. ; good fair, id. á ordinary, 84s. 6d. a 85s.6d.; fine fine 74d. ; good, 7fd. a 7d. ; 3000 Ben- ordinary, 938. a 95s.; ordinary midgals, ordinary, 5gd. 6?d.; mid-dling, 1025. a 1025. 6d.; middling to dling, 5 d. a 6d.; fair, 6fd. a 6gd.; good middling, 1075. a 110s. 6d. ; good fair, 6d. a 6sd.; 2000 Madras, good ordinary pale St. Domingo was fair, 6 d. a 6 d.; good fair, 7d. a 7 d.; taken in, 835. a 84s.; the fine ordigood, 7 d. å 7d., all in bond; in nary sold at 85s. other descriptions only 120 Boweds, Hemp, Flax, and Tallow. - The middling to fair, 8£d. a 8 d.; and Tallow market has been


steady, 25 Pernams, 12d., also in bond. The and was very brisk a week ago, yelsales in the week ending to-day have low candle being at 39.5., and in the been trifling, but the holders con- course of last week it rose to 41s. tinue very firm, expecting a speedy The favourable accounts of the fishimprovement. At Liverpool the eries have occasioned a fall, and 40s. sales from 16th August to 20th Sep- is now the nearest price. Hemp has tember, were 53,880 bags, the arrivals been steady in price. nearly 46,000.

Oils.The Brunswick, of Hull, Sugar.-The business done at the arrived with thirty-six Fish, a full beginning of the month was not con- ship, gives a general and most fasiderable, the holders being very vourable account of the other vessels; firm, and the prices on the whole in- Whale Oil has been offered at 221., clined to rise. The most sales were but there are not any buyers: prices effected in the week before last, when are now expected to go very low. In about 4000 casks of Muscovades Seed Oils there is no alteration. were sold. Last week the demand Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.The for good and fine Muscovades was advertisement of the Government considerable, but inferior qualities contract for 100,000 gallons caused were rather lower. There was a the demand to become brisker last great demand last week for lumps week, but to day the market is for Hamburg at an advance of is. heavy. Brandy, which was heavy per cwt. This morning the market on account of the favourable reports looks well.

of the vintage, has become more firm. Coffee.—The sales have on the For the best marks free on board to whole been considerable, and some arrive, 38. 2d.; housed, 38. 3d. to 3s. fluctuations have taken place in the 4d. is the nearest price. prices, which were rather higher at

The East India Company's quarthe beginning of this month ; but terly sale of Indigo is fixed for 7th there has been a considerable reduc- October, and the Spice sale for 10th tion (from 4s. to 6s. per cwt.) and November. the sales this morning went off hea

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press :- from Mr. Westall's Designs, for the Bri

First Steps to Botany, intended as popu- tish Anthology, or Poetical Present, delar IMustrations of the Science leading to signed, with considerable variations of maits Study as a Branch of general Education. terials and arrangement, as an exemplar of By James L. Drummond, MD.

the once popular Dodsley's Collection. A new work from the pen of Miss Por. The Night before the Bridal, and other ter, Author of Thaddeus of Warsaw, Poems. By Miss Garnett, in an octavo Scottish Chiefs, &c. in 3 Vols. 12mo. en- volume. titled Duke Christian of Luneberg; or, The Eighth Volume of the Annual Traditions from the Hartz.

Biography and Obituary. · Mr. Sharpe is preparing Engravings A Geognostical Essay on the Superposition of Rocks in both Hemispheres. By days. By the Author of the Peurage and M. de Humboldt. And translated into Baronetage Charts. English under his immediate inspection. The Regular publication of the Ency,

Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in clopædia Edinensis will be resumed and the New Zealand. By Captain A. Cruise, of work completed within the original limits. the 84th Regt. I Vol. 8vo.

Part XIX. will be ready in October. The Stranger's Grave. 1 Vol. 12mo. Blackstone's Commentaries :-a Trans

Sir J. E. Smith, President of the Lin- lation of all the Greek, Latin, Italian, and nean Society, &c. &c. has nearly ready for French Sentences, Phrases, &c. which ocpublication the first portion of his English cur in the above Work, and also in the Flora.

