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ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. W. O. Gurney, to the Rectory of Ash- Licenses.-The Hon. and Rev. W. Eden, MA. of ton Buttrel, in the County of Salop, on the nomi- Christ Church, Oxford, appointed one of the Six nation of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Darlington.- Preachers in Canterbury Cathedral.-The Rey. F. The Rev. J. Barnes, to the Vicarage of Wartor, Barron, MA. of Wadham College, to the Vicarage near Lancaster. - The Rev. F. B. Twisleton, SCL. of St. Mary, Sandwich; Patron, the Hon. and Ve. Fellow of New College, Oxford, appointed one of nerable the Archdeacon of Canterbury.--The Rev. the Domestic Chaplains

of the Bishop of Hereford. F. S. Sadler, SCL. of Balliol College, Oxford, in- The Rev. T. R. Bromfield, MA. Vicar of Nayton, stituted by the Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Warwickshire, to the Prebend of Gar-Major, in Gloucester, to the Rectory of Satton-under-Brails, Litchfield Cathedral, vacant by the death of the Gloucester. Rev. S. Higgins.-The Rev. F. Bedford, MA. Rec- OXFORD:-The Annual Welsh Prizes at Jesus tor of Belchford, to the valuable Living of South College have been adjudged as follows: for the Ormsby, with Katesby, Calceby, and Driby, an- best Translation of an English Sermon inte nexed, Lincolnshire. - The Rev. E. Edwards, MA. Welsh, 101. Mr. E. Jones; for the best Welsh of Huntingdon, to the Prebend or Canonry of Reader, 61. Mr. R. W. Ellis; for the second best Leighton Bromswold, in Lincoln Cathedral, va- ditto, 41, Mr. J. James. cant by the death of the Rev. T. Cowper; Patron, CAMBRIDGE-On August 12, it being the So. the Bishop of Lincoln.— The Rev. T. Round. MA. vereign's Birth-day, the first stone of the New Curate of Chalbury, appointed Surrogate in the Quadrangle of Trinity College, was laid. W. Wil. Archdeacon's Court, Oxford, for granting Marriage kins, Esq. is the architect employed.



Lord Sondes, to Eleanor, second danghter of the

Dowager Lady Knatchbull, of Wimpole-street. July 26. At Almington-hall, Cheshire, the lady of 31. At Blunham, Richard Hetley, Esq. of Wilton, John Offley Crewe, Esq. a daughter.

to Caroline Letitia, eldest daughter of John 29. At Holdernesse-house, Park-lane, the Mar

Campbell, Esq. of Dunnoon, Scotland, and Blunchioness of Londonderry, a daughter.

ham-house, Bedfordshire, and niece of Wadham 31. At her father's house. William Murray, Esq.

Wyndham, Esq. MP, for Salisbury. Bryanstone-square, the lady of Major Sir Henry

- At Otley, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Edward Barnes, KCB. Floyd, Bart. a son.


of Ceylon, to Maria, eldest daughter August 4. At Yates-court, Kent, Viscountess Tor

of Walter Fawkes, Esq. of Farnley-hall, in the rington, twins. 8. At Langham-place, the lady of Frederick Webb, August 1. At Clifton, Matthew Henry Lister, Esq.

of York Esq. a son and beir.

eldest son of Matthew

Bancroft Lister, Esq. of 12. At Highbury-park, Mrs. Davidson, a daughter.

Barwell-park, Lincolnshire, to Arabella, fourth 13. In Easton-square, the lady of George Medley,

daughter of J. Cracroft, Esq. of Hackthorn, in Esq. of the East-India House, a son.

the same county. 14. At Rislip, Middlesex, the lady of H. Edgell,

- Clement Wallington, Esq. First Lieutenant of Esq. a son.

the 16th Hussars, te Alicia Isabella, only daugh15. At Hampstead, the lady of Andrew Spottis

ter of Monck Mason, Esg. woode, Esq. of Bedford-square, a daughter.

2. At St. James's, Michael 'Blood, Esq. MRCS, to 18. In Wimpole-street, the lady of Wm. Franks,

Emily Jane, eldest daughter of William Dance, Esq. a son.