Notes of Christian, Archbold, and Wil. The Second Edition, with Corrections liams. and Additions, ot Miss Benger's Memoirs A Treatise on the Law of Libel. By of Mary Queen of Scots, with Anecdotes Richard Mence, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. of the Court of Henry, the Second, during Extracts from Various Greek Authors, her Residence in France. In 2 Vols. 8vo. with English Notes and Lexicon, for the with a genuine Portrait, never before en. Use of the Junior Greek Class in the Unigraved, and a fac-simile.

versity of Glasgow. In 1 Vol. 8vo. Hurstwood; a Tale of the Year 1815. A Panoramic View of the City of EdinIn 3 Vols. 12mo.

burgh, and Surrounding Country, beauci, Country Belles, or, Gossips outwitted. fully printed in Chalk by Simoneau, and

Dr. Meyrick's work on Ancient Armour, handsomely coloured on Imperial drawing in three Volumes, Imperial 4to. will be paper, size 90 inches long by 21 inches published on the 1st of October.

wide. Memoirs of the late Pope, including the A Critical Analysis of the Rev. E. Irvwhole of his Private Correspondence with ing's Orations and Arguments, &c. inter. Napoleon Buonaparte, taken from the Ar, spersed with Remarks on the Composition chives of the Vatican, with many other hi- of a Sermon. By Philonous Dedicated therto unpublished Particulars of his event to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lonful Reign. By Mr. Bernard Cohen. don.

The first Number of a Zoological Jour- Elements of Arithmetic, for the Use of nal, to be continued quarterly and edited the Grammar School, Leeds, and adapted by Thomas Bell, Esq. FLS. John George to the general Object of Education. By Children, Esq. FR. and LS. James de George Walker, AM. Late Fellow of Carle Sowerby, Esq. FLS. and G. B. Trinity College, Cambridge, and Head Sowerby, FLS.

Master of the Grammar School, Leeds. Dictionary of English Quotations, in Second Edition. 3 Parts : Part the First, containing quota- The Star in the East, with other Poems. tions from Shakspeare, will appear in a few By Josiah Conder. 1 Vol. foolscap 8vo.

History and Biography.

11. 58. ; large Paper, 21. 10s.; India Proofs, Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural His. 31. 138. 6d. tory Society. Vol. 4—for the Years 1821 Interesting Roman Antiquities recently -22–23. Part JI. with 7 Engravings. discovered in Fife, ascertaining the site of Price 108. 6d.

the Great Battle fought betwixt Agricola The Edinburgh Annual Register for and Galgacus. By the Rev. Andrew Small 1821. Vol. 14. Parts I and II. 8vo. 16. 1s. Edenshead. 8vo. 108. 6d.

The World in Miniature; edited by The Prometheus Chained of Æschylus, Frederic Shoberl. Japan, containing Il- literally translated into English Prose; from lustrations of the Character, Manners, Cus- the Text of Blomfield. By J. W.C. Edtoms, &c. of the People of that Empire, wards, MA. 88. with 20 coloured Engravings. 1 Vol. 8s. A Guide to the Giants' Causeway, and Miscellaneous.

the North East Coast of the County of The Medea of Euripides, literally trang, Antrim. By the Rev. G. N. Wright, AM. lated into English Verse, froin the Text of 6s. foolscap. Porson ; with the original Greek, the Me- Journal of the Private Life and Conver. tres, the Order, and English Accentua, sations of the Emperor Napoleon at St tion, with Notes for the Use of Students. Helena. By the Count de Las Casas. By J. W. C. Edwards, MA. 8s.

Vols. 7 and 8. 8vo. Il. ls. Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey : A Letter of Advice to his Grand-children richly embellished with numerous highly Matthew, Gabriel, Anne, Mary, and finished Engravings and spirited Wood- Frances Hale. By Sir Matthew Hale, cuts. By John Rutter, Shaftesbury. 410. Lord Chief Justice in the Reign of Charles II. The Second Edition. Printed from 14, 15, and -16, containing Cecilia ; or an original Manuscript, and collated with, Memoirs of an Heiress. By Miss Burney. the Copy in the British Museum.

3 Vols. 98. boards. The East India Military Calendar, con- Novels and Tales of Author of Waverley, taining the Services of General and Field, 12 Vols. 18mo. with 12 Plates, from Officers of the Indian Army. 4to. 21. 108. Leslie. 41. 4s. Letters to Marianne. By Wm. Combe,

Thcology. Esq. Author of the Tour of Dr. Syntax in

Baxter's Practical Works, 8vo. Vol. X. Search of the Picturesque, &c. foolscap. 123. 3s. 6d.

Voyages, &c. Meteorological Essays and Observations.

Picturesque Tour through the Oberland, By J. Frederic Daniel, FRS. 8vo. 165.

in the Canton of Berne, in Switzerland ; Novels and Tales.

illustrated-by 17 coloured Engravings, and Whittingham's Pocket Novelists. Vols. à Map, royal 8vo. 17 8s.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. Richard Uvedale, MA. Vicar of Fo. Rev. R. Thomas, to the Perpetnal Curacy of tberby, presented by the Lord Chancellor, to the Hemswell, Lincolpsbire, vacant by the death of Vicarage of Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire.-The Rev. the Rev. W. Jackson.-The Rev. G. Greaves of T. Robinson, MA. presented by the Provost and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, appointed Fellows of Queen's College, Oxford, to the Vicar- Chaplain to the British Factory, at Archangel. age of Milford-with-Hordle, Hants, vacant by the The Rev. J. E. Jones, MA. Curate of St. Nicholas, death of the Rev. G. Thompson, DD.-The Rev. and Lecturer at St. John's, Gloucester, appointed F. R. Broomfield, AM. Vicar of Napton, to & Domestic Chaplain to the Right Hon. Baroness Prebendal Stall in Litchfield Catbedral.--The Dowager Lavington.


Sept. 2.-At Walcot Church, Bath, Joseph Marti.

peau, Esg. to Caroline, youngest daughter of the Aug. 26.- At Basing Park, Hampshire, the lady of late Dr. Parry, of that city. Richard Norris, Esq. a daugliter.

4. By the Rev. J. Delafield, the Rev. Charles 28. At Barham Court, the Rt. Hon. Lady Barham, Bethel Otley, Rector of Tortington, Sussex, to a son.

Maria, youngest danghter of the late J. Dela- Al Connaught-place, Lady Wigram, a son. field, Esq.

- At Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, the Rev. Sept. 1.-At Bath, the lady of the Hon. Charles

W. Ryland Bedford, Rector of that place, to Clifford, a daughter.

Grace Campbell, youngest daughter of the late 3. At Teddington, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Mercer, of the 3d Regt. of Guards, a son.

C. Sharp. of Haddon Castle, Dumfries-sbire. - At Basset Down House, in the county of

- At Beddgelert, Carnarvonshire, Hen. Hesketh, Wilts, the lady of A, M. Storer, Esq. a son and

Esq. only son of Henry Hesketh, Esq. of New

ton, Cheshire, to Margaret, second danghter of heir

the late James Hilton, Esq. of Pennington-hall, 4. At Teddington, the lady of Andrew Hamilton,

and Smedley, Lancashire. Esq, a son and heir. 6. At'Paddocks, near Chippenham, the lady of W.

- Jobn W. Bridges, Esg. of Great Coram-street,

son of Geo. Bridges, Esq. of Gloucester-place, H. Andry, Esg. twin sons.

to Harriet, fifth daughter of John Hanson, Esq. 14. In Devonshire-place, the lady of W. Clay, jun.

of the Rookery, Woodford, and of Great BromEsq. a daughter.

ley-hall, Essex. - At Brenttord Butts, the lady of Henry Ronalds,

6. At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Hon. MD, a son. 15. In Russel-square, the lady of Dr. Darling, a

Thomas Dundas, eldest son of Lord Dondas, to

Sophia Jave, daughter of the late, and sister to daughter.

the present Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart. SCOTLAND.