Esq. of Manchester street, Manchester-square. 19. In Portland-place, the lady of Wm. Curtis,

4. John Vaughan, Esg. one of his Majesty's SerEsg. a daughter.

jeants-at-Law, to the Right Hon. Louisa BaIN SCOTLAND

roness St. John, relict of the late, and mother At Edinburgh, the lady of Lieut.-Gen. Sir John

of the present Lord St. John,

of Bletsoe.

5. At Walcot-church, Bath, Edward Semple, of Hope, a daughter.

Clare-hall, Cambridge, to Sarah Helen, only ABROAD.

daughter of the late John Deane, Esq. of ParAt Brussels, the Countess of Ormond and Ossory, 6. At Cossey, Norfolk, by special license, by the

rocks-lodge, Somersetshire. a daughter. At Malta, the lady of Major De Bathe, of the 85th

Right Rev. the Bishop of Norwich, Thomas

Alexander Fraser, Esq. of Lovat and Strichen, Light Infantry, a son.

to Charlotte Georgina, eldest daughter of Sir

George Jerningham, Bart. of Cossey-hall. The MARRIAGES.

marriage ceremony had been previously per

formed according to the rites of the Roman CaJuly 22. At Marylebone-church, James Black. tholic church, at the family chapel. The new

well, eldest soni of Wm. Praed, Esq. of Tyring- married couple set off for Beaufort-castle, in the ham, Bucks, and Trevethon, Cornwall, to so. Highlands, Mr. Fraser's seat. pliia, second daughter of the late, and sister of 7. At Totteridge, Herts, by the Dean of Clonfert, the present Charles Chaplin, Esq. MP, for the the Hon. Capt. Granville George Waldegrave county of Lincoln.

RN. eldest son of Admiral Lord Radstock, to 29. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Rev. Esther Caroline, youngest daughter of the late

Moss King, John James King, Esq. eldest John Puget, Esq. of Totteridge. son of J. King, Esq. of Grosvenor-place, to the - At Blicking, Norfolk, M. K. Knight, Esg. of Hon. Charlotte Wyndham, youngest daughter Berners'.street, to Marianne, only daughter of of the Earl of Egremont.

James H. Holley, Esq. of Blicking, - At St. George's, Hanover-square, Lord Vis. 12. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Christopher

count Sidmouth, to the Hon. Mrs. Townshend, Wilson, Esq. of Fenchurch-street, to Mary, danghter of Lord Stowell, and relict of the late youngest daughter of William Thompson, Esq. Thomas Townshend, Esq. of Honington-hall, of Bedford-place, Russell-square. Warwickshire.

- At St. George's, Hanover-square, Frederick 30. At St. George's, Hanover-sqnare, William Alexander, son of Sir William Augustus CunyngGordon Coesvelt, Esq. jun. of Upper Brook. bame, Bart. to Aon, youngest daughter of Eä. street, to Anna Maria, daughter of Henry Bar- ward Earl, Esq. Chairman of the Board of ing, Esq. of Berkeley.square.

Customs for Scotland. 31. Henry Birkbeck, Esq. Banker, of Lynn Regis, - At Marylebone-church, Alexander Grey, Esq. in the county of Norfolk, to Elizabeth Lucy, to Mrs. Vigsell, relict of the Rev. Attwood Wig. youngest danghter of the late Robert Barclay, sell, of Sanderstead, Surrey. Esq. of Clapham-common, Surrey,

- At Chalnes, Worcestershire, Mr. John Mat. - Ai Marylebone-church, by the Hon. and Rev. thew Gutch, Proprietor of Farley's Bristol JourHenry Watson, the Hon. George John Milles, nal, to Mary, eldest daughter of J.P. Lavender, of Elmham-ball, Norfolk, second son of the late Esq. Banker, Worcester,


August 12. The "Hon. Frederick Calthorpe, to 6. Aged 42, Mr. Meyler, Proprietor of the Bath Lady Charlotte Somerset.