8. At Marylebone Church, by the Rev. Sir Rob. At Mount Melville, in the county of Fife, Lady Peat, Francis Henry Davis, Esg. of his Majesty's: Catherine Wbyte Melville, a son.

Remembrancer's Office, to Lucy Clementine,

only daughter of Lord Maurice Drummond. IN IRELAND.

- At St. Mary's, Gloucester, Sir Anthony LechAt Kennetty, King's County, the Hon. Mrs. Maud, mere, Bart. of the Rhyd, in the county of Wor

cester, to Miss Villiers, Bar.maid at the Hop, In Rutland-street, Dublin, the lady of Charles pole Inn, in the city of Worcester. Koox, Esq. a daughter.

- At St. Nicholas', Warwick, the Rer, W. Cham.

bers, BD. Vicar of Ashbury, Berks, and late MARRIAGES.

Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, to Jane,

third daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Pell, Rector Aug. 7.--At Derby, Edward Nicholas Hurt, Esq. of Brereton, in the county of Chester.

of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister-at-Law, to Caroline, 9. At Marylebone Church, Capt. M'Alpine. 15th daughter of Joseph Strutt, Esq. of Derby.

Hussars, eldest son of Coningbam M'Alpine, 25. At Broadclyst, in the county of Devon, Esq. of Gardiner's place, in the county of Dub

Henry Jenkinson, Esq. RN. eldest son of the Jin, to Louisa, second danghter of Thomas late General Jenkinson, to Miss Aclaud, daugh- Delves Bronghton, Esq. of Stratford-place. ter of the late, and sister to the present Sir - At Marylebone, by the Rev. Wm. Long, Canori Thos. Dyke Acland, Bart.

of Windsor, H. Seymour Montagu, Esq. to 26. William Theed, Esq. of Hilton-house, Hun- Maria, youngest daughter of the late Becstoc

tingdonshire, to Ann, eldest daughter of J. Long, Esq. of Combe-honse, Surrey; and niece Vipan, Esq. of Sutton Gault, in the Isle of Ely.

. 28. At St. James's Church, Gilbert East Joliffe, 10. At Sidmouth, Codrington Parr, Esq. of Stone

Esq. to Margaret Ellen, danghter of Sir Edward lands, Devon, to Harriet Lydia, youngest daugh Banks.

ter of Henry Manning, Esq. of Sidmouth, aac - At Lakenham, Norfolk, Charles Edwards, Esq. niece to Admiral Sir Robert Barlow, KCB. Solicitor, of that place, to Harriet, second daugh. ll. William Mathieson, Esq. of Finsbury-placeter of the late Mr. Francis Smith, of Norwich, to Miss Jane Hookey, of Alfred-place, Bedford and niece to Sir James Edward Smith, MD. square, fourth daughter of the late S. Hookey, FLS. &c.


a sod.

Sept. 11.-At Northfleet, Richard Gmbert, Esq. 424 year, the Rev.J.H.G. Lefroy, of diet place, of St. John's-square, to Aune, only daughter and of Ewshot-house, in the same county. of the Rev. George Whittaker.

Sept. 5.-At Gloucester, aged 80, the Rev. R - At St. Albans, John, second son of John Smart, Kaikes, Treasurer and Canon of St. David's, Pre. Esg. of Trewitt-boose, is the county of Nor- bepdary of Hereford, and Perpetual Corate of thumberland, to Mary-Aon, eldest dangbter of Maisemore, in the county of Gloucester, the late Rer. Thomas Gregory, of Henslow, 8. lo his 70th year, John Hartnell, Esq. of Bor. Bedfordshire.

ton Crescent. 36. At Bromley Church, by the Hon. and Right in Chandos-street, Cavendisb-square, tbe Rer.

Rev. Edward Legge, Lord Bishop, of Oxford, George Stone, aged 28. William Saunders, Esq. Capt. Royal Horse Ar. - At his apartments, in Upper Conway-street, Fitz. tillery, to Eliza Louisa, second datghter of roy.square, Ricbard Ayton, Esq. aged 87, fourib Walter Boyd, Esq. MP. of Plaistow-lodge, and son of the late W. Ayton, Esq. of Macclesfeld. Charles Barry Baldwin, Esq. of the Inner Tem- 9. At her house in Finsbury-place, Mrs. De Ber. ple, Secretary to the Commission for Claims on Dales, wife of J.C. De Bernales, Esq, France, to Frances Lydia, third daughter of the - At Middleton Cheyney, near Barbory, aged same gentleman.

38, the Rev. E. Ellis, MA. Vicar of Chippenham, - Al St. Pancras, Charles Ellis, Esq. of Verulam- Wilts, formerly Student at Christ's Church, Or

buildings, Gray's-inn, to Maria, only daughter ford, and for some tiige Second Master at West

of Thomas Reilly, Esg. of Holly Terrace, High- minster School. gate.

- At Kensington, the Chevalier. Hippolyto Da 37. At Hackney Church, Edgar Taylor, Esq. of the Costa, lately Chargé d'affaires, in this country,

Janer Temple, to Ano, second daughter of Joha of the new Brazilian Government, and ProprieChristie, Esq. of Wick-house, Hackney.

tor of the Correio Braziliense, a Portuguese

Journal, printed in London, but lately disconIN IRELAND,

tinued. At Dublin, Richard Cowen Chambers, Esq. se- Lately, at Bath, Edward Eyre, Esq. of Lansdowa

cond son of J. Chambers, Esq. of Lifford, to crescent. Caroline, second daughter of the late Robert Lately, the Rev. Richard Porter, Master of the Warren, Rector of Tuam ai Cong, and niece

Grammar School at Bristol. to Sir William and the Right Hon. Sir Gore 10. In Norfolk-street, Strand, in his year, Ouseley, Bart.

Capt. J. H. Lister, of the Hon. East India Corn

pany's 16th Regt. Bengal Native lofantry. ABROAD.

11. At Salisbury, Lieut. W. Benson, RN. son of Al Gaernsey, Daniel Tupper, Esq. third son of the Rev. E. Benson.

the late Daniel Tupper, Esq. of Haute Ville, to At BiH bill, near Wokingham, Berks, aged
Maria, youngest daughter of the late Major- 51, Catherine, wife of John James Cholmonde-
Gen. J. Gaspard Le Marchant, the first Lieut.. ley, Esq.
Gen. of the Royal Military College.

- At his seat, Gatcombe, Gloucestershire, David
Ricardo, Esq. MP. This able Senator was justly

celebrated for his writings on Palitical Economy, DEATHS.

in wbicb arduous science he laid down many

new and important principles, and corrected the Auz. 19.-At the house of the Rer. J. Bradshaw, errors of preceding writers. to Parliament be

with whom he had just returned in a gig from distinguished himself by his able reasoning. Hornsey, and after partaking of a hearty dinner, 12. At his house, Tupbridge Wells, in his 77th the Rev. Charles Rushworth, senior, BD. Fellow year, after a long illness, W. Loshington. Esa. and Steward of St. John's College, Cambridge, formerly one of the Representatives for the City aged 45.

of London. 21. At Broomham, Sussex, in bis 8th year, Sir 13. In his 75th year, W. Warte, Esg. of Albany, Wm. Ashburnham, Bart.

and of Bradford, in the county of Somerset. 22. At Stratton, near Circencester, the Rev. Thos. 14. At Melfort house, Archibald Campbell, Esq.

Boys, DD, late Fellow of New College, Oxford, of Melfort. and Kector of Radcliffe-cam-Chagmore, Backs, - At Cobham Lodge, General Buckley, Goverin the gift of the Wardens of that College.

nor of Pendennis Castle. - At Gedling, near Nottingham, the Rev. Wm. 16. In Enston-square, aged 71, Mrs. Laddington, Smelt, AM. Rector of that valuable living. He wife of W. Loddington, Esq. and sister to the married the sister of the late Earl of Chester- Rev. Dr. Evans. field, by whom he had a namerous offspring. 23. Dr. Matthew Baillie. Physician to the King, at His lady died some years since.

his seat near Cirencester. 3. At his house, in Upper Brook-street, Major Lately. At Teddingtour, Mr. Serjeant Marsball, Speyd.

one of the Justices of the Chester Circuit. 2. Ai Richmond, in her 17th year, Isabella Frances, only daughter of John Crispin, Esq. British

IN SCOTLAND. Consul at Oporto.