Herald, and a Member of the Common Council 13. At St. Mary's, Lambeth, Sir William Blizard,

of that City. of Devonshire-square, to Miss Blizard, of Brix- - In his 38th year, Fras. Travers, Esq. MD. late of ton.

Newark, Notts. 14. At St. Pancras church, Mr. George Chatfield, - Robt. Woody, Esq. of Tamworth, MD. and FLS. of Burton Crescent, to Miss Barry, only daugha aged 33. ter of the late Richard Barry, Esq. of Palmer's The Rev. Edward Baker Lloyd, Minister of the Green.

Wesleyan Connexion, at Halifax; in conse- At St. George's, Hanover-square, George Mon- quence of an accident occasioned by the

overtague Williams, eldest son of W. Williams, turning of the Royal Fleece Coach, at Shelly Esq. MP. to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of Sa. Bank. A verdict of manslaughter has been remuel Scott, Esq. MP. of Sandridge-park, Kent; turned against the coachman. and grand daughter of Sir Claude Scott, Bart, of 7. At Bow, aged 59, Fras. Jowers, Esq. many years Lytchet-minster, Dorsetshire.

a Common-Council-Man of the Ward of Crip 16. At St. Mary's, Islington, J. Bowyer, Esq. of plegate.

Caldwell-bali, Worcestershire, to Catherine, Lately, at Ramsgate, in bis 18th year, Miles Jas. sister of Colonel Payne, of Exmouth.

Beevor, eldest son of Col. Beevor, of the Royal 18. At Marylebone-church, Wm. Milligen, MD. Artillery.

of Sloane-street, to Elizabeth Sybil, second 8. Frances, wife of James Tilson, Esg. of Foley daughter of the late Colonel Lane, of the Hon. Place. East-India Company's service, and of Lenes. - In bis 84th year, the Rev. Dr. Ledwich, author ville in the county of Dublin.

of the Antiquities of Ireland. 19. At Marylebone-church, Capt. Franklin, RN. At Epping, the Rev. James Carrey, Preacher st

to Eleanor Anne, youngest daughter of the late the Charter House, and Rector of Thirning, W. Porden, Esq. of Berners-street,


Aged 60, Thos. Giffard, Esq. of Chillington. At Raheny, the Hon. and Rev. George Gore, Dean

9. In Old Burlington Street, after a long indispoof Killala, and Rector of Rabeny, to Mrs. Isaac,

sition, the most Noble Marquis Cornwallis. He relict of the late Thomas Bunbury Isaac, Esq.

succeeded his father in 1805. On the 18th, his of Holywood-house in the county of Downe.

remains were removed for interment, iu the faAt Bishop's-court, by special licence, the Rt. Hon.

mily vault, to Culford-hall, near Bury. The Earl Fitzwilliam, to the Dowager Lady Ponson

title descends to his uncle, tbe Bishop of Lichby. The age of the former is 78, that of the

field and Coventry. latter 70.

At New-house Place, Chalfoat, St. Gilcs, ABROAD.

Bucks, the lady of Sir Coddrington Edmund CarAt Bourdeaux, Nathaniel Barton, Esq. to Mary

rington. Susannah, second daughter of Henry Scott, Esq.

10. In Devonshire-place, Esther, the wife of the

Rev. Fras. North, Prebendary of Winchester. his Britannic Majesty's Consul at Bourdeaux.

11. At Brompton, Lieut.-L'ol. Brookes Lawrence, DEATHS.

late of the 13th Light Dragoons. July 20. At Bronwhylfa, near St. Asaph, aged 22,

At Rugby Lodge, Warwickshire, in her 21st Louisa Ann, wife of Lieut.-Col. Browne, KCB.

year, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Abraham

Caldecott, Esq. and daughter of the Rev. Dr. Gray, Prebendary of

12. At her house, in Regent-street, Lady Wilson; Durbam and Chichester.

wife of Sir Robt. Wilson, MP. 24. At Crofton-lall, Kent, aged 83, General Mor. gan, formerly of the Coldstreain Guards.

16. Ann, wife of Augustine Sayer, Esq. and moAt the horise of Lord Beresford, Wimpole

ther of Dr. Sayer, of Howland-street, Fitzroy street, Major-Gen. Sir Denis Pack, KCB. CTS.