At Edinburgh, Jaines Stoddart, Esq. of Russell28. In Red Lion-square, Mrs. Pawle, relict of the square. late W. Fawle, Esq. and sister to the late John

IN IRELAND. Lewis, Esq. of Hainpton-court, Radnorshire.

Arthur Darcy, Esq. of Usher's-street, Dublin, Sept. I.-In consequence of being thrown out of å gig the same day, while returning with a

ABROAD. party from Hamptop-court, Capt. Mildinay, bro- At Rome, in his 83d year, his Holiness Pepe ther to Sir H. Mildmay, Bart.

Pius VII. 2. At Brighton, in his 75th year, the Rev. T. Wal. At Paris, the Right Hon. John Hope, Earl of

singham Western, of Rivenhall-place, Essex. Hopetoun, Viscount Airtbrie, Lord Hope, Lond - The Rev. T. Winstanley, DD. Principal of St. Lieutenant of the county of Liulitbgowsbire,

Alban's-ball, Oxford, Camden Professor of An. &c. His Lordship succeeded James, the late cient History, and Laudean Professor of Arabic, Earl, his half-brother, in 1816, and was son of in that University, and Prebendary of St. Paul's John Earl of Hopetown by his second wife, Cathedral, London.

Jane, daughter of Robert Oliphant, Esq. of - At Ashton, Warwickshire, in his 80th year, the Rossie, At the battle of Carunna, the com

Rev. B. Spencer, LLD. for fifty-two years Vicar mand devolved upon bis Lordship. His remains of the above parisb, and Rector of Hatton, Lin- have been removed from Paris for interment colnshire, and more than forty years 'an active in the family vault. Magistrate for the Counties of Warwick and At Tours, in France, Keith Jopp, Esq. late of Stafford.

Bath, and the Island of Jamaica. 8. lo Guilford-place, ia bis 77th year, J. Cowley. At Rumpenheim, the Landgravine of Hesse RomEsq;

penheim, mother to the Duchess of Cambridge. 4. In his 83d year, the Rev. J. Cayley, of Low. At Sierra Leone, Edward Fitzgerald, Chief Justice

hall, Brompton, Vicar and Rector of Terring- and Judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court, in that toa, near Castle Howard, and Father of John Colony, and Assessor to the mixed Commission Cayley, Esq.

established there for the more effectual aboli. 5. At the Parsonage-house, at Ashe, Hants, in his tion of the Slave Trade.






The Lion's head.

EARLY ITALIAN Poets, with TransLetter from Mr. Hazlitt respecting

lations. Mr. Malthus.

Guittone D'Arezzo...... 501 GREEK TRAGIC SCENES. No. III.

Scene from the Orestes of Euri. JOURNAL of an EXCURSION across


503 the BLUE MOUNTAINS of New South Wales......



509 475 Sonnet from the Italian of Pictro

Old Corehead's Fireside. By Allan


513 GUY Faux. By Elia... 477 The King of Haytı, from the Ger. THE CLOUDS, a DREAM.



BowRING, No. VI.

Romance of the Count Alarcos.

Professor Millman and Lord
and the Infanta Solisa...... 485


530 NUGÆ CriticÆ. By the Author of Sketch of Foreign Literature.. ELIA. No. II.

PHRENOLOGY.- Review of TransOn a Passage in the Tempest.. 492 actions of the Phrenological Society. 541 NOTES FROM THE POCKET BOOK

REPORT of Music.....



549 English Dictionaries.... 493 THE PROGRESS of SciENCE, &c... 553 Reformadoes...

496 VIEW OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS 557 Proverbs..

496 Literary Intelligence, and List of Books Antagonism..

497 published .... To the Lakers. 497 Ecclesiastical Preferments

567 On Suicide.

498 Births, Marriages, and Deaths ...567, 568

..... 538



.565, 566



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