Square. &c. Colonel of the 84th Foot, and Lieut.-60

19. At Shefford, Bedfordshire, in his 57th year,

Robert Bloomfield, the celebrated poet, author vernor of Plymouth. The Right Hon. John James, Earl of Farnham,

of the Farmer's Boy, May-day of the Muses, &e. one of the Representative Peers for Ireland,

IN SCOTLAND. Governor of the county of Cavan, &c. &c. His After a lingering illness, at Barrogill Castle, Dear Lordship is succeeded in his title, and the bulk

Thurso, in bis 57th year, the Right Hon. James of his estates, by his cousin, Colonel Barry, re- Sinclair, Earl of Caithness, Lord Lieutenant of presentative for that county. He was born in that County, and Post Master General for Scot1760, and succeeded his father in 1800.

Jand. He is succeeded in his titles and estates - at Stanmore, Lady Mary Finch, sister to the • by his eldest son Alexander, who in 1813 marEarl of Aylesford.

ried Frances, the daughter of the late Dean of 26. Aged 71. Mrs. Coffin, relict of the late Walter

Hereford, by whom he has a son, James, Lord Coffin, Esq. and niece of the celebrated Dr. Beniedale, born 18:22. Price.

At Lochwinnoch, Thomas Reid, labourer, the ori. - At Park Hall, near Mansfield, aged 53, Major ginal of Burns's celebrated Tam O'Shanter; he

Gen. Hall, late Lieut. Col. of the 23d, or Royal was born in October, 1745, and had been for Welsh Fusileers.

some time past in the service of Major Herrey, 27. At Melford House, the lady of Major Plunkett, - of Castle Semple. of Kinneird, in the County of Roscommon, Ire

IN IRELAND. land, only child of the late Gen. Guoning; 30. At the White Lodge, Richmond Park, in bis

At Londonderry, aged 76, the Right Res. Charles 37th year, the Hon. Henry Addiogton, eldest son

O'Donnell, DD. Roman Catholic Bishop of the of Lord Viscount Sidmouth.

Diocese of Derry. During the thirty years that 31. At Hereford Cathedral, the Rev. Mr. Hopkins,

he exercised his prelatical functions, he en. Curate of Byford, in that County, who expired

joyed the esteem of all parties. during the ceremony of his marriage while

Ai Glasuevin, near Dublin, in her 48th year, the about to put the ring on his bride's finger. He

Rt. Hon. Viscountess Mountmorris. was 70 years of age.

ABROAD. Angust 1.-Charles Hornyold, Esq. uncle to Thos. At Paris, W. Dickenson, Esq. formerly a Mezzo

Chas. Hornyold, Esq. of Blackmoor Park, Wor- tinto Engraver. cestershire.

At Tivoli, by falling into the Cascade, while look- At Dacre Lodge, Middlesex, the Rt. Hon. Lord ing down upon it, Robert, eldest son of Robert Napier, of Merchistoun, North Britain, Lord Brown, Esq. of Clapham Common, and of the Lieutenant of the County of Selkirk, and one Firin of Robert and Benjamin Brown and Co.

of the sixteen representative Peers of Scotland. Cheapside. 2. In his 32d year, Mr. Henry Mann, Solicitor, of At Palermo, where he was pursuing his studies as Princes Street, Baok.

an architect, William, only son of Wm. Harris, - At Winchester, the Hon. Chas. Frederick Pow- Esg. of Norton-street, Fitzroy Square. lett, Lord Bayning.

At Florence, Jobo King. Esg. husband of the 5. At Bath, Lady Palliser, relict of the late, and Coudless of Lanesborough. mother of the present, Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart. At Versailles, in her 19th year, Charlotte, youngest

At Stamford Hill, Mrs. Janson, relict of the daughter of Godfrey 'Higgins, Esq. of the late Edward Janson, Esq.

Grange, near Doucaster, Yorkshire,

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The Lion's head.


Part I. His Youth (1759-1784) 381 Verses on the Death of Robert Bloomfield, LETTER OF ELIA to ROBERT the Suffolk Poet. By Bernard Barton.

SOUTHEY, Esquire.....

&c. &c.

Scripture Poetry._Ruth. Traits of
the Female Character

413 Notes from the Pocket Book of a


MATISTS OF THE DAY.... 417-407 Malthus ......


LORD ROLAND CHEYNE, a Tale, On the Knocking at the Gate in

with Ballad, Dlacbeth ...

353 My gallant Roland Cheyne.... 418 The Negro's Euthanasia, translated A Sonnet of the Moon. By Charles from the Introductory Stanzas to a


428 Greek Prize Ode of Mr. Coleridge.. 356 The Fate of Hylas


430 HEAD, &C........


432 A Chit-chat Letter on Men and other

Things, from Ned Ward, Jun. a lations.
Fellow in London, to Anthony

436 Wood, Jun. a Fellow in Oxford.. 361 Sketch of Foreign Literature..

François Villon ...

439 Sonnet, from the Italian of Gaetana THE PROGRESS of SCIENCE, &c... 443 Passerini



Literary Intelligence, and List of Books GREEK TRAGIC SCENES. No. II.

published ..

.453, 454 SOPHOCLES.

Ecclesiastical Preferments ... 455
Scene from the Electra ...... 373 Births, Marriages, and Deaths ... 455, 456



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Our August Obituary announced the untimely death of a Friend, the earliest Contributor to the London MAGAZINE, Octavius Graham Gilchrist:another is now added to the list

of precious Friends hid in Death's dateless night. The following notice appeared in the daily papers :

Died at his apartments in Upper Conway-street, on the 8th of September, Richard Ayton, Esq. aged 37, fourth son of the late W. Ayton, Esq. of Macclesfield.

Who will not feel sorry to hear that the above paragraph records the Death of our R. A.? While his description of Johnny Wolgar was delighting every heart, his own was become cold even as that Old Sea Roamer's. Manly sense, and an original tum of thinking, with a sprightly graphic manner of telling his story, and a vigorous, yet unaffected style, were the characteristics of R. A. as a writer. His virtues as a Man are a theme for his friends to muse on, too sacred at present for the language of panegyrie. The most natural expression of our opinion on such a subject would be thought too strong, and would be perhaps liable to the imputation of proceeding from an undiscriminating regard. We shall leave therefore to a future time, when his essays will be collected, and published together with some of his letters, the full record of his character : he put so much bead and heart into all his writings, that every scrap of them is valuable.

He died of atrophy, which in proportion as it consumed his body seemed to emancipate his noble mind, which was never displayed more fully than towards the last.


The gentle and sensitive Robert Bloomfield, another Friend and Correspondent, though not of the LONDON MAGAZINE, ought not to pass to the grave unnoticed. We are obliged to one of our oldest Contributors for affording us the means of doing justice to his memory, a tribute the more valuable because it is so rare among Brother Poets.


Tuou shouldst not to the grave descend The merry HORKEY's passing cup

Unmourn'd, unhonour'd, or udsung: Should pause—when that sad note was Could harp of mine record thy end,

heard ; For thee that rude harp should be The Widow turn HER HOUR-GLASS up, strung,

With tenderest feelings newly stirr'd; And plaintive sounds as ever rung And many a pity-waken'd word, Should all its simple notes employ, And sighs that speak when language fails, Lamenting unto old and young,

Should prove thy simple strains preferr'd The Bard who sang THE FARNER'S To prouder Poet's lofty tales. Boy.

Circling the OLD OAK TABLE round, Could Eastern Anglia boast a lyre

Whose moral worth thy measure owns, Like that which gave thee modest fame, Heroes and heroines yet are found How justly might its every wire

Like ABNER AND THE WidowJones; Thy minstrel honours loud proclaim : There GILBERT MELDRUM's sterner And many a stream of humble name,

tones And village-green, and common wild- In Virtue's cause are bold and free;

Should witness tears that knew not shame, And e'en the patient suff'rer's moans, By Nature won for Nature's child. In pain, and sorrow--plead for thee.

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